The Wife of Jesus is the ethnee

The people being the righteous children of God from the beginning.

"The righteous people being the ones invited out
and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her"
Matthew 16:18

The ones having been scattered following the divorce,

that he could present her to himself glorious, being the ones invited out.


Bad Fish and Wild Rye

Bad fish and wild rye, no one wants them and neither does the Lord of Glory. Jesus used both of these expressions when he gave parables to those around him.

Neither of these two items is included in the things that Jesus announced that he came for, he came only for the lost sheep of the house of wants. He came to die that he could remarry marry his divorced wife. In the Old Testament, he was known as the Lord in the English translation of the Hebrew, but in the Hebrew he was known as Yahweh. The text never comes out and says that Yahweh is Jesus but we can know looking back from the New Testament that Jesus and Yahweh is the same person. In the book of Isaiah when he was asking for the bill of divorcement that he had given the mother of the children to whom he was speaking, he continued on to describe what was going to happen to him at the hands of the hated gentiles. When we read the books of the New Testament we find that those things that he described in the book of Isaiah indeed did happen to him just as he said they would occur, therefore concluding that Yahweh is Jesus, the Lord of the Old Testament, and Yahweh and Jesus is the same person in the New Testament. The angel announced that he came to save his people from their sins. This was the assignment that Jesus had to fulfill when he was sent from the land of Glory to come to be the redeemer of the House of Israel, not the redeemer of the whole world.

Jesus spent much of his time teaching in the land of Galilee to the learners that his Father had given him when he started his ministry to the ethnee. First, he went to the ethnee and spent much time reminding them of their rights with the Father. Of course their were gentiles in the crowd many times that heard the same words that the ethnee heard but he would say later on that the gentiles would have no understanding of the things of God and his mission to save the ethnee out from among the hated rejected gentiles of this world. His message many times would offend the Pharisees and the Sadducees but to Peter he said leave them alone for they do not understand what I am saying concerning the people that I am to redeem out of them. Jesus was not known for using good words to describe the hated gentiles around him. When he was accosted by the woman from Cana, he said that they were dogs and she agreed with him but still he healed her daughter. During his messages to the crowd, he said that the fields belong to the master and during the night, the enemy came and scattered the tares or wild rye in the masterís field. When his servants became aware that the wild rye was grow among the good wheat that they had sown and was growing along side, they asked if they were to go into the fields and take out the wild Rye. Jesus said no but leave them alone until the time of harvest then he would call for the harvesters to come and collect the wild rye and take it out to the furnace for burning.

What is missing from this account is that the translators changed a phrase out of the translation that tells you exactly who is the wild Rye. In the English in Matthew 13:38 the English reads that the tares are the children of the wicked one, in the Greek interlinear it reads that the tares are the sons of the wicked one. These are they that he fathered. The wild rye can never be changed over to being wheat for the masterís barn; it is only good for fuel in the furnace. God does not want those that are fathered by the devil when the church is out looking for all the wild rye it can find to bring it into the house for conversion to that of being just deceived wild rye when they go home after the service. The church will send missionaries to all the heathen gentile tribes of this earth looking for just one convert to claim that they have been saved from a life of sin. When the growing is season is over and it is time for the harvest, the angels will come and take them out to the furnace to be burned. I have read books that say that for one to understand the New Testament, you must understand the idioms of the first century before you can understand the Greek Text. And they go on to say that the fire and the furnace are just idioms of the first century and when one has served his punishment he too will be able to go to heaven and enjoy the bright light and all the glory that God has to share with his people. If all of that be true then the coming of Jesus to redeem his people was just a waste of time and effort because his people would have made it to heaven in the end even though it would take a million or so years before their time had been served and the dying of Jesus would have been all in vain.

The bad fish are just the same as the wild rye except they will be cast overboard for the birds to eat and the remains will be devoured by the bottom creatures who eat the dead left over parts. The Bad Fish will grow along side of the good fish until they are harvested then they to will be cast overboard when they are finally rejected by the Lord. The Bad Fish can never be converted to good fish to be taken home to be with him. The church is in the business of fishing for bad fish in hopes that they too can be converted into good fish for the master to use. I can think of many things that God can do with the bad fish besides taking them home to be with him, such as put them out in the field to be used for fertilizer to enrich the soil for next years crop of wheat. Alternatively, just cast them out on the dunghill with the rest of the waste from the masterís house. God still does not want the gentiles that were fathered by the Devil in the beginning and they are different from the Hebrews, just as God said to them when he brought them out of the land of Egypt after paying for they with the Egyptians and Ethiopians. The Hebrews are a purchased people from their beginning and now they are a twice-purchased people after paying for them with Jesus. He was worth enough to buy them back from the one who owned them.

The bottom line is; that the gentiles are a hated rejected people from the beginning. God has never had any love for them no matter what you heard for all the voices in the world today that gentiles can be saved and converted into Hebrews of the house of Israel.

Jesus assigned the twelve learners to be the twelve judges of the twelve tribes but nowhere can I find where he assigned someone to judge in righteousness the gentiles of this world.

So the final question to answer is, are you one of the bad fish or the wild rye? If you are not one of these then you must be an ethnee, being the ones invited out from among the hated rejected gentiles where you were scattered by your Father. One of those that Jesus came for so many years ago.


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