The Wife of Jesus is the ethnee

The people being the righteous children of God from the beginning.

"The righteous people being the ones invited out
and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her"
Matthew 16:18

The ones having been scattered following the divorce,

that he could present her to himself glorious, being the ones invited out.


Biblical Greek

The language of the New Testament is a language that is very emotional because of the person involved and the subject of eternal life.

The study of the language is to study religion about the people and places involved. The language is a series of Greek letters, which make up words that are not found in any other language; even the text is under question.

If we take our modern English text and follow back through the series of books that were the forerunner to the King James Version of 1611, it has a very unusual history. It is a text composed of Greek letter symbols and it was written as a single long line of letters on the writing document. As to the translation, it too, has a strange history. The Greek letters were separated into words and given a meaning by the scholars. They then used the translation method coming from another language, that is Latin and the rules of Latin referred to as the Latinized Greek method of translation.

The Latin language is a language having tense in both the active and the passive and it has something called voice and all of the many rules that go with translating the Greek letter text into English.

The English, when it was but a spoken language had the same form as the Latin. Around the year 1000, the language was first written down and the transcriber dropped the voice, gender and tense. It is a language that makes great use of pronouns to express what one is saying.

What we have is a language that is written in Greek letters with the Latinized Greek method of translation to the English language with pronouns. What we then have is an unknown language which very little is known about and using a translation method that makes great use of voice, gender, and tense and is converted to a language that does not have voice, gender and tense. This goes a long way to creating confusion in what the Greek Letter text has to say.

The Greek Letter text is what is called, a “pro drop language.” What that means is, that all the pronouns have been dropped and are not used or implied as in other pro drop languages. Instead, those words that appear to be pronouns and are translated as such without definition, which is one word, can take on many forms of the personal pronouns as well as other words when necessary to make the English make grammatical sense. For example; the word auteen in the Romanized form has the meaning of he, she, it, and the word same. The word is usually translated as the female pronoun but it can take on the other three means rendering the word undefined.

In the Greek letter text, what makes this language unique is that the words is in the sentence are read from the left to the right, but as to the meaning of the word, it is composed of a series of words read from right to left. In our example, the word, auteen has the meaning being the ones of Adam, and it is always the same in meaning whenever the writers use the word.

This word is but one of the many forms of the same family of words all relating to one species of people and who they are. These words are race related words or species related words to indicate which race of people the actors are in the sentence. When speaking of Jesus, he was related to the species of the one called the seed of Adam or the children of God or the children of Israel. The words would take on the form of Jesus of the one of Adam. It specifically says that he was related to the first Adam that was created in the image and likeness of God being the one Adam, the living one having a soul. This same relationship could use another word from the family of words, autos as the one of the one Adam but he would never have the plural form used to describe the relationship to Adam. The word is Autois, as is the ones of Adam. This word is used to describe the family that is of the one of Adam and there is another plural form which is Auteen being the ones of Adam.

In the Greek letter text, this family of words was all changed to the undefined personal pronouns, changing the language from a pro drop language to that of pronoun language with voice, gender, and tense. The act of removing the race or species indication was to make the English text a confusing text to sort out. The word Adam, as race or species indicator was removed some 6000 times. The result was to create a language free of race or species of people

The question becomes, how do we determine whether the Latinized Greek is correct or is the race/species sensitive form is correct.

When we read those verses that are quotations from the Old Testament text about the people of God, if we use the Latinized form, we would say “them: and force us to go and read the Old Testament text to ascertain the people of whom the writer was writing about. In the race or species sensitive form, the word would be the word auteen being the ones of Adam. However, to make things difficult, the translators also made a change in the Hebrew text where they changed all of the words for the race of people called Adam. The words were removed, leaving us without the race and species of the people that we are reading about. The word Adam as a race of people was removed some 350 times. All of this complicates the understanding of the New Testament about the people who are associated with God and Jesus.

There is another word, which is associated with Adam that was changed by the translators, that is the word anthroopoon. In this case, we have an internal definition of the word. We go to the book of James 3:9, where he gives the definition of the word. James says the word is anthroopous. “The ones the ones according to being the likeness of the one God.” As he was speaking to autois, as is the ones of Adam, he did not have to add the balance of the meaning. The full-extended meaning of the word anthroopoon is being the ones facing the ones resembling God being the one Adam.

When this word is used with regard to Jesus, the translators used the word man, the same as the scientific community still does today in our science based world. Jesus was to say of him, Son of man, which is incorrect; it could be shortened to say Son of Adam. The full meaning is Son of the one created in the image and likeness of God being the one Adam. The translators stayed with the same errors as all of the other words saying Adam and removed them from the Greek letter text. All things about the Adam that were removed comes to about 6500 words removed or changed with regard to the one Adam

The translators having removed the race or species designation from the language had one more serious problem to deal with, the people without race, or the people without being a species. There are two words, which describe the two races of people or the two species of people in the New Testament. The words are ethnee and ethnoon, two words that are the description of the two kinds of peoples. The ethnee are the righteous people of God, who are the lost sheep of the house of Israel and the ethnoon who are the unrighteous people of Satan. There are many internal evidences to show to which species they belong. Since we are without races or species, the translators made both species to be of the same kind as that of the rejected people who are called gentiles, nations, or heathens. There is more than sufficient proof as to which species the ethnoon are related to as well as the ethnee to whom they are related..

The Greek letter language which is a “pro drop” language and it is a race or species sensitive language and that many of the critical words have been removed or changed to fit the now modified language to that of the Latinized form before it became the English without gender, voice and tense with the use of pronouns.

With all of this text having been modified to conform to the changes, there was created a new race of people that never existed in the rest of the book. The translators created the Christians that are a converted form of the ethnoon to that of the ethnee. This converted form species has the ability to make its own choice as to who their father is, whether it be God or Satan. This new race of people goes against the rules of science and is only available in something called the Church of God.

This all came about because of the corrupted manner in which the language was translated from a pro drop language to that of a pronoun language with the use of the Latinized Greek Method of translation.

Because this language controls the religious language of today, it is the reason there is so much confusion about the places and things along with the purpose that the children of God were doing on this earth

Now, as to changing the biblical text to the correct translation it is like draining a great lake, one cup at a time. Yes, it could be done but because of the force of great money and power, the only manner that it will be changed is for God to make a change in the manner that the people of this world are identified. He has said how he is going to do it on his time schedule and at the right time when once more the people of God will be identified as being the ones of Adam. The race sensitive language will be restored to its rightful place and the Adams will be restored to the text that were there all the time if one took the time to study who the Adams are and where they went and why.

Add the new word to your vocabulary. The Greek letter text is a language that is a pro drop language and is race/species sensitive. There is no other language that is truly a pro drop language that is race and species sensitive.



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