The Wife of Jesus is the ethnee

The people being the righteous children of God from the beginning.

"The righteous people being the ones invited out
and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her"
Matthew 16:18

The ones having been scattered following the divorce,

that he could present her to himself glorious, being the ones invited out.


The Ekkleesian

The House of Israel being the ones Invited out of the gentiles where they were scattered by the Father following the divorce.

Opening the discussion of who are the ones invited out, let me show how I arrived at the word of ek-kleesian being the ones invited out. Going to John 2:2 where in the KJV Jesus was called to the wedding of Cana. In the New English Bible Jesus was invited to the wedding at Cana. The word that we want to look at is the ekleethee in the Greek. If you go to most of the lexicons it has the meaning given as one called because of the word starting with an “e.” Therefore, we want to look at the word in the Greek ekleethee as the one invited. Now let us go to Matthew 16:18


“I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

Mixed form:

“I will build my ekkleesian and the gates of hell shall not prevail against autees

Translation in the linear form:

I will home build of the wife of me, the house of Israel, being the ones invited out of the gentiles, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her.

As a phrase I use through out my writings: “she is not an it, and her name is not the Church.”

As you noticed the word ek-kleesian is the same as the word ekleethee, both words have the meaning of an invitation except ek before the kleesian means out; therefore, we get “being the ones invited out from among the gentiles where they were scattered by the Father.” In all 80 times that, the words is used mark out church and write in the house of Israel, being the ones invited out.

Now let move on to proving whom are the ones invited out of the gentiles and who gives the invitation. In our search for the ones that are scattered and by whom and for what reason were they scattered among the gentiles. What is the origin of those that were scattered? Going to the verse that says that they were the daughters of one mother down in Egypt. “Son of man, there were two women, the daughters of one mother and they committed whoredoms in Egypt... Ezekiel 23:2-3 the verse tells where these two women came from and what kind of women they were in their conduct. In searching for the parents of these two women we look at the verse in chapter, 16 verse 3 of Ezekiel, And say, Thus saith the Lord God unto Jerusalem; Thy birth and thy nativity {is} of the land of Canaan; thy father {was} an Amorite, and thy mother {was} a Hittite. This verse tells of Abraham and Sarah, the places where they came from to begin the line of Hebrews, that were to go down to Egypt to keep the promise that God made to Abraham when he ask the question, “How will I know?” God knowing all things in advance looked down the hall of time and knew that the descendents of Jacob would be facing a famine and had to have a place to get provisions for the family. God would send a man called Joseph to Egypt to prepare for the time when the famine would be in the land of his father, Jacob. God said to Abraham that his descendants would come out in the fourth generation from the land of Egypt richer than they went in.

While the Hebrews were serving the Egyptians, they learned idol worship and it would follow along with them for many generations. God saw the Hebrews as one family when they came out of Egypt when in reality they were two families. After they come forth to the land of Sinai where God said to them they would be his people and he would be their God. This story is repeated many times through out the text and it adds little to our discussion at this point, except to say that God was married to these two women. They continued their idol worship to the point that they were not only whores but also went out and bought strange lovers with the things that God had provided them. It came to the point that God could no longer put up with their whoring ways and he divorced one of the wives and later we learn that the second wife was no better than the first, but he did not divorce the remaining wife but she also was to be punished. She would be sent into captivity for seventy years.

The name of the first wife is the House of Israel and the second wife is known as the House of Judah. With out going through the story of their becoming two groups of Hebrews with two separate identities for all Judahites are Hebrews but not all Hebrews are Judahites for they are the House of Israel. It was the House of Israel which was divorced and sent into the wilderness, to loose their identity along with many other things that would be lost in the long journey to the promised place that God had promised David. In the place where their former enemies would no long bother them and they would gain strength, become the Stone kingdom of Daniel 2:35, and fill the whole earth. They would become God’s “battle axe and war weapon” and never be defeated.

Having now found the House of Israel to have lost their covenant rights and no longer heir to the promises and not known as the children of God. I will not at this time reconstruct the travels and trials of the travels of the House of Israel to the place promised except to say that they made the journey, arrived, and begin to grow in power and strength. The House of Israel are still the children of God even though he forsook them for a moment. They had to serve out their time of punishment before they would realize who they are in the place that they dwelt.

Starting in Isaiah chapter fifty, we see the beginning of the redemptive process when the Lord says, “Where is the bill of your mother’s divorcement?” We have already seen who was divorced from God and we know her name to be the House of Israel. Now the Lord is asking where is the “handwritten ordinance?” With out going into the fine details. We see that it is the Lord who is going to be executed and make his grave with the wicked, for he was “cut off out of the land of the living for the transgressions of my people was he stricken.” The Lord continuing to speak says of him that, “My righteous servant shall righteousify many,.....and he bare the sin of many”. We know that this servant is Jesus, the Anointed one of Galilee. We showed that it was the House of Israel that was to be redeemed and saved.

Paul writing in Colossians 2:13-14; “having forgiven you, the House of Israel, blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, the House of Israel. Which was contrary to us, the House of Israel, and took it out of the way, (by) nailing his body to the cross”;

All of the foregoing was to bring us to the point in the New Testament that the Church as the word is translated is not the Church as you know it but rather it was and is the House of Israel that Jesus died to redeem. Turnings now are attention to the book of Acts chapter seven we find the following strange verse in the translating of the Greek text. “This then is he, that was in the Church in the wildness...” We know that the church did not exist in the Old Testament. The people that were in the wildness where the people of God known as the Hebrews which were subdivided down to the House of Israel and the House of Judah, It was the house of Israel to whom were given the promises that they would be the head and not the tail and would rule the whole world. The church is none of those things but rather it is the people of God whom he choose out before the foundation of the earth. It was a mystery hid through the whole Old Testament and the Prophets looked into and understood it not.

For when Jesus came in the form of man when he started his ministry he came to the land of Galilee which was mostly at his time the tribe of Benjamin for most of the Judahites had left years before, only a few remained. He called his learners and among many other things he said that “he came only for the House of Israel.” Matthew, chapter fifteen. From these two verse we find that the word that is normally translated “Church” is not that but rather “the House of Israel”. In the Greek text, the word should be translated “the ones invited out.” If one uses the literal translation, which would be correct but that it fails to tell the reader who is invited out of where. The House of Israel was invited out of the gentiles where they had been dispersed and hidden until the appointed time. It was those of the race of Hebrews which God had planted and he would not loose a single one for he would send out hunters and fishers to find them and bring the Good News that they could be remarried to the Lord, for they had been redeemed and restored to the promises of the covenant. Jesus said; “I will build my Church (House of Israel) or (the house of Israel being the ones invited out of the gentiles) and the gates of hell will not prevail against her.” “Against her” is added from the Greek but not in the English translation. Time and time again, we find that it is her that was saved and redeemed by the Lord Jesus, not the whole world if they would but come to him.

Paul writing to the House of Israel in Rome speaks of a cutting off and a grafting back into the good Olive tree. Romans 11: 25 For I would not, brethren, that you should be ignorant of this mystery, that blindness in part is happened to the House of Israel, until the fullness of the Gentiles be completed. Therefore, shall all the House of Israel be saved... For this is my covenant unto the House of Israel, when I shall take away their sins having no part of the covenant. When Paul was writing to those in Rome, he was not writing to the Jewish Church or to the Gentiles but rather to the House of Israel that had been dispersed among the Gentiles. Therefore in his opening statement that the book was to the Church in Rome is incorrect and should be corrected to read, “to the ones invited out in Rome.”

Therefore in every place you read the word church, strike it out and write in the House of Israel being the ones invited out for it is they that have been saved and healed of their idol worship that they had learned down in Egypt. As Jesus said to the man named, Nicodemus. “You must be born from above into the race of Hebrews by the Father.” One cannot choose to be one of the Anointed ones by their own choosing for it is the Father that wrote your name in the Lamb’s book of life before the foundation of the earth. It is a mystery now revealed.

As Jesus said in the Old Testament “Rejoice oh barren wife you, the House of Israel have more children than the married wife. Speaking through the Prophet Joel he says that in the last days that on the whole House of Israel that he would pour out his Spirit on all flesh and many more promises only to the House of Israel. Therefore, it is only possible for the House of Israel to receive redemption and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. In the Book of Hebrews in chapter eight, the promise of the New Covenant is only to the House of Judah and to the House of Israel.

By changing the word “church” to the “House of Israel” we find that Paul, the dispatched one, was only sent among the Gentiles to the house of Israel. He searched them out among the gentiles in Rome and Gaul and many other countries where the House of Israel had been hid. Primarily in the British Isles where the Hebrews had settled as it had been promised to David years before. It was the location of the stone that followed and provided water in the desert for forty years, now located in England and as of late has been moved back to Scotland.

Peter writes in the first chapter to the ones, strangers scattered through out (the Gentiles in) Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bithynia, chosen according to the foreknowledge of God ... Being born from above, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the by the one say something of God... but you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a purchased people; which in times past were not a people but are now the people of God: which had not obtained mercy but now have obtained mercy. In addition, Peter quoting Isaiah 53:5 “By whose stripes you were healed.”

From now on begin to read the scriptures with new insight that it is the House of Israel that has been saved and redeemed and out of the gentiles, and of this chosen race there are many that are chosen by grace to be Kings and Priest with the Lord Jesus, the Anointed one, who washed them from their being without the covenant, to rule and reign with him forever in his kingdom which is now in existence but not yet fully realized. Look up, the realization of the Stone Kingdom is at hand.

In the book of Revelations of the things shown to John on the Isle of Patmos. The first three chapters are all about the Churches “the ones invited out of the gentiles of the seven cities along the trade routes of the great sea. Again, it is not the message of the cross to the gentiles that if they would come out of the world they could be the people of God. God had already made his choice before the foundation of the world, the Hebrews only that he would send his son to save them and redeem them. It was among these cities along the trade routes of the world that God had hid those of the House of Israel. Until one who was worth enough and actually would be the price to restore them to their covenant rights. It would be the various cities that Paul had gone to being followed by the ethnic Jews that came from Jerusalem to spy out the liberties that the ones invited had through the blood of Jesus, the anointed one from the Father.

In the book of the Revelations of Jesus Christ to the ones invited out. With the beginning of Chapter four and five we find that the writer is talking of the whole house of Israel before he listed which tribes of the whole house of Israel the 144,000 are from. In later chapters it list the history that had been written in advance for all the world to know of the seven empires that would arise and trouble the whole house of Israel. It started with those that were close to the land of Canaanites, which the Hebrews had occupied when they came out of Egypt and finally it would be the gentile empires that would be the cause of trouble to those Hebrews scattered among them.

The world that we call the Church has never recognized that it was the house of Israel that Jesus came for alone among all the nations of the world. The church began with the Latin tribes in Italy with the rise of the mother worship of Mary. They declared that it was them that could prove apostolic generations of laying on of hands to pass the authority that they did not have. Out of the universal church came the Reformation of something. Of which they did not know anything about and with the rise of Protestantism and the rebelling against the authority of the Pope was created something that has rejected the people of God. They went out to the gentile world to bring all the families of the gentiles into the church and all the while rejecting the house of Israel that Jesus came for in the beginning.

The entire New Testament is about only one people and is the same the message through out the Old Testament. The translators if they had the knowledge of the House of Israel then they are deceivers and created a new gospel, which is not of Jesus. For even today the teachers and writers still fail to teach of the house of Israel and that it is only they that Jesus came for. Those teachers deceive us by taking a verse out of context and change it into something that is not true and they speak with the voice of the dragon himself. That God is waiting patiently for those in need of God to recognize their sins and to repent of those, which they know of, so that he can save and redeem them to himself and become like God. The message of the church today is that the world needs to be saved and that it is the job of the church to rise up and educate the leaders to take the message out to the lost and dying world. It is the same old message that Satan used in the beginning: “ I will rise up and be like God.” Today’s religious leaders are nothing more that wolves in sheepskins declaring the false message so that the gentile world can be deceived and in the end, the message and the messenger will be destroyed. No matter how many universities they have build, or how big of mega church that they have in the cities around the world, or how many TV stations that they are on, taking the false message that Jesus came for the whole world and if they will accept Jesus that they can be saved and redeemed and make heaven their home for eternity all the while rejecting the message of the whole word of God from the beginning until it is ended.

When the last preacher and evangelist has closed his eyes in death. Those pastors will be the most surprised of all. They was deceived by going to the halls of higher education and garnering all the degrees, writing all the book on the most unrighteous things. In addition, to come to the knowledge that he was deceived by those that gone on before him in the schools of higher learning. Passing on what they had learned. All he did was to pass on the deception that he had fallen into and lead those that trusted him most with their eternal souls that he was just a instrument in the hands of Satan to lead them down the road to destruction that had been destined to from the beginning. That the gentiles of this world were destined to receive death and destruction from the beginning. There was never a plan to restore all those that God had rejected as some preach that after they have served their punishment. All people ever born will be returned to be with the others, that have gone on before though it may take millions of years in hell which does not really exist where their will be the grinding of the teeth and the cursing and swearing at God while they suffer separation from the source of life itself, God the father.

The ones that were invited out of the Gentiles were the only ones that God wanted and it was the House of Israel from the foundation of the earth. However, the dark clouds of war are near, and appears all will be lost. Nevertheless, the glorious days are coming for the House of Israel when they realize it is they that are going to rule a new earth and set all things right with the reign of righteousness for 1000 years

For more details on the stuggle of the ethnee against the ethnoon and the conflict of having the heathen rejected gentile church of the Lord Jesus Christ which is diabolically opposed to the House of Israel. Go to my alternate web page at Ekkleesian being the ones invited out of the heathen gentiles where they were scattered by the father following the divorce.


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