The Wife of Jesus is the ethnee

The people being the righteous children of God from the beginning.

"The righteous people being the ones invited out
and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her"
Matthew 16:18

The ones having been scattered following the divorce,

that he could present her to himself glorious, being the ones invited out.


Ephesians 5

Paul is writing to the ethnee who are in Ephesus. He referrers to them many times as the ekkleesia or ekkleesias. These are the Hebrews that had been scattered among the pagan heathen gentiles where they have been living for many years. Many of them had taken up the lifestyle of the gentiles around them. We could expect no less as they have been away from the covenants and the promises of God since the families had been part of those that had been scattered. They were those that had escaped the destruction that God punished the house of Israel with for following after the heathen gods of the Canaanites. A practice that they had learned while the family had been down in Egypt. The families had carried on worshipping idols for 360 years before the house of Israel had been punished and sent away from the family estate in the land of Palestine. God, as part of the punishment, would scatter the survivors among the hated gentiles along the trade routes of the Great Sea. During this time of scattering, they would be known as “not the people of God”.

Just as in the news today concerning the battle going on in Syria. The different kinds of people, from the various lands around them, have a way of identifying other tribes who are living in Syria. Even in the United States where we have many people from various countries, those from one country are able to identify their own people from among all of the other tribes that are located here. Therefore, as the ethnee lived among the gentiles, they do not think it is strange that they could identify one another who where also Hebrews, of the house of Israel and in most likelihood the lived in the same region of the town. It was then easy for Paul to go to the ethnee when he came to the city with the good message of the one anointed. The one who had died and was raised up the third day by the Father, making them to have the right to be rejoined to the Lord. After changing their minds concerning Jesus of Nazareth, they could now once more be remarried to the Lord. God had only forsaken them for a short time before He would come to them in the place where they were scattered and be a sanctuary for them. They never lost their desire for the things of God or His ways.

In the fifth chapter of the book of Ephesians, there are several mistakes; many are the same ones that the translators had done in the earlier books of the present New Testament. The words that are used to describe the children of God had been changed in the book of Matthew when they were invited out from among the heathen pagan gentiles and they became the corrupted church of the New Testament to include all of the heathen gentiles, permitting them to be saved from a life of sin. So it is no different here in the fifth chapter that the people of God who had been hidden among the heathen gentiles and the reader is not able to discern whether a gentile is an ethnee or an ethnoon. Paul is talking to the ethnee and telling them that their lifestyle should be different from the heathen ethnoon that they lived with. They were not to be the people of God, who were known not as the children of God but rather to be known as the children of God.

The gentiles were known by the Hebrews as the children of the snake or of the wicked one and as the children of the Devil. This dividing line was present at all times for the God had said on two occasions that the Hebrews were different from the gentiles, one being while they were down in Egypt. We know that the DNA of the gentiles carries corruption from the creation of Satan before the time of Adam. God destroyed all of the people of Satan at the time of the deluge, but, on the ark, there were two women, who carried the corrupted DNA of the people from the land of Nod. It is no great wonder that Paul is instructing the Hebrews of the house of Israel not to live as the gentiles. Just because a gentile attempted to live as a Hebrew by keeping the same lifestyle would not make them become a child of God as a Hebrew like ethnee who had been scattered.

The key verse that we are headed for is Ephesians 5:27, but before we can understand that verse, we must examine the context in the preceding verses to establish that he is talking to the ethnee who are living in Ephesus. Start in verse fourteen.

In the verse, we must correct the word christ, which is the form of christos in the Greek Letter text. The English meaning of the verse will have to be changed to make it also correct.

Those items in red will be from the Authorized Version.

Those items in blue will be from the interlinear text of the Greek Letter Text.

“Wherefore he said, Awake thou that sleepest and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.”

“wherefore he is saying you be aroused, the one drowsing and stand up out of the ones being dead and you shall appear the one as the one anointed.”

Take note of the changes; the one drowsing and stand up out of the ones being dead. Here he is telling the ethnee that they are to awaken and stand up out of the dead gentiles. This omission of the word "out" is the same mistake we can find in many places in the English Text. It seems that the translators did not like the way that out changed the sentence by having the ethnee to stand up out of the dead gentiles. The ethnee knew that the gentiles were considered “to be dead” by Jesus and his Father. You can ask the question, how do we know that he is talking to the ethnee. In the first several verses of this chapter the writer tells us that they were the children of God, they were not followers as listed in the first verse. These children of God

were to “walk in love as the one anointed also hath loved us and hath given himself for us an offering and sacrifice to God for a sweet smelling savour.”

Paul continues to list those things that were being done by the gentiles for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience be not ye therefore partakers with them.

It appears that the ethnee knew they were the children of God. Paul never concludes that, because they did the things of the gentiles that they would lose their right to be the children of God. God retains the right to correct his own children whenever they disobey him.

Just to be sure that we know who Paul is talking to; the Hebrews those known as the ethnee, he references the Holy Spirit which only the whole house of Israel can receive in verse 9. After many other verses, we come to the special verse here in chapter 5.

“That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing, but that it should be holy and without blemish.”

There has been no mention of the church in the verse before this one and suddenly the translators hijacked this verse and slammed in the church that it was not to have a spot or a wrinkle. This is one of those verses where the translators destroyed the ethnee. Replaced her with the corrupt church as they had done many times before, while translating the Greek Letter text. Let me reveal what it says in the interlinear.

“That he should be presenting her to himself glorious, being the ones, being the ones invited out from among the gentiles where they had been scattered by the father following the divorce. Not being spots or wrinkles or any of such things but that she might be holy and flawless.”

Jesus used the same word when he made the invitation for the ethnee to come out from among the gentiles where they had been scattered following the divorce. The translators did not like the word “autees” and made it a special case of words that changed the “her” to an “it” thereby making the church take the place of her. She is not an “it” and her name is not the church. Rather her name is the ethnee in the Greek letter text that has been Romanized and because I can find no exact translation therefore I use the Romanized name of the children of God which are Hebrews.

I skipped over verse 25 because it has the same type of mistake as it is here in verse 27. The autees is changed to an it and made the corrupt church as well.

verse 27 “...according as also the one as the one anointed loves being the ones, being the ones invited out and self he gives over (autees) her.”

This same phrase will be used two more times before the end of the chapter where she is replaced with the with the corrupt church where she is being the ones invited out of the heathen pagan gentile which were rejected by God from the foundation of the earth.

Twenty times this phrase is used in the Greek Letter Text starting in the book of Matthew and the last time in the book of Colossians.

Nowhere in the English text of the New Testament is there any mention of the wife of Jesus being the reason that he had to die. He had to die to be able to remarry his wife of her youth to fulfill the Law of Divorcement in Deuteronomy 24 according to the Old Testament. Jesus referred to her many times, but in the rest of the New Testament, why did he not reveal that message? In most likelihood, the evil gentile church in the year 350 in North Africa compiled the present text. The church was already corrupt and contained the things of idol worship out of Babylon such as mother worship with Mary being a virgin even though she produced at least six more children after the birth of Jesus. She would provide access to God.

If there were any other text that told of the wife of Jesus concerning the children of the house of Israel it was considered to be of no value and taken away never to be seen again. Paul was not present during the 42 months that Jesus preached to hear the things that he said. He was taught of Jesus on the backside of the Arabian Desert for three and a half years. He most likely learned from Jesus, the one anointed. In addition, if there were any other books or scrolls that contained mention of the wife of Jesus being an autees, those books were hidden away or have been destroyed for the sake of the corrupt church.

In recent days, a professor reveal a small piece of text which mentions the wife of Jesus and that his learners can be his followers. The church world went up in arms to discredit the finder and that it was a forgery and to be discounted as being true.

In fact, Jesus had two wives mentioned in Ezekiel 23, Aholah and Aholbah, which are the house of Israel and the house of Judah. They committed idol worship which God the Father likened to adultery of the worst kind. They bought lovers for themselves. Only the house of Israel was divorce even though the house of Judah was just as bad as her older sister.

Jesus having divorced his wife had second thoughts and made a way for her to be rescued out of the pagan gentiles where they had been scattered by the father following the divorce.

Jesus laid out the details in Isaiah chapter 50-54, whereby he would redeem his now divorced wife by being the sacrifice that was necessary for her to be paid for as he was the one to come, buy her (autees, ethnee) back and take her home and love her.

Not once in the plan was any provision made for the evil hated gentiles to be rescued out of themselves. The church by way of the evil translators provided the necessary mechanism to be able to save the heathen gentiles. However, to this date no gentile has ever been converted to a Hebrew of the house of Israel.

The translators stripped her naked and considered her to be it and named her the corrupt evil church. The church then took her after abusing her and hid her among the evil offspring of Satan so that no one could find her. The church has abused her and trashed her at every opportunity because they are rebellious gentiles from the foundation of the earth. Any mention of her and the church reviles and declares the speaker or writer to be a heretic and if necessary, they will resort to torture to have them rescind their words concerning the wife of Jesus. In the end, death is the easy way out for the one who has learned the truth concerning the wife of Jesus which he came for while revealing that the church has been corrupt from its beginning. No church is exempt for they all gather the same things that Jesus rejected along with his Father. The corrupted church wants the bad fruit of rotten trees. At the same time, they feast on wild rye and bad fish, all which has been rejected by God.

Jesus came only for autees or ethnee in the New Testament and never the church no matter what argument is made about the only way to heaven, all the while the wolves are deceiving the gentiles while they wait the wrath of God.

God loves the children of the wife and he was willing to give his son for her children that they could be re-joined to the family of the younger sister. The house of Judah requires no salvation or of being rescued out of the hands of the gentiles for she was never divorced or scattered among the gentiles.


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