Being the ones invited out from among the gentiles

"the righteous gentiles being the one,
being the one invited out from among the unrighteous gentiles"


The Battle of the Ages

The Church denying the very existence of the Ekkleesian

This web site is dedicated to the preposition that the Ekkleesian and the Church are diabolically opposed to one another. The children of the flesh, the rejected, ethnic, gentiles, persecute the children of promise. Not only does the church struggle against the ekkleesian, but also the world of unrighteous, gentile nations. What we see in the world today is a struggle of those nations that were rejected before the foundation of the earth was spoken into existence. The only things we see is the struggle of those rejected nations against "the great Satan" known as the United States of American and Great Britain and the Commonwealth. This same group of rejected nations has struggled from the beginning to bring about the downfall of the USA and the Commonwealth. The rejected nation of Germany and her allies came against the whole world in an attempt to take over the free world in World War I and they were defeated when the USA enters the fight and it dictated the final surrender terms that brought about the fall of Germany but also the fall of the Ottoman Empire. The League of Nations gave the Palestinian Mandate to Great Britain to rule over the whole Middle East, which brought about the creation of 40 nations that now fight against her that created them.

After a pause of a few years, Germany once more revealed that she was a rejected nation and started once more a struggle of the whole group of rejected nations against the same two righteous nations and those that allied with them. It appeared that all was lost when it seem that Germany had conquered the continent and was about to take over the British Isles and all of Western Europe. When once more the United States enters the battle for the struggle to control the seas. The enemies whether they would admit it or not was trying to annul the prophecies of the word of God that the House of Israel would control the gates of her enemies and control the sea-lanes of this world. The submarine warfare for the control of the sea was about to cut off the flow of material to Great Britain. But unknown to the enemy we had captured the secret code machine and knew their every move so that we would lay a death trap for each new submarine coming on line to bring about the destruction before they could destroy the supply ships bringing supplies to Great Britain. We then mounted the greatest invasion force the world has every known and began the fight to regain the continent and the down fall of the rejected German nation and produce a victory that would allow the United States and Great Britain to control her enemy. The Stone Kingdom had crushed for the second time the nation that would rise against the people of God located in the British Isles and America.

While all of that was going on, another rejected heathen nation suddenly and without warning struck at 8:00 AM on December 7, 1941 in an attempt to destroy the United States on the western side of the world. It was the first step in an attempt to control all the Pacific and cutoff and destroy the United States. All anyone has to do is read about the events that occurred to change the tide of battle for the Pacific and finally bring about the destruction of two cities with the use of the atom bomb. The General of the Pacific front demanded and received a total surrender of the Japanese empire. Had Japan known what we know now, that we only had three bombs to begin with and only had only one remaining, they could have carried the fight and caused the destruction of millions more American lives on the battle field and extended the fight for years before we could have conquered the main islands of Japan. They did not know who their real enemy was for they were in death struggle with God's battle-axe and war weapon, the House of Israel who had the promise that she would never be defeated or destroyed.

During these two great battles to destroy the house of Israel, the enemies (two of the original rejected gentile nations) had already drawn up an agreement on how they would divide and portion out the United States of America, under the direction of the disenfranchised music director of heaven, Satan himself. He had been on the mountain of God in the beginning and he knew what God had planned for the House of Israel in the last days. He also knew that when the time of punishment was completed that the Stone Kingdom would rule over and push to ends of the earth those nations that God had rejected in the beginning. Nothing changes, it is always the same evil empire attacking. First in one place or another in an attempt to destroy the one nation that God had chosen before the worlds were formed. The evil empire is like any good boxer, a jab here and a jab there, waiting for the big chance that never comes, when out of nowhere, comes the big bomb and down he goes to the canvas. He rises to continue the fight, he knows he going to lose for he has lost every round so far.

Now the struggle has returned to the Middle East with the original family of rejected nations that have fought against the Hebrews from the beginning. Those nations in the Middle East can all be traced to the wife of Ham, who has been the epitome of failure from the beginning of the rejected nations that have the curse and judgment of God upon them. At the present time, we have been in a war with the terrorist since 1965, when they made their first attempt to take out the leadership in the United States of America. Nothing has changed since the days of Ishmael, when he received his description from God, that he would be a wild man and he has revealed that over the centuries. Then comes Esau on the scene and he looses his birthright and he declared, “I will kill him” in reference to his brother Jacob. Jacob had the promises that his descendants were going to rule over all the rejected, unrighteous, gentiles, which had been rejected before the foundation of the Earth. The same wild man is now crying; I will take out the great Satan of the west. I will rule them with our religion and our language and the world will be a better place when I set up our form of government with Shari law to control the lives of all those that I rule over. We only have to read the book of Ezekiel to find that God, himself, will destroy all of those nations that were rejected, in one manner or another.

Now the struggle has returned to the Middle East with the original family of rejected nations that have fought against the Hebrews from the beginning. We have a mortal enemy to the north, the rejected gentile nation of Japheth, which we know as Russia. It has worked hard to destroy us, both from within and with the threat of military power. The evil message of socialism threatens to bring down this country. The day is not far off when God will lead them into believing a lie. God will put a gaff in the cheek of Russia and Russia will come against the nation of un-walled villages. God will then, intervene to bring near total destruction as Russia leads those evil, unrighteous, gentile, nations of the Middle East with her to destroy the Great Satan of the west. The rejected, unrighteous, gentile nation will always bring the judgment of God on themselves when given sufficient time to reveal their evil nature. God has never wanted them from the beginning and they can never be converted into becoming righteous.

Now the disenfranchised music director does not miss a trick out of the evil songbook. He enters into a very personal struggle to get the house of Israel out from among those rejected, evil, ethnic, nations of the world. He takes the conductors book, when they came out and he seized the text. He began his own church by changing the meaning of the words and the message that Jesus came only for the house of Israel. When Jesus dispatched those members of the house of Judah to go and invite out those members the house of Israel from among the rejected, unrighteous, ethnic, gentiles of this world. Satan's plan was to ridicule the House of Israel that it was lost and therefore, non-existing. The message was changed to include the evil, unrighteous, gentiles as the substitute for the children of the House of Israel. It was his plan, from the beginning, to deceive those gentiles. He knew they were rejected. The rejected, unrighteous, ethnic, gentiles were deceived into believing that they could now be the righteous heirs of salvation by just a simple confession of their sins and repenting before the most high deceiver of this last days known as the Pope. In the course of the struggle to deceive, he had to change his message from the Pope, to that of the reformation: that the same rejected, heathen, gentiles could now be saved by faith through grace by their own faith. The evil ethnics bought the whole thing so Satan created his own bible (with all of the words which he had changed the meaning of) to that which centered on his evil religious church. If the gentiles would repent and confess their sins, they could become like God and know good and evil. Not only did he change the meaning and purpose of the text by changing the meaning he also left out words that were critical to the meaning to allow the gentiles to be saved and that the very ones that Jesus dispatched to his own people were now being sent to the evil rejected gentiles, who could not get saved from the foundation of the earth. Having completed the corrupted evil gentile bible for the gentile church, he went about selling the heathen bible: "It is the infallible word of God right down to the letters." Satan used diversion by creating so many translations, that no one could be certain what was correct in the evil gentile bible. His work was successful in creating the rejected, gentile church whereby gentile can be save if you read correctly the corrupted message that you can be born again into the house of Israel for which Jesus came.

In the list of lessons below, are lessons that expose the lies of Satan and his evil church whereby the gentiles that were rejected in the beginning can now be saved. In the lessons are several on who are the righteous children of God, selected and traceable to Sarah, the wife of Abraham, all other mothers are rejected. There are lessons showing that the biblical Greek text when correctly translated does not allow any gentiles to be in heaven. In addition, there are lessons showing that the text was written only to the house of Israel and that no gentiles were included in the text, as the gentile church would have you believe. Read them all to get a fuller understanding of the things that God had intended for his children, only those he chose from the foundation of the earth. In the list, are some readings that show the practices of the gentile church are wrong and a waste of time like sending missionaries to the farthest corners of the earth to the rejected, heathen gentiles to translate the Greek text into the local gentile language from the corrupted language of the church of their origin.

Select from the list below and start with those that you have interest in and find out where it will lead you. If you are from the local, heathen, rejected, gentile, church you will not find these acceptable to you and will reject them, just as it has been from the beginning. The gentiles do not seek to know the things of God, only those things that can placate the mind while living. This work is to the House of Israel, who seeks after the things of God and to know his ways. Your attitude alone reveals which of the two groups that you are in, as you read these lessons. The church of the rejected, heathen, gentiles will always persecute the children of promise, those of the whole house of Israel and will cast them out of the evil, heathen, rejected, gentile, church of the unrighteous.


  1. TITLES: The lessons that I have written are about the House of Israel being the people that Jesus came to redeem out from among the gentiles which are the same gentiles that the church wants to save.

    1. Assumption 8 Pages Showing the ethnee to whom Paul was delegated are those who pertain the things of God while the ethnoon,those who have no understanding of the things of God in their rebellion against him. The gentiles of this world are the ethnoon of the New Testament.

    2. My Little Children 9 Pages A letter written to the ethnee telling them they are the chosen family of God that he has loved from the beginning and how the hated gentiles tried to become one of them. For God so loved them that he gave his only son to buy them back from the one who owned them.

    3. The scattered 11 Pages Showing that the House of Israel who were known as the people of God became not the people of God by being scattered among the hated rejected gentiles of this world because they had worshipped idols for 360 years before they were divorced and became scattered.

    4. Ephesians 5 Having corrected the corrupted English text, we then show that Jesus is going to present his wife glorious to himself, being the ones invited out of the rejected gentiles where they had been scattered.

    5. A Paradox 9 Pages Showing that the church is a Paradox, a statement that is self-contradictory in fact and, hence, false.

    6. The Mystery 12 Pages Revealing the mystery that had been concealed in the eons of time since the foundation of the earth. This mystery was concealed in God for the ethnee who would be divorced and have need for one to buy them back from the one who owned them and pardon them for being without the covenants and promises to the fathers.

    7. Aholah and Aholibah 16 Pages The names of the two wives of Jesus from the Old Testament. He divorced Aholah and remained married to Aholibah. The children of Aholah were scattered among the Gentiles by the Father following the divorce.

    8. Rejoice Oh Barren wife 16 Pages Revealing who the barren wife is and how she will be redeemed out from among the heathen gentiles and the problems she will have to endure.

    9. Aholah, You only have I known 18 Pages Detailing the account when God talked to the House of Israel and told Aholah that she was the only family of all the families of the earth that he has ever known.

    10. The covenant people 11 Pages The origin of the covenant people and there travel down through time. Part of the family was sent among the unrighteous gentiles, later the house of Judah was dispatched to go and invite them out from among those unrighteous gentiles.

    11. Present Day Analogy 7 Pages A real current day analogy of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel and the Gentile Church saving the gentiles comparing them to French in Canada and the English people in Canada.

    12. The Words of Jesus 34 Pages What Jesus had to say to the Pharisees and the Sadducees from the book of Matthew.

    13. Redemption, What is it, Really? 15 Pages Showing the requirments to redeem something that had been lost. Jesus lost his wife and what it took to get her back.

    14. Who's Choice 8 Pages Who's Choice, not yours! Showing that you do not have a choice which family that you would be in. And if you are in the wrong family then you are rejected with no hope for salvation and eternal life.

    15. Invited, the lost word 14 Pages Showing the many times that the word invite is used, but is never found in the current heathen gentile bible with its many translations.

    16. To the Ephesians, No, not to the Ephesians 10 Pages Showing that it was not to the Ephesians but rather to the house of Israel who was scattered among the Ephesians.

    17. To the Galatians, Never to the Galatians 10 Pages Showing that it was not to the Galatians but to the lost sheep of the house of Israel who had been scattered by the Father among the Galatians.

    18. But unto the whole house of Israel 10 Pages The writer, Matthew, of the house of Judah, of the tribe of Benjamin, of the Hebrew family, to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Tell them the saying of Jesus at the same time revealing who the rejected gentiles are and their destiny.

    19. Were you born a sheep or a goat? 9 Pages showing who are the sheep and who are the goats. And what is the future for the sheep and the destiny of the goats that were rejected from the foundation of the earth.

    20. Ten questions you need to ask, 7 Pages The questions are some you can ask when you meet the christian who wants to save you or convert you to their church as the only correct chruch there is attend.

    21. The gentile church 15 Pages About the message and practices of the Church of this present age.

    22. Reading List 1 Page Listing some of the books that I have read when studying the House of Israel subject.

    23. Other Authors This page is the works of others who have written so wonderful on many associated subjects to what I have written about and I wish to only share them with you.

  1. CHARTS:

    1. Family of Abraham 1 Page Showing the descendants of Abraham and who became the people of God.

    2. Stone Travel 1 Page Showing the travel of the stone from Bethel until it present location in Scotland.

    3. Origin of the Royal Lines 1 Page Showing the origin of the two Royal lines of Hebrews.

    4. Hebrews Nations 1 Page Showing the travel of the Hebrews to the place that God told David.

    5. The Righteous People Chart 4 Pages Showing the separations and mixing of the people of the world down through time.

    6. Nation Flow chart 1 Page Showing the origin of the Nations and those which have been crushed by the Stone Kingdom.

    7. The chosen people chart 1 Page Showing the Chosen People of God and those of Abraham who were rejected and sent away.





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