Being the ones invited out from among the gentiles

" the ones being unrighteous gentiles,
the one appointed to the ones being wrath"


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The Battle of the Ages

The Church denying the very existence of the Ekkleesian

This web site is dedicated to the preposition that the Ekkleesian and the Church are diabolically opposed to one another. The children of the flesh have always been rejected and appointed to the wrath of God from the foundation of the earth. The gentiles have always been in a state of rebellion against God from the very beginning therefore the wrath to come has always been the judgment awaiting them in the end. There is found no escape plan of salvation for the unrighteous gentiles of this world.

From the very beginning immediately after the expulsion from the Garden of Eden, the unrighteous nature began to reveal itself as it always does, given sufficient time, under the right conditions. When Cain made an incorrect offering, God talked to him about the sacrifice not made according to the outline learned from his father. Abel fled to the land of Nod after he killed his brother, where some people who Cain only referred to as "they will kill me", dwelled. There is no record of Adam and Eve having had more children until after the birth of the third son, Seth. Then Adam and Eve lived many years bearing many sons and daughters. But at the same time there dwelled on the earth the fallen angels that married the daughters of men and brought forth men of renown. The earth became totally unrighteous until there existed only one man who was righteous. Noah was commanded to build an ark for the purpose of saving his family. The text does not say that the sons of Noah were righteous for just after the flood they began to reveal their nature as being evil and unrighteous. The wives of two of the sons must have come from the unrighteous women that lived before the flood. In the case of Ham immediately after the flood, the nature of him was revealed. He raped his father and when Noah awakes from a drunken state, he cursed his grandson of the marriage of Ham and the wife taken before the flood. The grandson of Noah, Canaan, was cursed with an eternal curse that he and his descendants were forever rejected and sent away. The biblical text gives us the places where the descendants of Ham dwelled. What ever the wife was, the very external nature of the descendants were described as being different. They all settled in the area of North Africa. This line of Hamís wife is never mentioned again in the biblical text except that they were referred to as Canaanites. This is the first family of gentiles that were rejected and sent away. There are the Ethiopians in the land south of Egypt.

The very nature of the Canaanites was unacceptable to God for he gave the commandment to his own people that He had chosen on Mount Sinai of Arabia that they were to never intermarry with a Canaanite. The results would have been to introduce the unrighteous gentiles back into the righteous family line of God. Abraham did not seem to understand for many years after his marriage to Sari, the Hittite; he married Hagar the Egyptian Canaanite. Hagar produced a son for Abraham, when thirteen years later a son was produced of Sari, the first-born son began to persecute the son of Sari. Ishmael, the first-born was loved by Abraham and tried to persuade God to accept him when the time came for the expulsion from the estate. He and his mother, Hagar, were rejected and sent away forever to be a rejected, unrighteous, gentiles. God said that Abraham only had one son, who was the one born of the spirit as the righteous line. Sari whose name had been changed to Sarah dies and Abraham marries another Canaanite. Keterah, who produced six sons for Abraham and they too were rejected because they were of the Canaanite line. We now have seven sons of Abraham being rejected because they were Canaanites.

Immediately after the flood, another son of Noahís must have also been rejected because of his selection of a wife before the flood from the unrighteous women who were available. We do not hear of Japheth until the end of time when he will rise against the righteous family in the place that God gave David. We can see that in Ezekiel 38-39 when God intervenes and saves his people and destroys most of the sons of Japheth. We have to wait another 1,000 years until Satan is released. Satan and Japheth go to the place where the leftover sons of Japheth live and they make another strike down to the land of Palestine to the city of Jerusalem when God destroys both Satan and the sons of Japheth.

Now returning to the Middle East where all of the sons of Ham, Canaan, and Ishmael have settled. There is constant war against the children of God, the ones he chose on the mountain. There is always the attempt for the unrighteous gentiles to want to marry into the righteous line, each time they are rejected. As in the case of Judah, God came down and killed the sons of Shuah because they were so mean. There are many accounts where God killed the unrighteous gentile nations before the movement of the righteous family to a new place. God never gave them an opportunity to escape the wrath that killed them. Another time the whole army of the gentiles was wiped out in one night with no chance to escape the death sentence.

The unrighteous, ethnic, gentile, Jews began a conspiracy, which took them 42 months to complete and kill Jesus. The struggle to kill the Lord of Glory began when he arrived in Palestine and started his ministry. The conspiracy reaches all levels of government and included false witnesses and a traitor to bring forth the death of Christ. All those involved were from the surrounding tribes of unrighteous gentiles. John the Baptistís opening remarks to them was, "Who has warned you of the wrath to come?" It was well known to the righteous children of God that the gentiles were rejected with the judgment of wrath awaiting them. The Hebrews referred to the gentiles as dogs. For 42 months, Jesus had to constantly be telling those who were testing him, "That you are of your father the devil." The gentiles were a rejected people from the beginning, since the foundation of the earth.

Now the struggle for the unrighteous gentiles has never ceased. They have always wanted to destroy the righteous family since Abraham. At the resurrection of Jesus, the evil plan was instituted to change the rights of the righteous family to that of being with the gentiles. The gentiles created the church from the very beginning days, right after Jesus ascended; they took the very letters that were being distributed to the ekkleesian. Those letters telling them that they had been invited out from among the gentiles and changed it to being the church of the gentiles. The gentiles who created the church also never having achieved righteousness made the one, big, last, move. They created the gentile bible with all the words, with changed meaning, to allowing them to have righteousness by a simple act of something called repentance, whereby they could become like God knowing good and evil. It was the same message that Satan used on his first try with Eve, while she was still in the Garden. The struggle for the gentiles has gone on for 2,000 years now. Satan was a good bible salesman for he sold the heathen gentile bible as being the infallible word of God with no mistakes right down to the letter. If anyone was to challenge any piece of the text, they were always the corrupter of the message of the word of God. But to be certain that no one knew the message, he used the translators to create many translations. The lives of some of the translators were obviously not of the righteous family line by their personal activities. It was to reach all levels of debauchery, even to the Pope himself.

Listed in the lessons below, are documents that expose the lies of Satan and his evil church whereby the gentiles that were rejected in the beginning can now be saved. In the lessons are several on who are the righteous children of God. You must be selected and traceable to Sarah, the wife of Abraham, all other mothers are rejected. There are lessons showing that the biblical Greek text when correctly translated does not allow any gentiles to be in heaven. In addition, there are lessons showing that the text was written only to the house of Israel and that no gentiles were included in the text, as the gentile church would have you believe. Read them all to get a fuller understanding of the things that God had intended for his children, only those he chose from the foundation of the earth. In the list are some readings that show the practices of the gentile church, which are wrong, and a waste of time. For example the practice of sending missionaries to the farthest corners of the earth to the rejected, heathen, gentiles to translate the English text (or the corrupted Greek text) of their church, into the local gentile language.

Select from the list below and start with those that you have interest in and find out where it will lead you. If you are from the local, heathen, rejected, gentile, church you will not find these acceptable to you and will reject them, just as it has been from the beginning. The gentiles do not seek to know the things of God, only those things that can placate the mind while living. This work is to the House of Israel, who seeks after the things of God and to know his ways. Your attitude alone reveals which of the two groups that you are in, as you read these lessons. The church of the rejected, heathen, gentiles will always persecute the children of promise, those of the whole house of Israel and will cast them out of the evil, heathen, rejected, gentile, church of the unrighteous.


  1. TITLES: The lessons that I have written are about the people known as the unrighteous gentiles, who are rejected. Being rejected, they started something called the church, so they could appear as the righteous Hebrews, the chosen people of God.

    1. Gentiles are born just to die 21 Pages Showing that the Gentiles are a people who were rejected from the foundation of the earth and being rejected by God waiting the wrath to come they are a people born to die

    2. Ethnoon what is one 9 Pages Revealing the difference between the ethnee and the ethnoon. An ethnoon is an unrighteous gentile that has been rejected by God from the foundation of the earth.

    3. Why gentiles cannot be saved 9 Pages Revealing why the Gentiles cannot be saved because they were rejected from the foundation of the earth because of their DNA that was corrupted before the flood.

    4. Wanted Dead or Alive Gentiles posses the corrupted DNA of their father therefore they are wanted for destruction.

    5. Is it nations or gentiles 9 Pages Showing that Abraham was the father of many gentiles and not nations as indicated in the English language text. Paul quotes the same verses and the translators made the same mistake in all four places using the word "Nations" when it should have been heathen gentiles rejected by God from the foundation of the earth.

    6. Esau 9 Pages Showing that Esau was rejected by God before he was born. In rebellion he married Canaanites wives and was the progenitor of a race of people that have hated the righteous family from the beginning. This lesson shows the hatred for them and the destruction of Esau by the House of Israel, it being the stone that will crush the nations as God's war weapon.

    7. Sinners sinners 9 Pages Showing an example of what a sinner is and why he is a sinner, not by what he has done but rather it is the condition that he was born with. There is nothing that will change that for a gentile sinner because he carries the corrupted DNA from before the flood and he was rejected because of that condition. The Church can never get him saved for he still carries the corrupted DNA of his mother.

    8. Who are the dogs? 7 Pages Who are the dogs listed in the biblical text and why are the Hebrews warned to be ware of the dogs. The dogs are the rejected heathen gentiles from the beginning.

    9. The gentiles are of their father the devil 11 Pages Showing the history of the gentiles from the beginning and why they are of their father the devil. Jesus told them they were of their father the devil. John as the question, Who has warned you of the wrath to come.

    10. Rejected because of your mother. 12 Pages Revealing why the unrighteous gentiles are rejected, not for something which they did, but rather because of their mother's race.

    11. The message of the church 15 Pages Showing the message of the church to the heathen gentiles that were rejected by God from the foundation of the earth/

    12. The coming ethnic cleansing 13 Pages Showing who will be in the coming ethnic cleansing and why they will be cleansed out of this world.

    13. Wrath, God's Wrath upon the Gentiles 12 Pages The wrath that God has promised to the rejected gentiles from the beginning. Never a plan of salvation or conversion to save them from the wrath to come upon them as promised.

    14. Were you born a sheep or a goat? 9 Pages showing who are the sheep and who are the goats. And what is the future for the sheep and the destiny of the goats that were rejected from the foundation of the earth.

    15. How to become a heathen christian 10 Pages A parody on the Church and how to become one of them in the Church.

    16. Their are two kinds of People 11 Pages In the world today their are two kinds of people, which have been predetermined by God in advance.

    17. God Hated These 3 14 Pages God Hated these three men from righteous homes.

    18. The context of the first century 18 Pages Covers the life around the Sea of Galilee at the time of Jesus.

    19. Who is your Mother? 8 Pages Revealing the one righteous mother of whom all the Hebrews descended. Which of the other mothers are you descended from?

    20. The Final Examination 26 Pages Jesus gives the final examination on what you believed while living.

    21. Extra News 19 Pages A newscast of the days events as they happened followed by a commentary on today's news.

    22. Verification of Citizenship in the Kingdom of God 2 Pages An examination to determine whether you are a citizen of the Kingdom of God.

    23. To what group of people do you belong? 13 Pages Showing what groups of peoples that you can possible be a descendant of in the world today.

    24. Who are the People of God 17 Pages They are those that he chose on Mount Sinai of Arabia, when they came out of Egypt.

    25. Reading List 1 Page Listing some of the books that I have read when studying the House of Israel subject.

    26. Other Authors This page is the works of others who have written so wonderful on many associated subjects to what I have written about and I wish to only share them with you.

  1. CHARTS:

    1. Family of Abraham 1 Page Showing the descendants of Abraham and who became the people of God.

    2. Stone Travel 1 Page Showing the travel of the stone from Bethel until it present location in Scotland.

    3. Origin of the Royal Lines 1 Page Showing the origin of the two Royal lines of Hebrews.

    4. Hebrews Nations 1 Page Showing the travel of the Hebrews to the place that God told David.

    5. The Righteous People Chart 4 Pages Showing the separations and mixing of the people of the world down through time.

    6. Nation Flow chart 1 Page Showing the origin of the Nations and those which have been crushed by the Stone Kingdom.

    7. The chosen people chart 1 Page Showing the Chosen People of God and those of Abraham who were rejected and sent away.





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