The Wife of Jesus is the ethnee

The people being the righteous children of God from the beginning.

"The righteous people being the ones invited out
and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her"
Matthew 16:18

The ones having been scattered following the divorce,

that he could present her to himself glorious, being the ones invited out.



This lesson will be about the word “genealogies”. Our text is a verse in the book of Timothy, chapter 1, verse 4, where the perverted Paul is writing to Timothy concerning two things, fables and genealogies, by saying not to give heed to endless genealogies.

The only text, which the Hebrews had was, the Old Testament and it is full of genealogies about the people of God and their families and how they are related to Adam, the son of God.

When the writings of Matthew opens, it is with the seed of the woman from the time when God called Abraham out of the land of Ur of the Chaldees, until the birth of Jesus to Mary, who was a Judean of the house of Judah in the land north of Jerusalem.

In the book of Luke, again, there is the genealogy of Jesus as the son of Adam, the Son of God. Both of these two genealogies reveal no gentiles in the background of Jesus all the way back to the making of Adam from the dust of the earth.

There are genealogies of Noah after the flood concerning the beginning of the gentiles from those whom he produced and only one, Shem is listed in the genealogy of Jesus all others were rejected forever having the curse of God to come upon them.

The genealogy reveals who the gentiles are and where they settled through out the Middle East and beyond. One genealogy is of the son of Noah, Japheth who settled in the land of what we now know as Russia. If we examine the maps of Russia, we find the names of the descendants of Japheth across the land. We know where they settled and the people living in the land carry the names of the grandsons of Noah.

When we study the land of Egypt, we find the names of the grandsons of Noah who settle in and around the land of Egypt. There are the Canaanites who are the descendents of Canaan. The brother to Canaan was Cush. The people of Cush are those who are now called the Ethiopians, which live in the land south of Egypt and settled all of the land of Africa.

After the settling of the lands their genealogy is no longer followed in detail, as do the Hebrews who are related to Adam as the sons of God.

There are whole chapters given to the genealogies of the Hebrews. Why then would the perverted Paul tell Timothy not to be concerned with endless genealogies? Because his preaching was to those who are not Hebrews, and their genealogies would not lead back to Adam, the son of God, but rather to their father, the Devil.

During the ministry of Jesus, he made mention that there were those in the throng surrounding him who were of their father the Devil, and they do the will of their father and the lust of him.

The very first day in which Jesus was introduced to the family of him at the river Jordan, his cousin John said to the Pharisees and the Sadducees along with the scribes of them, “Ye children of the serpent who has warned you of the wrath to come? If they be children of the Serpent then the Serpent must be their father. When one is born of his father, he is unable to change that to another father of a different kind of people than those from which they descended.

There are many such references throughout the writing of Matthew concerning these children of the Serpent, which have the Devil as their father.

Contrary to the preaching of today one has the opportunity to change fathers by the choice of accepting Jesus along with the confession of sins and announcing that Jesus is the Lord of them. Nothing near the truth can be found in this statement of the evil gentile church. John in his writing says that if you “believe on the Lord thou shall be saved” and have the power to become the sons of God. Again, there is no truth in the writing of John for he is writing to the evil gentile Jews about away to become the sons of God, when Jesus had already informed them that where I go you cannot come.

Jesus came for only one family of the earth, the one that he had divorced, sold to another and becoming lost to him. Salvation is all about race and only one race of people have ever been included from the foundation of the earth. Paul did not want the gentiles to go searching through their genealogies to see if they were related to the one made from the dust of the earth, who became a living one compared to all those who were not living. An example of this was the time when Jesus was nailed to the stake and was willing to die for the right to remarry his wife and gain the right to be joined to her again legally. When he died willingly for the right to remarry the wife, all the living ones who were in the graveyard arose and went into the city of Jerusalem and the dead ones remained in the ground.

When the Father of him made him to stand up again, he was made to stand up among the dead ones who were still in the ground. There are two kinds of people, the living ones related to Adam as the sons of God and the dead ones who are related to their father, the Devil

In the thousands of years since the day in which Adam was made there has never been a single dead one to become one of the living ones, that is until the evil gospel of the gentile church whereby; with the believing in the deity belief one can change from one father to the other. As you should be able to see there is a gospel to the family of the House of Israel. The gospel in which the people of Jesus are the only ones for which he was the price paid to redeem them, and there are 21 gospels to the gentiles whereby they can change fathers by having faith and believing in any of many things where by they can be saved.

The writings to Timothy are as wrong as all of the others by the perverted Paul. Take the time to study the life of Paul compared to the things of the Old Testament in which the entire account is all about the house of Israel be convened out from among the evil gentiles where they have been scattered following the divorce.

Not once, in the entire Old Testament is there any type of redeeming made available to the rejected gentiles, who are the seed of Satan. These gentiles have a longer history going back millions of years before the earth became a waste and desolation. God rejected them before the foundation of the earth was formed and the earth was made. There has never been a change in the mind of God concerning the evil rejected gentiles because he chose out the people of Adam and rejected all others in the beginning.


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