The Wife of Jesus is the ethnee

The people being the righteous children of God from the beginning.

"The righteous people being the ones invited out
and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her"
Matthew 16:18

The ones having been scattered following the divorce,

that he could present her to himself glorious, being the ones invited out.


He Arose When?

When it comes to understanding the standing up of Jesus out from among the dead, it will be necessary to gather material from the entire biblical account. It will be necessary to understand who he was and is and why he had to die. To fully understand who he was, it is necessary to go to the Old Testament to find out why he came and for whom he came.

His death was established before the worlds were spoken into existence, when he was the lamb slain from the foundation of the earth for the people whom his father had chosen out from among those he did not chose. God chose the Hebrews out from among the evil gentiles of this earth who had been here many generations while ruling this earth. God spoke to the other God of the plural God and now let us make Adam in our image. God the father looked down the long hall of time and saw that it would be necessary to have one to die for the people of him. He set about to establish the laws and feast days to provide the necessary tools to have the redeemer of the people of him to work within the righteousness of himself.

When he called Abraham out of Ur of the Caldees it would be the beginning of the expansion of the Adams, who for the most part were a small people compared to those of the seed of Satan who were ruling the earth. In Genesis 3, we see that the seed of Satan will persecute the seed of the woman. Immediately after Isaac is born, Ishmael begins to persecute his younger brother, Isaac. Ishmael is rejected and ejected from the family, which God was preparing to rule the earth.

God talks with Abraham and tells him, he is to be the father of a throng of gentiles and his descendants would go to a strange land and there they would become richer than when they entered the land and after the fourth generation he would bring them out.

At the end of the fourth generation, they became slaves to the ruler of the land of Ham in the country of Egypt. It would take many plagues before the time of their release from the bondage of the Egyptians. God told Moses to tell the people they were to take a lamb into the house and live with it until the day in which it would be slain. The lamb was to provide the blood over the doorpost and the sides of the door so that the death angel might pass over and not kill all those, which are first born of the household even to the cattle in the barns.

To get the children of Israel from the land it was necessary to purchase them from the one who owned them. God gave the Egyptians and the Ethiopians for them. This was the first of two purchases that was made for the people of him. God told Moses the Hebrew were different from the Egyptian as people.

All of this was done so that he could have a feast day that would be in remembrance of the day that he led the people of him out of the land of Ham by way of the right hand leg of the Red Sea. After crossing over to the land on the other side, he called Moses to the top of Mount Sinai of Arab and among other things, he said that the Hebrews were to be the people of him and he would be their God. The pattern had been laid down as to how the people of him would be redeemed again. Just as it was necessary to slay a lamb the first time for the redemption of the people of him with a miracle, the next time it would take a miracle to redeem the people of him when it was again required.

Following the announcement on the mountain, God gave the laws whereby the children of Israel were to live while growing to be the future rulers of the earth. One of them was that if a man divorced his wife and she became married to another it would take a miracle for him to be remarried to his wife. For one of the parties it was a necessity to die, to be released from the marriage vows and marry again. One can see that it would never happen because one party would be dead and there would be no one to marry. To marry the divorced woman of him again would be an abomination before the Father and would cause the land to sin, Deuteronomy 24.

God saw the children of Israel, who, by the way, had his name changed; they now had the title of “Prince with God”. God saw the children of Israel as one people as he led them out of the cursed land of Ham. Not only was the land cursed but also the people of the land for the Hebrews were never to marry a descendant of the Canaanite because they were a different kind of people from the Hebrews, the Hebrews were the sons of Adam, the sons of God while the Egyptians were of the offspring of Satan.

Jesus became betrothed to the two sisters coming out of the land of Ham and he becomes married to them. Neither wife is faithful in their relationship to their husband. The wives commit idol worship, which God sees as adultery before him. Finally, after 390 years, the older wife of the two is divorced and sent away from the family estate to a land that was promised to David through the prophet Nathan. The children of the wife were scattered among the evil rejected gentiles along the trade routes of the Great Sea unto the Isles of the North Atlantic. During this time of scattering, Jesus went to the children of the wife asking where is the bill of divorcement that I gave to the mother of you. Jesus then describes what is going to happen to him as he is made a sacrifice for them and to be the price paid to buy them back from the one who owned them. For him to remarry his wife it would be necessary for one of the parties to die to annul the marriage vows. If the wife died then there would be no one to marry. The only choice available was that the husband would have to die that he could be remarried to his wife and get the children of her. It would be necessary for a miracle to occur for him to be remarried to the wife, when he was slain he would be dead and it would take the miracle of the resurrection to live again. God would have to raise him from among the dead ones so that he could be remarried to the wife and get the children of her.

Now Jesus of Nazareth was born to a virgin woman who was betrothed to man. His birth was a miracle that the Son of Adam, the Son of God could be born to one of the house of Judah in the land of Galilee. At his birth, the angel announced that he was to save the people of him and to pardon them of their transgressions. Later, when he began to preach to the people of him, he announced that he came only for the lost sheep of the house of Israel. A detailed study of the Old Testament reveals that it was the house of Israel that had been cast off and driven from the land for a defined period of time of 2520 years. She was the only one for whom he came for that he might rescue them out from among the evil rejected gentiles where they had been scattered by the Father following the divorce.

In the Greek Letter text there is very little indicated concerning the wife, that Jesus was coming to redeem only a few “hers’” here and there. Jesus was only coming for the people of him known in the Greek Letter text as the ethnee. They were the only ones to whom he ministered and telling them of their rights with respect to the Father of them. They were the only people of Adam for whom he came; he of course was also an Adam. In Matthew, his genealogy was that of the seed of the woman, which is mentioned in the book of Genesis and the book of Revelation. In the book of Luke, his genealogy is that of the Son of Adam, the Son of God. Now we see that a Son of Adam is going to redeem the sons of Adam who are to rule the earth. The ones who had been scattered among the evil gentiles of this earth. This matter of dying for the wife of him was always on his mind as he prepared to go to his death willingly to die and be remarried to the wife. Jesus had to die willingly to fulfill the law that he would die for the right to be remarried to the woman of him. He knew that it would take a miracle for him to die and get the right to be remarried to her. Jesus had to put all of his trust in the hands of the Father when he went up to Jerusalem to die for the wife of him.

Jesus went up to Jerusalem so that he could celebrate the Passover on the evening of the fourteenth of the month at the start of the fifteenth of the month after sundown that day. He celebrated the Passover with the learners of him.

When the gentiles had asked for a sign concerning him, he said the only sign would be the sign of Jonah. As Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the sea monster, he would be in the grave three days and three nights. We can see that the order of the days was reversed as he started the process at the evening of the fourteenth and the start of the fifteenth day of the month, rather it would be three nights and three days that he was to be in the grave among the dead ones.

Jesus celebrated the Passover with the learners of him in the house of John Mark. After celebrating, he sang a hymn and went out to pray in the garden. It was during this time that he was betrayed by one of his own learners. It was late in the night or early day whichever way you want to describe it. It was near midnight when he permitted himself to be taken captive by the soldiers of the gentile High priest and lead away for the first of three trials. Take note that he gets no food or water for the next 18 hours while is under going false trials at the hand of the conspirators of the Jews and gentiles who have agreed that he is to be killed at the hand of the Roman soldiers.

The last trial takes place shortly after sunrise on the fifteenth of the month before Pilate where he is ultimately condemned to death on the stake. After being abused at the hands of the Romans, he is taken to Golgotha, during the trip his stake is carried by Simon of Cyrenne. The time is now noon on the fifteenth when he is nailed to the stake and placed in the ground between two malefactors.

During all of this time of being nailed on the stake, we find no mention of his crying out in pain or anguish as he hangs there in the sun. During this time, he has a conversion with both of the others nailed to the stakes beside him. When the gentile calls for him to come down and save himself and him also, the ethnee Hebrew says to Jesus remember me when you come into your kingdom. Jesus says to him, “this day thou shall be with me in the park.”

Watching this whole scene take place is the mother of Jesus and some friends of hers at some distance from the place where he is nailed to the stake.

The sun is darkened and for three hours he hangs on the stake before he gives up the spirit of him and he dies willingly for the wife of him, he was the price paid to get the wife and the children of her and take them home and love them as was stated in the book of Hosea. The Roman soldier comes to break his legs finding him dead he pierces his side to confirm that he was already dead. He was not executed, as some say, but died willingly, for the wife of him.

Jesus’ great uncle Joseph of Arimathaea goes to Pilate to get the body down from the stake to bury him between the two Sabbaths. Pilate is surprised that he is already dead and confirms it with the soldiers.

Joseph of Arimathaea and others take the body down and take it to his own sepulcher, in which a body had never been laid. He had carved it of stone in the Garden near where the death had occurred. The woman watch to see which sepulcher he was laid in. Note: during all of this there are no gentiles present or participating in the burial of Jesus. Jesus was laid in the tomb at the close of the fifteenth of the month and the start of the feast of unleaven bread, a three day festival within the week of the festival of first fruits and at the same time there is the weekly Sabbath at the end of the week. In all, there are four Sabbaths during the time that Jesus went to the stake to die for the wife of him.

He is placed in the grave on a Wednesday evening to begin the first of the 72 hours that he will be among the dead ones.

Taking the words of Jesus that he would be three nights and three days in the grave as our standard, he then must rise again on a Saturday evening exactly at the ending of the 72 hours and the beginning of the next day in the evening time.

In the book of Matthew, At the end of the 72 hours is the only correct account of the resurrection, an angel descends with an earthquake and rolls the stone away and sits on it. The angel tells the women that he is not here for he is risen. Go quickly and tell his learners that he is risen and behold he goeth before you into Galilee. And as they went he met them, And worshipped him while holding his feet. Go tell my brethren that they go to Galilee to the place designated and there they shall see me. Then the eleven learners went away into Galilee, unto the mountain where Jesus had designated to meet them.

All the accounts, which follow are false for many reasons and are not to be used as being the resurrection accounts.

Mary Magdalene comes to the grave finding it empty she turns to one whom she thinks is the gardener and asked where have you taken him that I might take him. Jesus says to her “Mary”, she turns to him saying, “Rabboni; which is to say Master.” Jesus says to Mary the Magdalene, “Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God and your God.”

The time is now after sundown on a Saturday night at about 8PM. Jesus is gone from the earth for the next ten hours during the first hours of the first day of the week. The next thing we see in the account given by John is at the close of the first day of the week and the start of the second day of the week. Jesus appears to his learners when the door had been shut for fear of the Jews who had conspired with the high priest and the elders to have Jesus killed in the first place.

In the account of Luke is a strange verse, which in the English does not say what it does in the Greek Letter text. “Remember how he spake unto you when he was yet in Galilee. Saying the Son of Adam must be delivered into the hands of sinful ones being Adams and to be impaled and to the third day is the one being the one stand being up.”

It was Mary the Magdalene and Joanna and the Mary of James along with the rest, to who said to the Apostles these things, Peter hearing these things ran to the sepulcher; and stooping down he beheld the linen clothes laid by themselves, and he departed.

In the account of Mark, we see that Joseph of Arimathaea when the evening was come, because it was the day of Preparation, that is the day before the Sabbath of unleaven bread. A feast of three days within the seven-day Sabbath of the feast of first fruits. The feast of unleaven bread will end at the completion of the weekly Sabbath at sundown Saturday evening at about 8 PM. During this feast, Jesus will be among the dead ones for those three days to complete the prophecy of three nights and three days.

The women did come to the sepulcher on the last half to the first day of the week to find that he had arisen and was no longer there. He had traveled the road to Emmus talking with the learners who recognized him not as he opened the Old Testament from Moses until the end.

Where then do we get the message that Jesus was buried on Friday and arose on Sunday morning? The church has always celebrated the rising of the sun god from the time of its corrupt beginning in the land of Babylon. The message of the sun god rising on Sunday was just an add-on to the corrupt message of the church. The church has never forgotten the evil worship of the wife of Nimrod, Samaras who conceived a son by a sunbeam after Nimrod had died. The son is named Thomuz whom the prostitutes wailed for, for forty days after he died. They had lost their pimp in the evil temple worship. Today we call it holiday of Lent where the evil church smears ashes on the forehead of the believers in the things of the evil church. To remind us of this the church calls this time of the year EASTER after the wife of Nimrod. It is nothing more than evil idol worship out of Babylon.

Jesus came with a mission to rescue the Hebrews that had been divorced and sent away. The Hebrews were referred to the ones scattered and not the people of God during their time of scattering among the evil gentiles. Immediately after the standing up, Jesus dispatches his learners to the ethnee with the Good message that they could be remarried to the Lord and once more they are the people of God whom he had healed by the stripes laid on him at the hand of his Father through the instruments of the Roman soldiers. Peter, years later would say that by his stripes you are healed referring the removal of the desire to worship idols, which had been the cause for the divorce in the first place.

It was said by the learners of him when they left to carry out the mission to take the message to the ethnee that it was the Father that raised him out from among the dead ones. It was the miracle that was necessary to allow him to be remarried to the divorced wife and the children of her and take them home and love them. The choice was his to buy back the children of the wife, rescue them and to pardon them of their transgressions. Jesus came for the people of him and no others can be converted into being Hebrews of the house of Israel.

Jesus said to the wife of him in the book of Isaiah chapter 54, Rejoice Oh barren wife you have more children than the married wife. Any other message that you hear is a lie from the father of lies at the mouth of the wolves who would devour you having you believe he arose on a sunday morning, 80 hours after he was laid in the grave, He arose from among the dead as the moon began to rise, just as the 72 hours were completed on a Saturday evening at sun down, all other accounts are a lie or fabrication by someone else other than the writers.


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