The Wife of Ani is the ethnee

The people being the righteous children of God from the beginning.

"The righteous people being the ones invited out
and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her"
Matthew 16:18

The ones having been scattered following the divorce,

that he could present her to himself glorious, being the ones invited out.


In Response

I write this lesson in response to those who have challenged my research and writings on the biblical text. Some have said that I am crazy and others have said that I am downright wrong. They all have one thing in common, among all those that have challenged my work, none have taken the time to sit down and type out a rebuttal of any kind. The second thing that all have in common is they accept the Authorized Version known as the King James as the infallible word of God written by men of old and it is a book with no mistakes.

As far as I know none have spent the time to study and explain what the text does have to say and why it says what it does say. Most all of them have one thing in common and that is they accept the fact that the Church is an authorized agent for God. Secondly, the thing they accept is that there is only one race of people from the beginning and that they are in need of some type of salvation in order to make heaven their place of abode after death.

Let me beginning by saying that the writers which I have read all have one thing in common and that is that the biblical text was written or composed from some heathen story or account of some mythical god.

Let me continue by saying that there was one race of people long before Adam was created and placed in the garden East of Eden; the early races of man as they are called had their origin before the earth went through a time period which is called the waste and desolation. It was a time ancient at the time of Adam. The reference for this statement is in Jeremiah 4:25 which states that there were dwelling places and cities that had fallen down and there was cropland but that there was no Adam. It is at this point that we come up against the bias of the translators of the Hebrew text. I state that the biblical text was translated by a race of people who are out of this ancient race which hate God and his righteousness and they do all they can to destroy the things of God. In their attempt to destroy the account, the gentile Jew which are the ones who did the Hebrew translation did away with the race of people that were called Adams. The Adam was created and made after the waste and desolation time period. He was one who had been chosen out from among all others before the world was formed. In the process of choosing Adam, God then rejected all those who were formed before the time period of the waste and desolation and he assigned them to hell at the end of time to burn forever.

It can only be assumed by the reader that those created before the waste and desolation were created by the Devil known as Satan. We can read of the things God did to destroy those of Satan during the long account of the Hebrew text. At the same time the evil and wicked Jewish translators did away with those descendants of Adam. If we read the Hebrew text directly or with the aid of an interlinear translation, we find the 350 times in which the Adams were mentions for one reason or another. With the corrupted translation of the word Adam some strange verses appear in which the Satan man is used for both those of Satan and those of Adam as in the book of Jeremiah. When we accept the idea that the God class of people who are called the Adam which can be both singular and plural in the English translation, we get the idea that the sons of Adam were a righteous and blessed people and race having God as their God and Father. The Satan man which is first called the beast man is one who is unrighteous and rejected by God. This Satan man will become the guim or the word gentile in English. But once again the Jewish translator not having the understanding of the things of God because of who they were would change the guim or the other group of people into nation or nations and sometimes heathens but seldom were they called gentiles. The most famous verse of all which the translator did incorrectly is the verse we find in the book of Genesis and repeated in the Profane Greek of the Church in the book of Romans chapter four verse 17. With the aid of the interlinear, we find that the gentiles of the Profane Greek are called Ethnoon when Paul quoted what God said to Abraham when he said that he would be the father of a throng of guim. So, we then have Abraham being the father of a family of gentiles, those rejected and unrighteous. Abraham was also the father of one son which was born righteous because of his mother Sarah. At the same time as Abraham there dwelled on the earth many families that were rejected by God because of their father Satan, because he was unrighteous; so too are the children of him. When we read the book of Matthew in the third chapter we find a direct statement saying that the gentile Jews are the children of the Serpent and that they were not the children of Abraham.

It is unimportant what we hear in the world as to who the children of God are. In both the evil gentile Church of the rejected and the gentile Jews we find that we have two competing groups saying that they are the sons of God when he chose out for himself those of Adam before the worlds were formed. It is hard to set aside this bias that only those of the Hebrews are the only sons of God and that they were born righteous from a long line of righteous sons of God all the way back to Adam, the son of God,

The last thing we read in the last chapter of the Old Testament is that the guim gentiles are to be burned and are walked on as ash by the children of Israel. The New Testament opens talking of two races of people, those of Adam and those of Satan. Seeing that there is no mention of the those of Adam in the English text we also find no mention of those of Adam which we would expect if the translators had been correct. The first three books of the New Testament, Matthew, Mark and Luke do not talk of those of Adam. Seeing that the translation was now done by the translators of the Church using the Profane Greek, the use of the Profane Greek did away with all of those of Adam because of the language being used. Matthew, Mark and Luke are written in Hebraic Greek talking of those of Adam and those of the seed of the Serpent or the Devil. The Hebraic Greek is a Pro Drop language in which there are no pronouns but rather race related words about those of Adam. The gentile Jews wrote their account of their God and messiah using the Profane Greek. In effect this did away with all of those of Adam and only one race of people were found to be living on the earth requiring some form of salvation.

When we find those of the seed of Adam in the Old Testament, then we would expect to find some of those of Adam in the New Testament and we do in the use of the Hebraic Greek. With the finding of those of the seed of Adam being the only righteous seed of this world then the accounts take on a whole new meaning. In the book of Ezekiel, we find that God talked to the prophet as the son of Adam some 99 times but the corrupt English has him as the son of the evil man race of Satan.

But this was not the only mistake which the gentile Jews did to the Old Testament. If you find a Jew and you asking him the name of God you will get the answer of Yahweh. The word Yahweh is translated as LORD and it has no special meaning for any one can be a Yahweh if the position he holds treats him as a Lord. The name of the Lord was clearly given in the book of Isaiah at 52:6 as Ani. Ani wanted his people to know his name and the gentile Jews did away with the name of God some 157 times and changed it into the personal pronoun of I. There are more than sufficient examples of the correct way to translate a name from the Hebrew language. When a word is used as a name then the Roman letters of that word now become the name of the one being named. The best one is when God named the second born son of Abraham and said you shall call him laughing. But you know that is incorrect for he was to be called Isaac which is the Roman letters for the word laughing in Hebrew.

There remains one big problem with the English translation and that is why did the Lord Ani come as a baby by way of a woman of the house of Judah? With the evil gentile church and the evil and corrupted Jewish translation by men who had no understanding of the things of God? When they were born they produced a text with one false premise that all must be saved to be able to make it to heaven when they die.

Seeing that there was no Hebraic Greek Text for them to read when Ani the Lord came they had no way of knowing why he came. If the reader was a Hebrew and one who could read, then the facts that were available to them was in the Hebrew text. The Hebrew people at the time of his coming were well educated in both numbers and letters. The Hebrews were a highly educated class of people seeing that they went to the temple where the scrolls were kept and they could read and study what God had said to the elders and prophets of old. In the Hebraic Greek we find that the Old Testament is quoted many times correctly as to what God was saying to the people of him. It is another story in the Profane Greek where the quotations were done incorrectly or they made up what they needed, to say that it was the word of God to the people of him.

At no time does the Hebraic Greek spell out the details as to why Ani came for the people of him. We can only find the reason why came as he was one who had been married to the house of Israel and the house of Judah. He would see himself as the husband of the two wives to whom he had been married. He would divorce Aholah and sell her to another for the adulteries of her. God, his father seeing what had happened then drove the wife and her children off the family estate and scattered them among the evil and unrighteous guim gentiles of this world.

Ani the Lord, would come to the children of the mother whom he had divorced and explain why he was going to do what he had to do to redeem them from the one who possessed them. Ani was to be punished of his father for what he had done in divorcing his wife. He had to die willingly for the right to remarry his divorced wife and then be the price to buy back the wife from the one who possessed the wife and the children of her. During all of this time the people of God remained the people of him and they remained the righteous children of God no matter what circumstance they found themselves in for they had been born the sons of God of a long line of the Sons of God.

Ani came and fulfilled the Law and the Prophets when he died willingly for the right to remarry his wife. He was aroused by the father of him out from among the dead ones and made to stand up again on a Saturday evening at sundown. The last thing he did was to send his learners to those of Adam, the ethnee and they were to baptize them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. This was done in accordance to the book of Joel. Ani the Lord, in saying this, excluded all of the ethnoon guim gentiles and let them wait the wrath of God to come.

The profane Greek of Jesus of Nazareth was written from the heathen concept of being saved by their heathen God because of who they were. Jesus of Nazareth was just a myth created to make sons of God just as the heathens down at the temple of Baal. Jesus of Nazareth believed that he was the son of the god and that the god was his father and that he had the power to make sons of god of all who believed. Not only did he believe that, he made a second way straight out of the heathen gentile temples of Baal. He said eat my flesh and drink my blood and become like God knowing both good and evil. All that would follow after Jesus of Nazareth would carry the myth that Jesus Christ could save sinners by believing him or having the faith of Jesus Christ. The profane Greek is no more than a heathen myth created to save those that were perishing from the foundation of the world. As Jesus of Nazareth was but a myth so too is the evil and wicked gentile church created by Paul for the creation of a new race of people called Christians. Who then has warned them of the wrath to come, not the gentile Jews or the evil church of the gentiles for they are a part of the same corruption out of the heathen religion of Baal.

Ani the Lord God of Israel warned of the one coming who could raise the dead and heal the sick but yet he was not one of the children of him of the house of Israel. You see Satan has the power to create and make evil to appear as the righteousness of the God in heaven. The world at the present time is fully deceived by the Devil and his son Jesus of Nazareth. He came doing miracles and making a way for those perishing to become the sons of God and to receive eternal life when even himself was no more than an evil wicked gentile Jew rejected by the righteous God of heaven. When Jesus of Nazareth died 24 hours before the Lord died, he would be in the grave at the moment that Ani the Lord died. It was at this moment he was rejected for the second time as one who was an unrighteous gentile Jew hated by God. The entire account of Jesus Christ is nothing more than a myth created for the rejected Jews of this world.

Now, these are only some of the reasons why my writings differ from that of others. One has to study what it is that they believe in their writings or you can take the time to study the biblical text with an open mind to see if you are one who is born the son of God having the righteousness of God or if you are born of the seed of Satan rejected by God before the time period of the waste and desolation. Only you will know what it is that you will accept but do not say that it was never explained to you as I have now done for you. You now have the material to open the door of the biblical text and see where you are going at the completion of this world.

This has been my response to those that challenge what the real word of God has to say to you. It is not my opinion but rather what does the text have to say to the reader.


For more details on the stuggle of the ethnee against the ethnoon and the conflict of having the heathen rejected gentile church of the Lord Jesus Christ which is diabolically opposed to the House of Israel. Go to my alternate web page at Ekkleesian being the ones invited out of the heathen gentiles where they were scattered by the father following the divorce.


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