The Wife of Jesus is the ethnee

The people being the righteous children of God from the beginning.

"The righteous people being the ones invited out
and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her"
Matthew 16:18

The ones having been scattered following the divorce,

that he could present her to himself glorious, being the ones invited out.



The speaker takes the podium and begins to speak of the things of the Lord, after his opening remarks to get the audience settled down and he begins to feel comfortable. He announces that subject of today’s lesson is on the inviting in the word of God. A lull falls over the audience for the most part, as no one has heard of any inviting in the biblical text, even if they have been reading it for more than thirty years.

Which is the subject of this lesson: inviting or invitation. There is a whole family of words, 27 of them in 175 verses, that have never been translated in the biblical text for the most part correctly, Mostly they have been added to the family of words that compose: Call and its many forms or bidden and church.

In another lessons, we studied the word ekkleesian as meaning: being the ones invited out. In most lexicons, the meaning is given as assemble or some forms of it. The question is never asked; why, does the word ekkleesia have the meaning; to assemble? To the gentile world observing what was happening to the House of Israel, which had been scattered among the gentiles in the cities along the trade routes of the sailing vessels. The ethnee being ekkleesian came together for the most part to listen to a letter that was being circulated among other ethnee with the same identity. The letter for the most part contained instructions and good news concerning those ethnee and what had happened in Jerusalem with the death and the standing up out of the dead ones, the Jesus of Nazareth. The letter had instruction for these of this group to change their mind and could now once more regain the covenants rights that had been lost centuries before. These letters gave instruction with the change of mind they were to walk in a newness of life that they had never known before. In doing this, there were miracles and speaking in tongues of the wonderful things of God. The letters also retold the story of the people of God as being the people of God, which became not the people of God and now once more the people of God, who had been purchase and were a royal priesthood. In addition, they had been healed by the stripes laid on Jesus before his slaughter, as the Passover lamb, the one having been slain since the foundation of the earth.

Therefore, to the observer of these things, they were referred to as the ekkleesia, the ones that had assembled, became a new people and it could be observed from the outside. It was not long before gentiles began to copy the assembling and do the things that the special group were doing and hoping for the same results. But, that did not happen and the leaders of this group of gentiles then began to examine themselves to find out what is was that they were doing wrong that how to fix it so that they could get the same results as the special group, the ethnee, the house of Israel, which had received the good news that they had been rightiousified once more by their God. The gentile church went through all the same things that they could observe in the lives of those of the house of Israel but still they knew that they were not like them in some manner. A new message was created to teach to the gentiles that if they would correct their manner of living and give up their sinning ways they also could have eternal life just like the house of Israel group. This gathering together became known as ekkleesia where they could perform the same actions and life style as the house of Israel, but that required some leaders to instruct them in what they could do to become christian just like the House of Israel, ekkleesian. The assembling began to be the center point and in the end, it became the Church when the Greek Text was translated into the English. 1500 years had passed by and whole set of rules based on the heathen worship out of Babylon had formed using the same words from the Greek Text that the ekkleesian used but it was changed to incorporate the things of the mystery religions out of Babylon, for as gentiles that is all they knew from their history. They had no knowledge of God or his ways, as did the House of Israel, as we can see from the many letters that were written to the various groups of the ethnee. The history of the people of God was rehearsed over and over to refresh their memory of the things that had happened in the Hebrew family over the past 1500 years. The stories in the letters to the various cities had no effect for gentiles; they had no association with those stories or the writings that the ones sent from Jerusalem with the good news. Therefore, the gentiles created something that had the appearance of worshipping God but it was all based on a personal performance, that if I change my life and confess my shortcomings before the representive of God then I can become like those of the House of Israel, I could become as righteous as the house of Israel. This gentile heathen church evolved around some representative to appear as the one sent from Jerusalem. The only image that the gentiles had, was mother worship out of Babylon to build this new found religion on and add as many words and format from those that they observed among those of the house of Israel. They constructed a whole vocabulary of words that sounded like the words used by the ekkleesian but it had an incorrect mean for they did not understand what those of the House of Israel were talking about when they assembled as the ethnee. When the ethnee were using the word Amartia which was a word that the described to them their condition when they were lost and away from God during the time of their scattering. They had been without the covenants and promises of God that had been made to the family fathers many years before. The promises had been made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The gentiles had no such promises made to their fathers except the story that they had been rejected and condemned by God, therefore when the translation was made in to English, the heathen meaning of the word was brought over, for now the word meant sins or sinning and was written as Hamartia, The translators knew that it meant missing, something but the true meaning had been lost or distorted years before in the gentile church of the dark ages. Now when the church assembled one of the things that the people were reminded of over and over that they had to repent for those sins in their lives if they were to become righteous as those of the House of Israel. Where the House of Israel had been declared right as being the people of God on Mount Sinai of Arabia. The message had been refined and reworked over the centuries, until it became the center focus of the heathen church of the Lord Jesus Christ, run and operated for the heathens so they could believe that they had arrived at the same place as those of the House of Israel. But, part of the message, was also they had to reject the message to the house of Israel, for it would be a constant reminder of how far the message to the gentile heathen church had gotten off track down through the years. Another example of the change of meaning of the words from the Greek to the English is the Metanoia which to the house of Israel meant for them to change their mind of being without the promises of God to now being with the promises of God, which did not require them to do anything to have them back in their lives. While the Gentile church changed the meaning to Repent, which required them for the most part to come before their leader and confess that they had fallen short and need to get right to be able to once more believe that they had eternal life with God. After the confession, they were pronounced as being like God knowing good and evil. Of course, they were never converted from being a gentile, for them once more be in a right relationship with God for their remained the wrath to come with damnation and eternal death.

Having shown how the words changed from the Greek to the house of Israel to what the Greek meant to the heathen Gentile church down through the dark ages with the direct influence of the Mystery religions out of Babylon and as describe in Revelation 17 as the Harlot of Babylon riding on the back of government.

When it comes to the word, invite, which is used, about 150 times in the New Testament in all of its different forms. Just to list some of the different meaning that the translators used for the word invite, without listing all the biblical references but the words only. The list starts with; to be called, being called, may be called, shall be called, ye were called, and many more forms of call, then the next meaning is bade, bidden, be bidden, and church, churches, of churches. The word invite is never used in the KJV, and for those of you who are KJV only, as the infallible word of God, which has no mistakes right down to the letters used, think again!

I have gone over the word ekkleesian as being the ones invited out which is normally translated as church. The ekkleesia are the ones invited out assembling to hear the letter and worship God for what he had done for them, but to the gentile church it meant to assemble and do those things to become righteous. I have covered the word ekleethee in John 2:2 where Jesus was invited to the wedding not called. To show an example in the difference in the words. We call the doctor to the house for treatment and we invited you to come celebrate at the wedding of our daughter. All of the invite words that in the KJV that have the meaning, bade, bidden and be bidden, all have to do with the parable of the wedding and where one is to sit. The balance of the words that are translated, as the many form of call, which should be translated as some form of the word invite. Paul, in his letters to the ones in Rome and Corinth. The opening verse, he writes, he was invited to be one sent from the one anointed to those in the cites where the ethnee resided, And his letters were to the ekkleesia, He was invited to be an apostle not called an apostle, there is a difference in the meaning.

When the one writer was writing about Judas, the one who betrayed the Lord that night in the garden, when he writes of the potter’s field he refers to Judas as the one invited, that is left out in the translation into English. When Jesus was named, it does not say he was called Jesus; rather he was invited to use the name Jesus. These are all small and subtle changes to the meanings of the verses, Many times the writers describes the subject as being one invited where in the English it could be just a pronoun or a some verb form of call. The changes for the most part come from the Latinized Greek where grammar is King. There are verses which at this time I am unable to come up with a more correct meaning for the invited word is a compound word with many add letters that I am unable to break down into a meaning that has a viable meaning in context with the whole sentence but neither does call or one of its forms help a great deal. There is much work to do to arrive at a meaning. I always hold in the back of my mind that it was the gentile church that made the English translation and we already know of hundreds of word changes to bring out the truth of the house of Israel, as being the only people that Jesus came for and that the house of Judah which is where the learners came from and which had no reason to be saved, for they had never been lost and without the covenants. We do know that there is no plan laid forth to save the gentiles, either now or in the future. We have learned that it will be the house of Judah and the house of Israel that are to receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit as a down payment of that which is yet to come. In Hebrews, we learned that it will be only the house of Judah and the house of Israel that are to receive the new covenant in the future. In addition, we learned that in the future there is coming the final ethnic cleansing of the fields of the father where the gentiles will be taken out and burned. The future is great in the days ahead for the house of Israel where she will rule over all the gentile nations of this world with Jesus as their coming king.

I hope this lesson has once more exposed the poor workmanship of the translators of the Biblical text. We will only know the correct meaning, when we get over there in the city, which he has gone to prepare, that he will come again and get us, those of the House of Judah and the House of Israel to return with him. For the dead in Christ will rise first and we, which are alive and remain will be caught up to be forever with the Lord. Look up your redemption is completed, and your salvation is finished and all we await, is the transformation of this body of clay to that which is like the one he has. In addition, we will be alive forever more, to be with the God of the living and our elder brother.

For more details on the stuggle of the ethnee against the ethnoon and the conflict of having the heathen rejected gentile church of the Lord Jesus Christ which is diabolically opposed to the House of Israel. Go to my alternate web page at Ekkleesian being the ones invited out of the heathen gentiles where they were scattered by the father following the divorce.


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