The Wife of Jesus is the ethnee

The people being the righteous children of God from the beginning.

"The righteous people being the ones invited out
and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her"
Matthew 16:18

The ones having been scattered following the divorce,

that he could present her to himself glorious, being the ones invited out.


Is Physical Healing in the Atonement?

We often hear that healing is in the atonement. What does that really mean. The first thing to look at is the word atonement. What is being atoned for? Who was the atonement for? Moreover, who made the atonement? Finally, what is physical healing? All of these questions and more are included in the question, “Is Physical Healing in the Atonement?

The first thing we want to find out is who is the atonement for. What people required some type of atonement in the Old Testament that could be fulfilled in the New Testament? As the first choice of people might be those who were called the people of God and the second choice would be the gentiles. We know that the gentiles were rejected from the beginning at the foundation of the earth. Jesus referred to these same gentiles as being of their father the devil. It is not likely that a means of atonement would be provided for those who had been rejected, to provide them a means of being added to the family of God. Therefore, it is concluded that the gentiles could not be the people that the atonement would be for.

The only other choice is the people of God. Not to cover all the details on how and where it took place that they became the people of God. I will assume that those details have been learned in other lessons.

Let me pickup the account in Jeremiah, Chapter three when the children of Israel are being divorced by God for worshipping idols. A practice that they learned back in Egypt during the time the family dwelled there. This idol worship was a vile thing to God for the children had turned away from worshipping the one true God. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He is the God of the living.

God gave them a handwritten document telling them that he had divorced the House of Israel and she was removed from the family estate by sending her out among the gentile nations. For the cause of idol worship, she would be known as not the people of God. However, that did not remove her righteousness that she had been imputed on Mount Sinai of Arabia. It says that she will be known not as the people of God by whom? By those around her. This casting out of the family estate was not to be permanent. Her punishment was only to last for 2520 years, seven times the number of years that she served Balaam. During this time of punishment, she was only to be forsaken for just a short time before God would speak to her comfortablely in the wilderness. During this time of punishment, she was to go to the place that was promised to David by Nathan, the Prophet. It was during this time of exile that Jesus, speaking through the Prophet Isaiah, was going to reveal the plan for the atonement of His divorced wife who was now scattered among the gentile nations of the world by the Father.

The plan began with the asking for the bill of divorcement that had been given to the mother of the children that He was now asking. “Where is the bill of divorcement that I gave your mother?” How do we know the Lord that is talking through the Prophet Isaiah? Because we can now look back and see that it was Jesus doing the speaking. He described what was going to happen to Him at the hands of the gentiles when He was to be slaughtered as the Passover Lamb slain from the foundation of the earth for the wife that was now divorced and scattered among the gentile nations. He was going to come for the divorced wife that He might buy her back and remarry her. He had a problem with the remarrying of the divorced wife. God had laid down that it was an abomination for a man to remarry his divorced wife. To be released from the original marriage vows it would be necessary for one of the partners to die. To fulfill the law of divorcement if the wife died in this case there would be no one to remarry. The only solution was that He would die for the right to remarry the wife. If He died, He would have to have a miracle. God the Father provided that by saying if you go die for the children of your divorced wife whom I love very much, I will raise you up and your body will not see corruption. Now we have a complete plan to be able to remarry the wife if only he can get the handwritten ordinance when He dies, it can be done away with. He therefore made his body to represent the handwritten ordinance. The plan cannot be executed in its present form. Jesus is going to have to be punished for divorcing His wife because she worshiped idols by being beaten with many stripes by the father so the children of the now divorce wife would be healed of their desire to worship idols.

As the Passover lamb He had to be slain and offered up as atonement for the past sins of his people, those that He chose on Mount Sinai who had continually worshipped idols from their beginning down in Egypt when the first Passover had been celebrated on the night that they left Egypt.

When the Passover occurred in Egypt, the people had to take the lamb into the house and live with it for two weeks before the time of the exodus. During the day before the exodus Moses said to slay the lamb, collect the blood and roast the lamb. The people were to eat roasted lame with their staffs in their hand and shoes on their feet in preparation for the trip they were about to make. The death angel came through the land and passed over the dwellings that had blood on the doorpost. Otherwise, the first-born of the house and slaves along with the cattle were killed. After the Hebrews came out of the land of Egypt, they were to remember the Passover and to celebrate it on the fourteenth of month as the time of the Passover. Now all things are ready for the atonement of the sins of His people as well as Himself. We now have a savior for the people of Him and we now know who the people of Him are. We also know her name as being the House of Israel. We know that one of the Eloheim, known as Jesus, was coming as the Son of one of the other Eloheim to be known as the Father. We have the lamb that will be slain on Passover for the atonement of the past sins.

Just to be certain, the savior had to come from the one remaining family that was still married to the Lord, the House of Judah. They were the only righteous people still dwelling with the Lord. The redeemer had to be born of the house of Judah in the land of Judea. Nevertheless, to let the world know who His people are when this atonement took place He had to have some way to identify them. Through the Prophet Joel, He told the people that the whole house of Israel would receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and they would do certain things. Now all we have to do is wait for the time when all of this was to take place.

The people of God no longer speak Hebrew as the language of commerce in their community around the Sea of Galilee; they now speak and write in Greek. The biblical history will no longer be recorded in Hebrew as it been for centuries. As we begin a new era of time, we met Matthew who recorded the genenology of Jesus back through history to the Son of God known as Adam. A virgin is now pregnant with a child by the Holy Spirit and it is time to give birth when the angel of the Lord speaks to Joseph in a dream. You are to call his name Jesus and He will save His people from their sins.

That is what is translated in the English language translation made about 1500 years after he was born. As you have followed this lesson, we know the answers to many of the questions that arise from the message of the angel to Joseph. We know that His people were the ones who had been divorced and lost their covenants years before in the divorce. These people are known as “not the people of God” in the place where they dwell. They are at this time appearing as gentiles living among the gentiles where they had been scattered. They had lost all their religious symbols during the many years of separation but not their righteousness. Some how they were still identifiable as a different people than the unrighteous gentiles around them. The righteous gentiles retained their desire to know the things of God differing from the unrighteous gentiles, who had no desire for the things of God but to act in rebellion.

These righteous gentiles still retained the history of who they were for when the messenger came to them later, they would repeat the story of how God brought them out of Egypt with his mighty arm. In the writings of Matthew, it says that these people seek after righteousness that the house of Judah already had.

We have one remaining word to resolve that was used by the angel. He was to save his people from their SINS. We have already defined which people that he was coming for, but the angel wants to make sure we know who they are. In the Greek, the word for sins is the word AMARTIA. In the Greek to English translation, the word was changed to Hamartia for the word sins. Then the question arises what sins are we taking about? There has been no sins listed in the entire Old Testament narrative as being something on a personal level about one self and what they had done during their lifetime. There seems to be something wrong at this point then. The word Amartia should be translated; “as the ones without the covenants and promises.” Now we know for sure who the people of God are. Those that had lost their covenants because of the divorce, which was caused by worshipping idols.

We are now ready to start the New Testament as it is called in the English translation which is not a new testament for it is not yet come as we will see in the writings to the Hebrews in the book of Hebrews chapter 8.

Not to cover all the details of Jesus’ life, we will pick up the narrative of when he is about to be slaughtered as the Passover Lamb. We pick up the account at the eve of the thirteenth of the month at sundown as the Hebrews start at the fourteenth of the month. Jesus and His learners gather in the upper room, which had been prepared for them to celebrate the Passover back in Egypt. Jesus has dinner with His learners as is required and the remains have to be cleaned up before sunrise. After the meal, they sang a hymn and went out to begin the details of being slaughtered as the Passover Lamb, which was slain from the foundation of the earth, for his people being without the covenants and promises. He was taken captive in the garden and endured three trials during the night and the next day. Remember, Jesus has been up all day on the 13th and all throughout the night without any sleep. He had his last meal in the upper room at about 8:00 pm on the 13th. He now has been beaten for the father, at the hands of the Romans, before he is ordered to be crucified upon the stake. Another carries his cross to the site for Him. His body was nailed to the stake. (The hand written ordinance of divorce that was given to the wife of Him.) During all of this time, He has not complained about what the gentiles were doing to Him. He gave up the ghost and died. The Roman soldier came to finish him off, by forcing him to die, by suffocation, by breaking his legs. In fulfilling another promise that not one bone would be broken, the soldier finding him dead pierced his side and brought forth blood and water.

He was buried between the Sabbaths in a borrowed tomb by his family. Just as was promised by the Father He would raise him up out from among the dead. He stood Him up after three nights and three days in the tomb and now He had completed the atonement for the children of the divorced wife. The first thing he does is tell the woman “Go tell my brethren.” But he still has one more remaining task that he has to do. He has to tell the divorced wife’s children their mother can be remarried to the Lord. He then selects his learners that he had before he died and rose again to be the ones dispatched. They were announce to those children scattered among the heathen unrighteous gentiles, that they are to be the ones taking the invitation to the children of the now redeemed wife, they have being invited out from among the gentiles where they had been scattered by the father.

Years later, Peter is writing to the ones scattered in the cities of Asia. “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a purchased people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light. When in time past were not a people of God: which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy.” (Quotations from Ex 19:6, Hosea 2:23) “Who His own self bare our being without the covenants in His own body on the tree that we being dead to the being without the covenants, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes you were healed” from adultery known as worshipping idols.”

To summarize the atonement from the beginning of the people of God on Mount Sinai of Arabia, until the divorce and being scattered, to the ones dispatched, to the ones invited out, the lost sheep of the house of Israel, those being scattered among the gentile nations of this world for whom the atonement is now completed. The wife and He can be remarried. He has recovered from the stripes laid upon Him because He divorced His wife for worshipping idols and the Father has healed all of the children from further idol worship.

There are two things that are not listed in the summary:

  1. No gentiles are listed as being part of the family in the beginning and there are no gentiles listed as being part of those children that are being invited out from among the gentiles where those children had been scattered by the Father. As Jesus said, go not in the way of the Gentiles.

  2. There were no physical injuries listed before the atonement then how could there be physical healing after the atonement.

Therefore, no physical healing was included in the atonement regardless of what you hear on Christian television or in your local church or what you may read in books. There was physical healings in the Old Testament and there was healings in the New Testament but it was not under the promise, “that by his stripes you are healed

and looking back by his stripes you were healed.” That promise was only to the house of Israel who had lost their covenants because of the divorce for worshipping idols that they might be healed of worshipping idols in the future after they had been redeemed.

Rejoice, Oh barren wife, you have more children than the married wife for now you are redeemed and all the unrighteous gentiles are still rejected by Me and my Father, to the wrath that was promised before the foundation of the earth was cast.

For more details on the stuggle of the ethnee against the ethnoon and the conflict of having the heathen rejected gentile church of the Lord Jesus Christ which is diabolically opposed to the House of Israel. Go to my alternate web page at Ekkleesian being the ones invited out of the heathen gentiles where they were scattered by the father following the divorce.


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