The Wife of Jesus is the ethnee

The people being the righteous children of God from the beginning.

"The righteous people being the ones invited out
and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her"
Matthew 16:18

The ones having been scattered following the divorce,

that he could present her to himself glorious, being the ones invited out.


It is all an


To whom it may concern. The three books of John are written only to the ethnee, being the children of God. They were the ones knowing the Father from the beginning, In these chapters the word Father is used seven times to establish that they are the sons of God from the beginning. They have known the things of God from the beginning.

To further exclude the hated gentiles, those who would claim to be born again and Christians, which are now brethren to the Hebrews. This is not so, for the gentiles have never known the Father, for their father is the wicked one who had birthed them in the beginning. In these three books the word brethren is used 16 times to establish that they are the brethren to one another of the house of Israel. The house of Israel consists of 10-13 tribes depending on when you count. The writer was speaking to those who were physically related in some way, all the way back to their mother, Sarah, the wife of Abraham.

There is no bridge between the broad way that leads to destruction which the gentiles are on with no way off and the narrow way which the Hebrews are on from their beginning before the foundation of the Earth. The false Church and Christianity was created to span the vast gulf between the two roads with a way to allow someone to enter the Church and live life as a Christian to exit on the narrow road of life. To this day, no one has ever entered the Church and exited on the road being narrow which contains only the Hebrews, who were birthed from above by God.

The gentiles enter the church and read the three books written by John. In reading these books, they have either been convinced by someone else or they have convinced them self that if they do all of the things listed in the books that some how they will become righteous. However, as they attempt to exit to the narrow road it is obvious that their clothing is not the same as every ones else walking down the road. Their righteousness does not compare to the righteousness of the Hebrews walking along, it appears that they are wearing filthy rags compared to the Hebrews being dressed in white garments washed in the blood of the Lamb.

If by chance they have someone read their DNA, they find the sample is contaminated and corrupted and they will be rejected. They have been rejected from the beginning but no one has been polite enough to tell them that the evil church with Christianity will never change their corrupted DNA to that of being a new creation with the DNA of the Hebrews, which have always been the sons of God. If they are not a son of God then there is only one alternate choice, they must have been birthed by Diabolou, the Greek name for the devil, the one talking who was cast out of heaven in rebellion. If they were born of him, then they were born dead on arrival and they have just been alive in the body waiting for the wrath to come.

Just because the Church with its Christianity teaches that, “ye must be born again” for one to become a new creation in the one anointed, Jesus. The false church with Christianity was created with the born again message that the gentiles can be saved and be right with God. Nowhere in the text is the message found, that you can be born again rather they must be born from above by the Father as a Hebrew. If you have had been birthed by the Father, you would have known the one saying something of the place that He came from and after saving His people out of the hated rejected gentiles, He returned to prepare a place for the ethnee, in the interlinear, which the evil translators had hidden in the evil gentiles. That is why John could say not to take anything from the ethnoon. Ethnoon being another word from the interlinear for the word evil gentiles from the beginning.

Think it not strange for if an evil ethnoon had translated the book of the living when he was already dead, how then could he translate the text and bring forth the words of life to those living, waiting to hear the message? The message being, the ethnee could be rejoined to the Lord of Glory after their time of punishment. Rather, the ethnoon created the “Church and Christianity” providing a way of salvation that seems to be right if one can only believe the changes consisting of mistranslated words and the meanings with words left out. All of the words have a different meaning rather than the change of mind as required for the Hebrews when they came up with the corrupted English text for the new religion of the Church and Christianity. The Church and Christianity provided a gentile salvation from his life of sin if he would claim and believe the many things listed in the three books written by John.

This false Church with Christianity and its corrupted text to the rest of the evil gentile is the only way provided. A bridge from the broad way to that of the narrow way but as I have said already, none has yet made the trip by way of the Church and Christianity through the corrupted English text to achieving eternal life with the Father of the Hebrews.

Jesus said of the gentiles that they were of their father and they do the will of their father, the wicked one. Could we expect any less for a wild ass man to act than to reveal the nature of the one who had fathered him? One would not expect a mule or an ass to race as a thoroughbred horse, which could trace its lineage for many generations. An ass is an ass no matter how you groom it and feed it at the end of life it is still an ass.

The gentiles have never had the law or known the law, which the Hebrews have carried with them during their long journey through the wilderness.

Have the gentiles ever known being fed by God each day for forty years? No, they just died as all the other wild animals of the wilderness. In fact, God gave the gentiles as the price for getting the Hebrews out of the land of the Canaanites in the land of Egypt. If he had loved those, he would have never given them in exchange for the descendants of Abraham and Sarah.

When Jesus dispatched His learners to go to those ethnee that I named earlier, He did not require them to confess their sins or be a follower or even a believer, just be an ethnee. Teach them all of the things that I have taught you and baptize them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. All they had to do was to find the ethnee that Jesus had sent them to and teach them, and then baptized them. The ethnee were already born righteous from the beginning and were known as the sons of God.

The ethnoon gentiles, who have no understanding of the things of God, created the (false) illusion that if they could do all of the things listed in the text that they too would become as righteous, as the ethnee, which were born with it. Even if they claimed that by being born again they were now the brethren of the Hebrews, they too can claim the “whosoever will” of the three books of John and raise the bar even higher, they had known the Father from the beginning and the one saying something from the foundation of the earth. They truly believed it as much as a little girl-playing house, having tea with her friends around the table. As she talks to them offering them tea in an empty cup and pouring from an empty tea pitcher, she believes they are real until that day comes when she will learn the truth that there is no one at the table and nothing in the cup and pitcher. Therefore, as it is with the gentiles, when that day comes, when they realized that there is no salvation from a life of sin and they have not been converted to a sheep being the wild assed man that they are. Just as their father was a deceiver from the beginning, they to have lied to themselves and others all these years and even may have left this life believing that they are going to see the golden streets and the tree of life. When they open their eyes in death the truth will suddenly appear and the sad realization that they had believed a lie from the beginning from their father who had birthed them. The Church and Christianity with the corrupted text had lied to them from the beginning just as it was an abortion that tried to live from its beginning when the evil translators birthed it through their father, the devil.


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