The Wife of Jesus is the ethnee

The people being the righteous children of God from the beginning.

"The righteous people being the ones invited out
and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her"
Matthew 16:18

The ones having been scattered following the divorce,

that he could present her to himself glorious, being the ones invited out.



With the mind

Metanoia is a word from the Greek letter text of the biblical account. It is a word, which has been romanized using Roman letter to show what the word would look like if you could read the Greek letters.

The meaning of the word as used in the Authorized Version is “repent” which comes to the English from the Latin Church with all of its rites and religion.

To have an understanding of what the word means, we need to set the stage and list all the principle players during the time when Jesus was here on earth.

When the New Testament opens there are many groups working for supremacy. God had already set the stage with his children known as the people of God with the title of “The Lost Sheep of the House of Israel”. These lost sheep were Hebrews that had been divorced and scattered in the third chapter of Jeremiah. There were more Hebrews than the house of Israel, they being the children of the house of Judah, while the Hebrews are the central figures throughout the Old Testament. When the English translation was made, a corrupt version was produced which contained only one kind of gentile. The translators produced a text, combining the heathen gentiles, those who are not Hebrews, with the righteous children of God that had been scatted among the heathen gentiles. Thereby confusing the account of who was being rescued and pardoned from their sins. The heathen gentiles are offered salvation through the church and a pardon from their sins. God had a plan throughout the Old Testament for Jesus, who was the redeemer of Israel many times.

God had never provided a plan for the gentiles to be rescued out from among themselves. Therefore, the Church changed the plan of God to redeem his children to that of saving the gentiles from their sins. There has never been a gentile changed to a Hebrew in all the years of trying.

John, the baptism was born six month before Jesus to make ready the people of God for the arrival of the Son of God, who was the redeemer of Israel and not the redeemer of the whole world as put forth by the church that was to come on the scene later.

Our opening scene with John was down at the river Jordan where he was preaching and baptizing the people of God. Present were those gentiles known as the Pharisees and Sadducees along with the Canaanite Jews from the surrounding area of Jerusalem. John preached to the people of God that there was the Royal one from heaven in their midst. However, first, he delivered a message to the heathen gentiles by proclaiming; who has warned you of the wrath to come?

When John was preaching to the Hebrews, he did not say; “repent; for the kingdom of heaven is at hand,” rather he said; “change your mind for the Royal one of heaven is at hand.” When the translators who were gentiles and had no understanding of the things of God created the English text, they brought along the baggage of the Latin Church, which we know as the Catholic Church. It produced a

corrupted text, John was not talking about repenting of one’s sins but rather that the people of God were to change their mind concerning the redeemer of Israel standing in their midst. John knew there was no rescue for the pagan gentiles. He knew the Old Testament, whereby Jesus, his cousin was coming as the one to buy back the children of the wife that Jesus had divorced and were scattered by the Father among the those heathen gentiles who worshipped idols of one kind or another and were of their father, the Devil from the beginning.

The first time we find the word, metanoia would be in the third chapter of Matthew, which we just went over. The next time we find the word it is in the fourth chapter when Jesus is saying the same thing about himself. Neither Jesus nor John knew anything about repentance because that message comes only with the advent of the church coming on the scene many years later with the corrupted message out of Babylon and the mother worship of Mary, as the mother of God who had access to Jesus. Yet nothing is ever said that Mary had an avenue or access to Jesus after He was impaled upon the stake where He died willingly for the right to be remarried to His divorced

wife of Jeremiah three. He was the price paid to get the children of the wife who were now owned by another. The whole scene of John preparing the people for the arrival of Jesus, who would have the good news that the divorced wife could now once more be remarried to her former husband. Jesus had the assignment that He was to rescue thepeople of him and to pardon them for being without the c ovenants and promises of their father's.. (See Matthew 1:21) Nothing was ever said about the saving of souls of the pagan gentiles. During his 42 months before He went up to Golgotha, He only railed against the heathen gentiles and revealing that they were the children of the wicked one. The children of the wicked one could never change their minds and be converted to a Hebrew of the house of Israel.

John delivered a message to both the people of God and to the heathen gentiles. The message to the people of God was that the Royal one of heaven was in their midst and to the heathen Gentiles was the question, “who has warned you of the coming wrath of God upon the gentiles from the foundation of the earth?”

Let us look at Matthew 3:7 to see if what is in the corrupted English version is correct.

Matthew 3:7;

“But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees come to his baptism, he said unto them, O generation of vipers. who has warned you to flee from the wrath to come?”

From the Greek interlinear only the last section of the verse.

“He said to them Offspring of the Snake, who intimidates to you to be fleeing from of the impending indignations.”

Our context is that he is talking to the ones being Pharisees and the ones being Sadducees who were present at his baptizing of the people of God. There is no record of a Pharisee or a Sadducee being baptized at the river Jordan. What is lost in the English translation is that John called the offspring of the snake or children of the snake, which is what the Devil or Satan was referred to in the garden east of Eden. John was saying that the Pharisees and the Sadducees were gentiles who were of their father, the Devil. When one is born of a snake, will remain a snake the rest of their lives. Never has a snake’s descendants ever been converted to Hebrew of the House of Israel.

The context of the next few verses is the gentiles already knew that God had rejected them from the foundation of the earth. John ends the discussion with the pagan gentiles in verse 10.

“...therefore every tree which brings not forth good fruit is cut down, and cast into the fire.”

Remember; John is making the way straight for Jesus who is standing in the midst of the throng as the royal one from heaven. He is making it clear that the gentiles were of their father, the devil and Jesus is going to say the same thing at the end of His ministry just before He is impaled upon the stake, “you are of your father, the devil.”John was telling the ethnee whom Jesus will identify in Matthew 5 and 6 as being the children of God from the beginning. They were to “Metanoia” change your mind for the royal one of heaven is in your midst. We know nothing else of the words of John, which he preached to the ethnee and the house of Judah.

The Pharisees and the Sadducees had come from the city of Jerusalem to where John was at in the wilderness to see what he was doing. It is apparent that his message would not be to the children of the snake (serpent).

John was from the house of Judah, his father Zacharias was a priest in the temple and his mother was of the daughters of Aaron. Now the house of Judah has no need to be rescued out from among the heathen gentiles for they had never been divorced and scattered by the Father. Therefore, the house of Judah does not have to be saved, as do their brethren of the house of Israel.

If you read the corrupted English text, why were the people to repent of at the river Jordan, for salvation was not yet available to them because Jesus was that day starting His ministry?

All of this has been to show that the heathen gentiles who translated the Greek letter text had no knowledge of the things of God or His ways but created another message. Which was not the good news that Jesus was going to introduce in the coming days and months to the children of the house of Israel, that they could once more be remarried to her former husband and once more become known as the people of God.

John, the Baptist only had the Old Testament written in Hebrew to learn what God would have him say. The New Testament would not come along for another 350 years before the heathen gentiles would be saved in the Church by repenting of their sins. Now they thought; they would be off the broad road that leads to destruction and lead a life of walking on the narrow way provided by the Church.

In the Authorized Version of the corrupt text, 20 times the word metanoia would be translated as repent rather than with the mind

It was not realized that Jesus came with the good message that the wife could be remarried to the husband and not cause the land to sin or be an abomination before his father. (See Deuteronomy 24) The corrupted message of repent of your sins has never been altered to reveal the truth. The gentile translators to this day are still proclaiming that one can become a Christian if they repent of their sins and accept Jesus as Lord of their life. That message to the gentiles cannot be found in the Greek letter Text, Jesus invitedhis people out from among the heathen gentiles and the Canaanite Jews, from where they had been scattered by the Father following the divorce, ethnee ton ekkleesian.

The corrupt church using the corrupted English text after 2000 years has yet to convert one snake into a Hebrew of the House of Israel. When the message is wrong then the whole process is wrong.

To the Hebrews of the House of Israel, metanoia, change your mind, come out from among the heathen gentiles, and recognize your position with God. He is your Father and He paid a great deal to get you out of the hands of the one who owned you to pardon you for being without the covenants and promises. He will be coming soon to take you to the place that He has prepared for you and after you are out of here, He will pour out His wrath upon those that have hated you from the beginning, those children of the serpent.

Remember; metanoia, with the mind is for the sheep of the house of Israel and to repent is for the rejected, heathen gentiles before the wrath of God is outpoured upon them.


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