The Wife of Jesus is the ethnee

The people being the righteous children of God from the beginning.

"The righteous people being the ones invited out
and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her"
Matthew 16:18

The ones having been scattered following the divorce,

that he could present her to himself glorious, being the ones invited out.


Oh Barren Wife

Rejoice Oh barren wife, your redeemer says to you. You have more children than us, the married wife. Your former husband has died and you are able to marry again. You, at one time, were the people of God but during your divorcement, you lost your identity. But now, you are found, for he sent the members of your sister’s family looking for you among the heathen gentiles where you had been scatter by the father of your former husband. Now he has sent the hunters and fishermen looking for you in all of the out of the way places along the trade routes of the Great Sea west to the Isles in the Sea. Your former husband was stricken for you before he was slaughtered as the lamb on Passover night. He was smitten by the heathen gentiles after being put on trial during the night and the conspiracy of the ethnic Jews was carried out by the gentile empire that rules over them. He was spit upon, his beard was pulled out and he suffered and died just for you. The stripes that were laid upon him by the Roman soldiers were the stripes whereby you would be healed of your former idol worship that you learned down in Egypt so many years ago. Never again will you return to the old idol worship that caused your divorce. While you were lost in the wilderness of the heathen gentiles, you forgot the temple worship that you learned as a young girl in the desert. You also lost your identity as to who you are, for once again, you will become great and rule over the heathen gentile nations of the world from the place that was given to our King. Our God said that you were to have a place in the wilderness whereby you would regain your strength and never more be bothered by your former enemies from the River Euphrates to the River Nile. In this place where you are to be, you will become as a mighty sea power and control the gate of your enemies as they try to control the sea-lanes of this world. Your former enemies would be pushed to the corners of their land and you will dwell in their cites. Our God has said to you that you are to be his battle-axe and war weapon whereby he will discipline the gentile nations of this world. He has promised you that you will never be defeated nor destroyed in battle.

Wherever the Father has scattered you, you will become known as the people of God once more.

You were declared to be righteous when God chose us on Mount Sinai of Arabia and you have never lost your righteousness even though you did loose the covenants for a while and were without the promises made to our fathers. When we went looking for you, we could always tell who you were, for you were seeking those things that we already had. You asked that you could hear the words of your divorced husband just before He was slaughtered that day when He kept the appointment that was set so long ago. Oh the sorrow that you caused all of us to endure while He was paying the price to redeem you back to Himself. To Him you were worth enough for our Father to send Him to earth and to become one like us, out of our family line. He was the price paid to redeem you back to himself. He was in the grave just like, He said he would be, three nights and three days and the Father raised Him up that his flesh might not see corruption. He was gone for 72 hours and during that time; He got the keys of hell, death and the grave. He was dead and now He is alive forever more. The days ahead for you are to be the greatest days that will be, for He will raise up all of your fallen family and they will come to rule, reign with Him as kings, and priests. You, as we are, are a purchased people from the beginning, for the Father gave Egypt and Ethiopia for the two of us

The unrighteous gentiles of this world will never come to know who we are as the people of God. The heathen gentiles will create this thing called a church. In it they will hear the message that if they repent and confess their sins they will become like our God knowing good and evil, all the while believing that they will become one like you. The church will claim that they are you and that if they do the right things, they will become like you, redeemed by your former husband, who is also your Lord and he will become once more your husband. The unrighteous gentiles will never accept the fact that our father, who bought us so long ago, has never wanted them from the beginning. The wolves in sheep’s clothing at the local church will be speaking with the voice of the dragon that the heathen gentiles, can be saved by grace through faith alone when He Himself said that it was by race and race alone that you were redeemed and saved out from among the unrighteous gentiles. There are no promises for this thing called the church for it was created by the heathen gentiles, who did not understand, who you are and where you are now located.

This thing called the church from the beginning has denied that you have existed even though your redeemer came only for you. After He was slaughtered, just for you, while we all watched as He was hanging on the cross. We saw Him taken down and put in a borrowed tomb where never a man was laid. We did not believe Him, when He spoke to the women. Go tell my brethren. It was hard for us to believe until He did all those things to show us, who He was. Before He went away, He told us to go looking just for you, not those heathen gentiles. He told us that we were to teach you all things that He had taught us and we were to baptize you in the name of the Father and the Son and in the Holy Spirit. We know from the book of the prophets: only the whole house of Israel could receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, as a sign, as to whom you really are. You are our sister and we welcome you to the family as one of the people of our God and he will be our God for us in return.

Rejoice oh house of Israel for thy redeemer did not forget you, thou still has many years yet to serve out your punishment for the evil that we did before our God, we turned our back to him and went search for the false gods of the heathen gentiles in the land of thy nativity. We are truly sad and we will be with you until the time that you shall be released from your punishment. We will search over the Earth for every last one of you with the message that you can once more be married to Lord.

In the last days, in the place where you will be, oh house of Israel you shall gather the outcast and become a great nation. The heathen gentiles shall bring thy sons in their arms and thy daughters shall be carried upon their shoulders. The kings shall be thy nursing fathers and their queens thy nursing mothers. The heathen gentiles shall bow down to thee with their face in the dirt and shall lick the dust off thy feet, and you shall know the Lord, for you shall not be ashamed.

You shall set up an ensign that will be great among the nations. The land where you live will burst forth like the rose and in the desert the land will shine as the Rose of Sharon. The earth will give forth with gold and silver for you to use.

You will send forth ambassadors by sea in vessels powered by the water, which you shall convert to steam. The heathen gentiles send messengers to you from all the nations of the earth. You shall be terrible from your beginning. For you will rise to be a world power within five years and will push the unrighteous gentiles off the sea and to the land of Canaan. You shall rule the sea from pole to pole while you control the gates of the heathen gentile nations around the world. All who oppose you will be crushed and carried by the wind to be seen no more.

The heathen gentiles will arise and threaten you from time to time but the Lord our God will use you as his weapon of war to punish all those nations. Any voices that arise against you in judgment, you shall condemn them, for this is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and your righteousness shall be of the Lord our God. As a servant of the Lord, he has promised you that you shall never be defeated or destroyed in battle.

When the time of punishment for you runs out, you shall spread across the land in the place, where the Father has planted you and you shall be from sea to sea. Your great land will be quartered with four great rivers where the heathen gentiles shall bring merchandise from around the world as they navigate those rivers.

Thou, Oh Israel, shall dwell in cities having neither bars or gates, for people will enter and depart at all hours of the day and night. Not like it was while we were in the desert, where we were attacked on all sides. We always had to have a watchman on the wall to warn of the coming heathen gentiles, who would ravish our women and slay our children and take over our cities. Your land will be a free land where people can travel from sea to sea.

The forest, where in our first land we had no forest, will cover your land. The forest will cover the land as a green blanket to give of itself for all that you require, it will replenish itself from generation to generation.

Hoe! Oh, land of Israel, for you shall be at peace, but the enemy is going to come. When you get your new language the heathen gentiles around the world will want to do away with it and will oppose you, but your language will become the language of commerce through the world. All the nations of the world will be forced to use your language for so many reasons. With your new language you shall become the center of invention and will ease the working load for all that labor in the fields and mines. You will harvest the wheat across the land by machine where we had to cut it by hand. In your land will be chariots that will appear to be flaming chariots at night as they hustle through the streets of your great cites. Across your land will come on the lights, first only a flicker and then the faint light will brighten for all to see at night as your engines of industry produce for you a way of life the world has never seen before. The raging unrighteous gentiles will still be sitting in darkness waiting for the lights to shine in their villages or to power their well for the water they drink.

All the time that you are rising as a shining light to the rest of the world, you have an enemy who is coming into your land from all the heathen nations of the world. These raging heathen gentiles will come to work in your factories and will carry the gold and silver back to their lands. They will come from Europe, who has only known wars from the beginning. The hordes will come out of Asia where they have been over populated for years. They will come from the darkest part of Africa. They will not come to worship our God, but rather they will build up temples to their false gods that they had back home and which they brought with them. These heathen gentiles will come to do away with your language where by you control the world.

They will seek to destroy the God of our fathers; Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. But rejoice! For in the last day, your redeemer is going to send in heavenly harvesters to bind the unrighteous gentiles and take them out and burn them to cleanse the land of their false gods. All of the idols will be destroyed; all the groves will be cut down, for our God is alive and well. He will not forsake you, even in the darkest of hours where it seems that the heathen gentiles are threatening to destroy your land, install a new language and set up a more perfect form of government based on their false god out of the East.

Oh Israel, I must warn you that the greatest threat of all to you will be the religious world of these heathen unrighteous gentiles. They have never, from the day that your redeemer died for only you, understood who the people of God are and where they are located. They will start a new thing from the old false religion that brought you down in the beginning. They are just going to change the name and change the words. This new thing is going to be called the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. They are going to change the message that your redeemer was not to redeem only you but that it was to include our mortal enemies the heathen gentiles. They would not change the message that you knew when you were young. In those days, you had the priest of Baal, who would eat the flesh of the false gods so that they could become like the gods. You called them cannibals. The church will dress it up and change it to the eating of the wafer god where by they could become as the god knowing good and evil. The church will carry that practice to the end where she will be destroyed. The church will be riding upon the back of government and they will help her along the way. This church will never understand who we are. We are the only people of God from the beginning. We were declared to be righteous from the beginning. This Old Harlot will take the message to the whole world that she is the only way to God and through her, a means of salvation. They do not understand that salvation was by race for you alone and it was only you that was redeemed. My family provides the people that are going to bring forth a redeemer for you. It would be my people that the redeemer would dispatch to go and find you and tell you the one true message, that you can be remarried to the Lord.

This church of the Old Harlot was not to change her ways only her filthy garment of unrighteous, and to change the message once again.

About the time, that you will be released from your punishment, and the same time that your new languages is going to take over the whole world. The Old Harlot is once again is going to change her message to the heathen gentiles that they can be saved by faith alone, without anyone paying the price to redeem them. The Old Harlot who is riding on the back of government should change the name of her church to that of “The Church of the Heathen Gentile.” You alone are not the only one that has a problem. My people, who are known as the house of Judah, are going to have a usurper group of gentiles that claim that by the use of the slang name, “Jew,” that they are one of us. It is not so and these same ethnic Jews have always practiced inter-marrying to the people of God. We were forbidden, as were you against inter-marriage into the Canaanites or the heathen gentiles who are unrighteous. These same ethnic Jews or heathen unrighteous gentiles will be among you making the claim that they are of my family. It is not so for we carried the message to you, we did not conspire to kill your redeemer. We did not turn your savior over to the heathen gentiles to be slaughtered on Passover. We were standing and watching all these things take place that fateful day that your redeemer died for you. It was us that got the message first that he is not here for he is has risen. He talked first to the women of us and he said, go tell my brethren. It was these same ethnic Jews, that had tested him for three years and they continued for many years after he left, by tormenting the apostles of us that were taking the message, looking for those that had been scattered among the gentiles. It was we, which invited you out from the heathen gentiles along the trade routes to the Isles of the sea. Our name is going to be slandered until the end. When the Father is going to ask, “Who are these ethnic Jews in the synagogue of Satan?” The Father is not going to ask just once but twice the same question. The Church of the Heathen is going to wage a constant message that the ethnic Jew can be saved and become a Hebrew like you. This heathen church is going to support these ethnic Jews in the last days to raise money to take the message back to the land of Palestine that the ethnic Jews are really us. All the time these ethnic Jews are continuing to conspire to kill or do away with the one who has already redeemed you and restored you back to the family of us. These ethnic Jews will continue to convince the other heathen gentiles that they are the people of God.

In the last days another group will rise up, that is as old as Noah, and the sons of Abraham, that were rejected. These Canaanites will say that we are the people of God, for is not Abraham our father also? They will arise with the threat to take over the whole world with their false moon god out of Mecca. They are once again going to arise and threaten us as they did our fathers in the promise land. They will want to kill us and change our new language to that of theirs and install a new government based on this false moon god out of Mecca of Arabia. They will be a curse to the whole world until the last day when our Father is going to intervene and slay them all. They have always been against us, to slay us and take our land for their own. We have the promise that the land was given to us and that we are going to rule over all the heathen gentiles of this world until the end of time. These gentiles have been a rejected people from the beginning and that is why the Church of the Heathens is also rejected for the same reason that it has tried to take over our place and our throne when we will reign with your redeemer. For you and I are a purchased people for the Father gave Egypt and Ethiopia for us. In the last days, we are the only one who are going to receive the new coventent before we begin to rule and reign with your redeemer. Oh Israel you and we have great days ahead.

I have only tried to tell you things that have taken place over the years so that we could be once more be united as a family. Rejoice Oh Israel for your redeemer lives and he is our husband and you will be once more married to him. We will no long call him Lord but we will call him, “My Husband.” Keep your head held high for we are still looking for the last one to come home, for we are still inviting them out from among the unrighteous heathen gentiles of this world.


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