The Wife of Jesus is the ethnee

The people being the righteous children of God from the beginning.

"The righteous people being the ones invited out
and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her"
Matthew 16:18

The ones having been scattered following the divorce,

that he could present her to himself glorious, being the ones invited out.



Saved or lost, that is question. But the question that should be ask is who needs to be saved and for what reason and from what. Saved is a word that is used by the Christian community and it means many things to different people. But what does it mean from scripture and is it really something written about in the text the way that it is used today. In the book of Matthew were we first encounter the word it should have been the word preserved. In the context of this chapter, it is about the ones chosen out from somewhere. Therefore, lets return to the Old Testament and find out what was lost and for what reason were they lost.

In the Old Testament which is all about the people that God chose for himself on Mount Sinai of Arabia, When he declared that they would be his people and he would be their God. All seems well until we examine the camp at the foot of the mountain. We find that the people are worshipping the golden calf that has just been fashioned from the gold that they had just brought out of Egypt. But as you see that the gold was not the only thing brought out of Egypt. They also brought our idol worship. Which they had learned while in the land of the Egyptians, It was the worship of the golden calf and the worship of the queen of heaven. It was the local version of the “Mystery Religion of Babylon” which is described in the book of Revelation as the Mother of Harlots. This idol worship was going to infect the whole family as they travel through the wilderness and arrived in the promise land. The worship of idols will stay with them for many years until they are separated into two dynasties. At that time, they setup two golden calves in Dan and Beersheba so that the House of Israel would not have to go to Jerusalem to worship at the temple. In the book of Ezekiel where the prophet describes the people coming out of Egypt as two sister that learned their trade of being prostitutes there. It is referred to as the porno chapter of the Bible for its very explicit description of what these two women were doing. God saw idol worship as adultery for he was married to these two women. The description is never on the personal level for it is always on the group level of the whole congregations of the Hebrews as they worshipped idols. The old whore of Babylon has followed them down through the years. If she has to go to the boss and get a makeover, it is always approved to make it acceptable to the people of God. Finally; God has had enough and he makes out a handwritten ordinance and sends the older sister, the House of Israel out among the gentile nations of the world for a time of punishment. She will be without her covenant rights and being wandering among the gentiles as not the people of God. She is therefore lost in the sense that she is now separated from sister, the house of Judah. We see that the House of Israel needs to be “saved” to be able to return to the whole family. In other verses, she is described as having a need to be rescued out of the gentile nations where she was dispersed by God. This whole drama is going to be acted out in the life of the prophet Hosea when God comes to him and tells his to go down and marry a whore. Just the thing and young preacher needs God to tell him. Further God tells Hosea to have children by her and to name the two sisters previously mentions with names that describe the conditions that they are in. One child is named Loruhamah meaning, “I will no longer have mercy on the House of Israel.” completing the sentence but I will have mercy on the House of Judah. The second child is born and Hosea is to name the child, Loammi, meaning; “you are not the people of God.” In the passage, he includes promises to the house of Israel and to the House of Judah. God also tells of all the things that are going to happen to the House of Israel while she is in this lost condition and the things that she will lose during the time of punishment for the number of years that she worshipped Baalim, the false idol god. The number of years of her punishment was to be 2520 years. The younger sister was no better than her old sister the House of Israel for she to prostituted herself with idol worship but God did not cast her out and away. She alone remained the righteous side of the family and not being lost she had no need to be saved or preserved. She had no need to be redeemed as did her older sister who was now owned by another man.

We now know who is lost and who is not lost and who has need of being preserved and returned to the family of Hebrews. Our focus now shifts to how is she going to be restored to the family. For under livitical law of divorcement for one of the partners to remarry, one of the parties has to die. Well, if the whole of the House of Israel was to be destroyed then in this cases the Lord would have no one to remarry. The only alternative was that the Lord would have to die so that he could remarry his now divorced wife who is now scattered among the gentile nations of the world. As you see in this discussion their is never made mention of the individual on a personal level. In summary of the book of Hosea, we find that he is to go out, buy his wife back from one who owns her, take her home, and love her. No mention of her personal condition whether she was to repent or be converted only that he was to buy her back and take his purchase home and love her unconditionally.

Now we shift our focus to find out the method that God will go out and buy back a adulteress wife who loves wine. But before we get into the examination of the recovery methods, we need to go to the book of Ruth to get an example how one is to go about to redeeming a lost inheritance. Not to go through the story that is laid out in the book of Ruth but rather what are the requirements to acquiring the lost inheritance.

  1. Our first requirement that needs to be met is that the one who is to make the transaction must be near of kin. That is they must have a direct lineage to the heritance.

  2. The one who is going to make the claim must have the means or finance to be able to make the offer of claiming the lost inheritance.

  3. Not only must the claimant have the means he must be willing to pay the amount required to get the inheritance

  4. Having met conditions 2 and 3, he must now actually pay the amount to get the inheritance returned.

  5. And having met all requirements, it must be recognized by the elders and accepted by all parties concerned.

So going from here to the book of Isaiah. Starting with chapter 50 and going to chapter 54 as one narrative. So that we can keep a single line of thought. The Lords is talking and asking where is the handwritten bill of divorcement that I gave your mother. We know from the previous material that is was the House of Israel that was divorced and sent among the gentiles where she is in her lost condition in need of one to redeem her and buy her back to himself. Inserting here that the one who was to redeem her was to come out of the righteous side of the family, the House of Judah who had never been lost or done away with. Jesus the redeemer was to come from the line of Judah. Returning to the narrative in chapter 53 where we see that Jesus was wounded for the House of Israel and by his stripes, he healed her inequity of adultery known as idol worship to the old whore of Revelation Harlot church.

Now we have the big picture of what Jesus was going to do when he came as God’s secret plan. He came as the son of man through the righteous line of Judah. He was born of a virgin and he was one who was worth enough to carry out the plan laid out in advance as we just saw. When the time arrive to execute the plan he was willing to go through it all for his divorced wife of her youth. He actual made the payment in full, he being the price paid to redeem the House of Israel. We know that he returned to heaven right after being in the grave for 72 hours when the Father raised him up. During the quick trip to heaven where his blood was accepted in the Heaven Holy of Holies by his Father as sufficient payment to redeem the House of Israel. He had completed the transaction and all things are on schedule.

We now see who had need of being saved and it is not the people on the street as the whore would have you to believe. She lays a guilt trip on all who will listen to her preachers speaking with the voice of the dragon, Repent and be save and be like God know good and evil. In many cases the old whore will make you pay for the chance to be saved and when your broke she will cast you aside for another to see if she can’t get their gold. The old whore just wants to be paid for her services like any good whore working the street. She wants her fee in advance whether you like what she has to offer through her pimps. Those speaking with the voice of the dragon and dressed in sheepskins.

Now returning who can be saved or who is lost and needs to be saved and converted from the world of the lost and dying. As you have heard all your life, if you have been to one of the churches of the old Harlot of Babylon. We found out that the House of Judah was never lost and had no need of a redeemer. And the gentiles who can never be saved for they are already rejected and no other plan is available except through the old whore who would have you walk a life of self-imposed righteousness. She wants you to believe that the world of Christianity will accept you. The old whore has deceived you as well as the world with all her false claims to be able to access the throne room of God by your self or through the Mother of God who is the acting agent for the Pope here on earth.

Rejoice, if you are of the House of Judah, who has never been lost. And to those of the House of Israel, who were redeemed and saved over 2000 years now there has never been a convert made to the Hebrew family. For as Jesus said in the third chapter of the book of John, for you must be born from above by the Father into the race of Hebrews. To all those remaining, the curse be with you, for you have carried it from the beginning. Your family line has been rejected and there is no plan to save or redeem you and take you out of this world. Lay aside the quilt trips, that has been laid on you all this years and walk in the light of God’s word. It is only the House of Israel that Jesus came for. He knows, who you are, and where you are and he will not loose one of his own.

Now for those, you, who read of the things that Jesus did during the first three years of the ministry, It was those of the House of Judah, the righteous ones, who he equipped to go out and find those of the House of Israel and tell them the good news that they could be married to the Lord again.

I heard yesterday that there is coming a new version of the KJV. Well I am willing to bet what ever you want that the old Whore of Revelations 17 has not changed her ways and going to reveal the truth that she has deceived you with for the last 600 years with the use of the word church in all 80 places in the so called New Testament. She is going to keep her place on her throne until God cast her down to the earth and all the gentiles will see what she really is.

If you are on a trip to find a good home church, there is no such thing to be found. For they all have the voice of the dragon issuing forth, Come repent of your sins and become like God knowing good and evil. In addition, in some churches, you will find the message come eat of the broken body of the Lord that I have “Hocus Pocused” the wafer and made it to become the actual body and blood of the Lord Jesus. Come be a cannibal with me. Eat the flesh, drink the blood of God, and become like God knowing good and evil. If you do not like either of those two messages, then there, are other dens of wolves and find the others that will reject you for talking of the one closest to the heart of God. His wife that was healed, redeemed, and saved out of the gentiles. The two sisters can now walk on down the road of life complete knowing that God does all things well. He will not abandon you along side of the road; He will take you to the place that he has prepared for you.

Look and Listen what the Spirit of the Lord is saying about the bride.

For more details on the stuggle of the ethnee against the ethnoon and the conflict of having the heathen rejected gentile church of the Lord Jesus Christ which is diabolically opposed to the House of Israel. Go to my alternate web page at Ekkleesian being the ones invited out of the heathen gentiles where they were scattered by the father following the divorce.


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