The Wife of Jesus is the ethnee

The people being the righteous children of God from the beginning.

"The righteous people being the ones invited out
and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her"
Matthew 16:18

The ones having been scattered following the divorce,

that he could present her to himself glorious, being the ones invited out.


The Gospel

The Gospel of Jesus, the one anointed of the Father. What is the message of the gospel of the New Testament? The word “gospel” is used 104 times in the English Text. The word gospel is used for the same root word in all cases but the word in the Greek Letter text has a whole family of words that are translated for the word “gospel”. We will look into some of the various forms just a little later. If the reader of the New Testament is looking for a meaning for the word gospel while he reads all 104 times, he will discover that there is no meaning given for the word.

Consider; first that at the time of Jesus and later when the writers began to write the history of Jesus and what had occurred that the meaning was well understood by the ethnee, the Hebrews for which Jesus came to buy back and pardon them for their being without the covenants and the promises, Matthew 1:21. The ethnee understood well the reason that Jesus came with a good message for them, for it was they that had been scattered among the heathens in the first place after they had been divorced and cast away, Jeremiah 3. They still had the Hebrew text in scrolls telling them of the Law and the prophets, Luke 4:17. They could read the account of the time that God had punished them for worshipping idols for 360 years. I suspect that at this time they did not understand the things written for it was clouded in their mind as to what was going to happen and when, which is why John the Baptist used the Greek Letter word “Metanoia, change your mind.” Just because they had been cast away and were separated from the whole family, they never lost their desire for the things of God and to know his will. We get insight to this in one of the discussions of Paul when he said the ethnee kept the law not having the law. Despite being cast away from the family estate in the land of Palestine, they were still the righteous children of God from the beginning. They had been rejected because of their ungodly behavior of worshipping idols. Therefore, to understand the meaning of the word Gospel in the New Testament is to understand the life of the Hebrews of the House of Israel in the Old Testament. The entire biblical text is all about one people who had been chosen out from among those that God did not choose, thereby rejecting all others. God provided the meaning for the Gospel in the Old Testament. The New Testament is not a new covenant or a different message than the Old Testament; it is the same message with only a change of language from the Hebrew to that of using Greek letters for the text. The message of the Old Testament is that Jesus was the redeemer of the house of Israel and that did not change with the change of letters in the New Testament. The only place that one can locate the meaning of the Good Message, which we call the Gospel in the New Testament, is from the Old Testament for the New Testament biblical text was not compiled until the year 350. The Hebrews still had the scrolls of the Old Testament that were read in the Synagogues each week. We know that Jesus was educated because when he was given the scroll of Isaiah, he read from chapter 61 (Luke 4:17) but not the complete verse. The Hebrews who had the scrolls would be as we do today concerning prophecies. Unless one is given a vision or a dream concerning the prophecy, the rest is all speculation, but after the prophecy is fulfilled then it is easy to look back and see the meaning of the prophecy. The same was in all likelihood that when the Hebrews read the books of Isaiah and Ezekiel that before it was fulfilled, they did not understand what was written. The same can be demonstrated in the 50th chapter of Isaiah. It opens saying; “Thus saith the Lord.” The speaker tells what is going to happen to himself as the Lord. Now we can look back and see that the Lord is Jesus because the things that the Lord had said was the same things that occurred when Jesus came to redeem the people to whom he was speaking. Those children of the wife, whom he had divorced years before when they were scattered among the heathen rejected gentiles.

In the New Testament, the message of the gospel was understood in a sense because of the details in the Old Testament. Of course, it took the work of the ones who had been delegated to the ethnee to bring the message to the ethnee. To explain to them; to metanoia, change your mind about the Royal one from heaven who came to die that you can once more be married to the Lord and that you are invited out from among the hated gentile enemies of us, Matthew 16:18. “That you are the Royal people of God, a priesthood to be kings and priest before our God” I Peter 2:9.

The only message in the Old Testament is that Jesus was going to come and die for his people whom he had divorced, the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Hosea had to live out the drama of being the house of Israel when God named the children of the marriage of Hosea and Gomer. Each child was given a name that represented what God was going to do to the house of Israel. Imagine being named for an event that had taken place or one that was to occur some years later. Put your self in the role of the children of Hosea being the messenger to carry the message to the people of the House of Israel.

Then consider what those children must have gone through when their mother went down and returned to being a prostitute on the streets of the city. Surely, they must have some insight to what was happening in the life of Hosea, the young Prophet. God came to him and told him to go down and buy back the wife from her pimp and take her home and love her. That would be a hard message for any man to have to do. Here his wife is being used by the wicked men of the city and she has forsaken him. Now he has to go down and buy back this woman and take her home and lover as the Lord had commanded. He was living out the same drama that was occurring in the life of the Hebrews in advance of the time when it would occur when Jesus would come to buy back his wife that he had divorced and now she was owned by another.

Hosea must have been wealthy enough to go down and pay the price to buy back Gomer and take her home and love her, so also was Jesus wealthy enough to be able to buy back the children of the wife who had been divorced. But there was something missing in the drama of Hosea. He did not have to die to be remarried to his wife for apparently Hosea had never divorced her. Jesus had been married to his wife of her youth and therefore he had to keep the Law of Moses that the marriage vows of the marriage had to be annulled. To do that according to the Law he would have to die for the wife to be rejoined to him. It was going to take a miracle. He was willing to die for her but he had to trust his father that he would raise him up so that he could then go get the wife with the good message that she could now be rejoined to the Lord Jesus. It is reported by the New Testament writers that is was the Father that raised him up from among the dead ones after 72 hours in the grave of his great uncle, Joseph of Armethia.

If one is a student only of the New Testament then a tragic error will be produced that is that the heathen gentiles have been included in the buying back process that is only listed in the Old Testament. Which is exactly what happen: An other gospel, which is not the good message that Jesus brought to his people through his learners and those that he delegated to be apostles to the ethnee. The wife of Jesus could now become the messengers that would carry the message to the ethnee; Change your mind and be rejoined to the Lord and come out from among the rejected heathen gentiles where you have been scattered.

The word in the Greek letter text is Sooterion, which we normally translated as salvation but rather the word should be; “being the ones rescued.” Of course; if one rescues some one, the process is salvation. Jesus came to rescue the lost sheep of the House of Israel out from among the hated gentiles, those that the Father had rejected from the foundation of the earth.

The last message that Jesus gave with a command was that the learners, that the Father had given him, were to go out and search for the ethnee as he said. In Matthew 28:19 Jesus never commanded them to have the ethnee repent before they were created over but rather tell them all that I have taught you, then baptize them in the name of the Father and of the Holy Spirit and of the Son. This very statement precludes and denies the gentiles being rescued out of themselves.

First thing that is the most important is that God is only the Father of the Hebrews. Three times in the New Testament the gentiles are described as;

  1. Being the children of the Serpent, Matthew 3:7.
  2. Being the children of the wicked one, Matthew 13:38.
  3. Being the children of their Father, the Devil, John 8:42.

Concerning the baptizing of them in the Holy Spirit, we know from the book of Joel chapter 2; that only the Hebrews of the whole house of Israel can receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Now concerning the baptizing of them in the name of the Son, one understands that Jesus said he came only for the lost sheep of the house of Israel. In addition, the angel at the birth of Jesus said he came to rescue His people and save them from their sins. No other group was included in the rescue operation to have their sins pardoned, Matthew 1:21.

If we now include the fact that the Father in the Old Testament told the house of Israel that they were the only family that he had known of all the families of the earth, Amos 3.

Again, the wicked gentiles are excluded no matter where we look in the entire biblical text except in the corrupted English text. The gentiles, who have no understand, did not understand the text and created the corrupt text by first destroying the invitation by Jesus for the wife to be invited out from among the hated rejected gentiles where they had been scattered by the Father, Matthew 16:18. The translator changed the meaning and called it the corrupt church that has the gospel that anyone who believes can be saved and become a christian, that by faith are you saved. Salvation for the gentiles is not the good message but rather another gospel that is not the gospel at all but rather a lie from the pit of hell. Read the entire passage for John 8:42. In nearly 2000 years of preaching this other gospel, not one gentile has been converted into a Hebrew of the house of Israel. In addition, in the corrupted gospel, all must repent and come to the knowledge of Jesus and have their sins forgiven at the foot of the cross.

The other wife of Jesus, who was never divorced and cast away does not require salvation by repenting for her sins for she has never been lost and away from God. She is the house of Judah.

The entire biblical text starting with the Old Testament is all about a people who are referred to as the people of God. In Matthew 25:34; Jesus tells the ethnee; “Come ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.” ” The translators if they had been Hebrews, as it should have been, the entire text would be all about the whole house of Israel from the beginning to the end. Not as the corrupted version which is all about the evil church which can save the wicked evil gentiles, all the while the church has stripped naked and abused the wife of Jesus and then buried her among the evil gentiles that the church is wanting to save. The message of the church is that they want all the things that God has rejected. The church dines on bad fruit from the rotten tree while being served bad fish and wild rye.

Of course, if you ask a gentiles who is a christian; Who has to be saved and your answer will be: all have need of salvation and need to repent of their sins. By their very nature of being of their father, the wicked one they will lie, just as he has from the beginning with the attempt to bring you the corrupted gospel which is not the good message at all.

Returning to the book of Hosea; after the divorced wife has served her time of punishment, she will say; I will return to the Lord and I will no long call him My Lord but I will call him My Husband. Seeing the gentiles have never been married to the Lord, how then will this corrupt message bring them to say; I will no longer call him my lord but rather now, I will call him my husband. (Notice that I used all lower case letters to indicate that they are lying about what they can do.)

The good message of the New Testament is all about the wife of Jesus that she can be once more united to the Lord, and he will present her glorious unto himself being the ones invited out of the gentiles, Ephesians 5:27. The good message that can only be found in the Old Testament. She will be the bride of Jesus; he will take her home to show her to the father. Where there will be rejoicing forever more. The Hebrews, who have been rescued out of the wicked gentiles will sing the praises around the throne for the ages, we were lost and now we have been found and now we are home with the family of God, who was our Father from the foundation of the earth. The evil wicked gentiles will be gnashing their teeth and swearing at God for eternity because they were deceived by their very own from the beginning. The wrath of God has been their reward from the beginning and now they too will spend eternity with their father, the devil, who was a deceiver from the beginning. They heard the bad news that was not the good message from the beginning. You children of the Serpent, who has warned you of the wrath to come. Matthew 3:7.

As I said early that we would look, into what Greek Letter Text words were used for the “gospel.” The first place we find the first of 104 uses of the word is;

The words seen in Red are from the Authorized Version.

The words seen in Blue are from the interlinear which gives us meaning for the Greek Letter words.

Matthew 4:23; Matthew 9:35

“... and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people.”

“...And heralding the one being the message good of the Royal one and curing every disease and every weakness among the people.”

The Greek letter word is euaggelion which tells us that it is being the message good, or as we would write it being the good message. These two verses are the same phrase that is being used by the writer.

Matthew 11:5;

“...the gospel preached to them.:

“is the one being the ones alive with the message good.”

The Greek word in this case is euaggelizontai having the meaning is the one being the ones alive with the message good.

Matthew 24:14;

“And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preach in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.”

We have to make several corrections for this verse to have any meaning at all. First, correct the word nations to read “those being ethnee” and change the word kingdom to; “as the Royal one.” This verse use the word euaggelion meaning “being the good message.” Now for the whole verse being corrected.

“And is the one being heralded this the one being the good message of the one as the Royal one in the whole world the ones being homed unto being the witness to all those being the ethnee and then shall be arriving the finish.”

In Matthew 26:13, the word for gospel is the word is “being the good message.” Our first word in the book of Mark is in the first verse.

Mark 1:1;

“The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.”

“ is the one being the beginning of the one of the good message of the Jesus of the one Anointed of the one is a Son of the one of the one God.”

Here the word is euaggeliou meaning “of the one is the message good.”

The next use of the word for gospel is of the form we have seen before, being the message good or euaggelion in Mark 1:14.

After the resurrection and the taking of the good news to the ethnee the Greek letter words for gospel are very long and at this point I have not been able to decode the word to its fullest meaning, But lets take a look at the verse in Act 15:7; Peter is preaching because of a dispute. Let me make some of the changes for the many errors and assumptions on this verse. Peter said; Men and brethren, He is not talking to the heathen gentiles because he called those present Brethren, he continues on by saying that God made a choice among us that the ethnee not heathen gentiles by mouth should hear being the one being the one saying some of the one of the good message and is the one as of the one faithing.”

The context here Peter is talking to the Hebrews that had been scattered and known as the ethnee in the New Testament, They were brethren to him who was from the house of Judah near the Sea of Galilee. And in the next verse he confirms that is talking of the ones who are Hebrews that God gave them the Holy Spirit. As we know from our earlier discussion that only the Hebrews of the whole house of Israel can receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, therefore the word gentile is incorrect or just plain wrong. He was talking to the children of God who were righteous from the beginning. The gentiles who are of the wicked one will never receive the Holy Spirit from the Father of the Hebrews.

giving an account of himself that he want to finish the ministry which which I have received of he Lord Jesus to testify the gospel of the grace of God.

I want to recall that on the road to Damascus where he encountered the Lord Jesus. Jesus said that he delegated him to be an apostle to the ethnee far off. He never had a change of orders to go to the ethnoon, who are rejected gentiles in the English. There are places where it appears that someone got the pen and ink and changed the text from ethnee to ethnoon. Paul was to say in other places that he was a ministry to the ethnee. The message is the same throughout the entire New Testament that it is the ethnee who are being rescued out of the rejected gentiles.

Romans 1:9 we find a different form of the word euaggelioo being used by Paul. “...whom I serve with my spirit in the gospel of his Son,”

“to the one to the one offering divine service into the one spirit of me into the good message.”

As you can see that the word gospel has many forms in the Greek letter text which gives us more in sight to the things of God and the people that he choose before the foundation of the earth, Matthew 25:34. It has always been about the people of him (Matthew 1:21) and not never about the children of the Serpent or the wicked one, Matthew 3:7. In the New Testament, there is no direct message as to what is the meaning for the word Gospel or good news. It can only be found in the Old Testament otherwise we only get one thing at a time, such as in Hebrews 8:8, the New Covenant is only to the house of Judah and the house of Israel. We have already covered the outpouring of the Holy Spirit is only to the house of Judah and the house of Israel, Joel 2. Jesus said that the 12 learners were to judge the 12 tribes, Matthew 19:28, he did not list any one to judge the ethnoon. During the writings of Paul, it was those OUT of the gentiles and OUT of the Jews. Both “Outs” are left out in the corrupted English translation, Romans 9:24, where the ethnee are hid as the rejected pagan gentiles of this world who worship idols.

Paul wrote; Jesus was going to present her glorious to himself being the ones invited out of the gentiles where they had been scattered, Ephesians 5:27. The New Testament Text is only to the ethnee and no others regardless of what you see and hear in this world of misinformation concern Jesus, the one Anointed of the Father.

The “Good Message” of the Son of God (Matthew 25:34) has always been that he died to redeem his divorced wife (Isaiah 50-53, 54:1) and it is the same message that the heathen gentile church has worked the hardest to destroy with all their lies and corruption, John 8:42. While the Ravenous wolves dine on rotten fruit from the corrupted tree while eating bad fish and wild rye after preaching another gospel that is not the Gospel as they wait the wrath to come from the Father, Matthew 3:7.

To the evil church: she is not an it and her name is not the church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her, Matthew 16:18.


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