The Smoking Gun

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The Smoking Gun

Gerald R. Collins

This lesson started about fifteen years ago. I started with an attempt to learn biblical Greek from an online source, but that ended in a total failure. Along the way I was studying the biblical text about all of the many things there are to study. Then came a second attempt to learn Biblical Greek from another source, but that too ended in a disastrous failure. In the meaning time I outlined the Old Testament going through each chapter and putting down what it was all about and who the principle players were. I wrote the entire outline down as an earlier lesson to share with others of what I had done and found from the outlining. The outlining brought forth that the house of Israel was the major player in the entire biblical text of the Old Testament.

Following those studies, I wrote a lesson entitled; The Rotten Tree of Translation. It laid out all of the many errors that I had found to that point in the studies of the Hebrew Text.

I then took up the detailed study of the words of the New Testament and what they meant and what the context of each of the many times any one word was used. Surprisingly, not all of the words of the same number of letters had the same meaning. There were words that were used entirely wrong because of the context of the word. The word ethnee is the most mistranslated word based on the context of the word and how it was being used. In the classic Greek which is a Latinized form of the Greek, the word ethnee is a gentile of singular form and the word ethnoon is the plural form of the gentile, but normally said to be nation, nations, heathen, and gentile. But, in fact, the word ethnee are the righteous children of God having nothing to do with the any of the words used in the corrupted English text. The word ethnee are a people, who are of the race of Adam while the ethnoon are of the race of Satan. During all of this, I traced the word ethnoon back to the Old Testament and found that the word is guim in the Hebrew. The discovery opened up another door in which the same nations, nations heathen and gentiles are group of people who are not Hebrews of the seed of Adam and are rejected by God from the foundation of the world. As that door opened wider, it lead to many other words to study and the first was the word Adam. The word Adam appears only 27 times in the English text but in the Hebrew text of the two forms of the word, ADM and E.ADAM. I found there was over 700 other times the words were used. The translators had effectively removed all of the Adams from the Old Testament, which left only the evil man race of people which Satan had created before the earth became a waste and desolation. The Adamís line did not appear until after the earth had gone through the waste and desolation. I found there were two races of people, the righteous line of Adam, and the unrighteous line of Satan. God chose the righteous line out before the worlds were formed. In choosing out Adam, he rejected all others races of people. God would confirm this choosing for himself many times throughout the Old Testament. This effectively rejected all of the many different sub-races of the seed of Satan as not being wanted by God.

The Adams race was a very special race of people that were different from the Satan race of people. The Adams line would become the Hebrew line through Abraham and Sarah and again all others of Abraham were rejected and sent away, not wanted by God.

The Biblical account was now taking on an entirely different story in history that was not in the corrupted English text. The account was now the story of the race of Adams down through time and was to become the Hebrews who were to be the only people of God.

The Hebrew account takes on a different nature in the Hebrew text for the Hebrews. The children of Israel would become the wivesí of the Lord and would be married to them and would provide for them. The wivesí would transgress the Law of Moses with their worship of idols and images. The wivesí would prostitute themselves down in the land of Egypt and the Assyrian would squash their nipples. They would continue to practice idol and image worship until the Lord Yahweh would divorce them and sell them to another. The father of the Lord would then scatter the family of Israel among the guim whom he had rejected. The Lord would then come to the children of the divorced wife and ask for the bill of divorcement and give promises to the children that he would come and convene them out from among the guim and pardon their transgressions. The last thing that he would do when this whole plan of God had been completed, he would come again and get the seed of Adam, the Hebrews of the whole house of Israel and he would take them to the place prepared for them from the foundation of the world. During this revelation of what he would do, the Lord said that he wanted his people to know his name Ani and it was Ani that was speaking.

I went back through the Hebrew text and found the name of Ani had been mistranslated or removed over 350 times. This name would change the story by making more details available as to what he was doing.

During all of this study of the life of the Adams, the ones being Hebrews, only of the whole house of Israel, many other words came up that were mistranslated such as the word convene. The redeemer of Israel was going to convene the missing sheep of the house of Israel out from among the evil and wicked guim. The plan laid out for the redeeming of Israel was limited to only those that had been divorced, sold, and scattered, no others were to have any part but not only were they rejected they were to be destroyed by fire forever.

The work then started matching the Old Testament story to the New Testament Greek and the many different accounts given. Many different words were researched but the story of the New Testament did not match what was to take place from the Old Testament.

The study of each book brought forth that another language was being used in the books of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. It slowly began to reveal that the translators had gone terribly wrong using the Latinized Greek. In fact, the language of Matthew, Mark, and Luke which was the Hebraic Greek, a pro drop language and there was the profane Greek of the gentile Jews who are known as the Pharisees. The pro drop language can not be used outside of the race of Adam, because it is a race sensitive language that indicate which race the speaker is talking to or of. The gentile race was not of the Adams line and therefore the Profane Greek was not a functioning language and they made up one to substitute the same words with the same spelling but having pronouns. The words of the profane Greek would take on different meanings when used by the gentile Jews. But there remained a problem in understanding what the gentile Jews were saying that was so different from the Adams reporting of the same time and period.

The evil gentile reports of the book of John and the writings of Paul so dominate the church world that the truth will never be known. It was easy to understand because the gentile Jews had created a religion in which anyone could come to Jesus, believe and be saved and receive eternal life. This is all contrary to the Old Testament account where only one race was going to be resurrected in the last days. To prove this was difficult to say the least. When all of the voices were against me saying, that I was on an island alone with a strange and new doctrine, that only one race of people where going to be taken to heaven and it was based on race and not what anyone else believed or did, to become righteous in the eyes of the church.

I studied the words of the Greek Text and found many errors but that again did not provide the evidence that the gentile Jews were wrong with their doctrine of Belief even if they were the only ones to use the word believing. The problem was that there were two Jesusí and were both of them the same or two different people at the same time and place except on the opposite side of the lake of Galilee? Both would live and die and rise again. But the accounts of the two men were far different from one another only having the same name and some disciples of the same name. Both men could do miracles, but seemed to be the same until we examine the many details if the life of them. Here the two would be separated but not enough that it was proof that they were two different men with two different fathers and two different purposes.

I had already rejected the writings of Paul as being written by a perverted, reprobate and being an evil and wicked gentile Jew. He was never able to keep his story straight and he would change it when it was needed. The most revealing thing about Paul was that whenever he was in trouble he was able to produce a miracle of some kind to get him out of trouble before he went to another group of gentile Jews or the Hellenist. He was a self-sent apostle to the gentiles with the message taken from John that those who believed in Jesus would receive eternal life. But Paul would make it more difficult than John because Paul had to have faith of someone to be saved. Paul claimed that the Lord had trained him, on the backside of the wilderness, which was all a lie from the beginning. The message of the Lord out of the Old Testament was that he was coming for one people and they were the people of him being the ones of Adam of the house of Israel. Paulís message to the gentiles was that all could be saved if they repented of their sins and would believe and have faith in Jesus they would receive eternal life. Paul would go on to exalt himself until he had superseded God and it would be God that would judge the world by Paulís 21 gospels. He would go on to curse the Son of God and his gospel for it was not one of his gospels. I rejected Paul and his writings as those of a religious pervert of the seed of Satan.

There remained the book of John and all of its claims that Jesus could make the believers in him to become the sons of God. Another words he was able to change were those of the seed of Satan to those of the seed of Adam and give them eternal life. This all sounded good to the gentiles who were under the curse of God from the foundation of the world being rejected by God and would be gathered and taken out to be burned in the fire that never goes out. This was the message that Paul took to the evil gentile world that all might be saved and go to heaven, when the reality was this was not true.

The problem was that John had a Jesus who was working miracles for all to believe in him as the Messiah even if he was the false messiah. But the proof was elusive as to prove that Jesus of John was not the same as Ani of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Each had some of the same things in their lives, both were crucified and rose again. It will be the details that will separate the two but the proof was not to be found in examining each book by itself. Paul would take the message of the false messiah Jesus and created the gentile churches around the world for the saving of the wicked and evil gentles of this world. This message was so good to hear that many would accept Paul as the final authority on who could be saved.

The proof did not come until the day that I began to write down the exact details of the book of Matthew as to what took place when his cousin John introduced Ani to the family. John was baptizing down at the River Jordan. Ani was in the crowd and it was known to John but not to who he was. First he spoke to the Pharisees being gentile Jews who were on the bank being sent of the elders and high priest back in Jerusalem. John said unto them: Oh you children of the Serpent, who has warned you of the wrath to come? Ani steps out of the crowd and went and talked with John. John baptized Ani and when he came up out of the water, a pigeon descended out of heaven and landing on him to signify that he was baptized in the Holy Spirit and voice came out of heaven saying; this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased. Immediately he was lead by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness to fast and pray for forty nights and forty days and when it ended he would be tested by Satan to determine if he was the Son of God, at which time he hungred and was ministered to by the angels.

Ani heard that John was cast into prison.

Ani had completed forty days and forty nights of fasting and praying and being tested of Satan.

Going to the book of John and the same account in the life of Jesus, we find that he was described as to who he was and what he could do before Jesus came to the River Jordan where John was baptizing.


EURKEA! I had found the smoking gun that I had been looking for. It was the moment of truth. Ani was in the wilderness for only one day now and here was Jesus coming walking up to John. When John saw Jesus he said; behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the whole world. This was the proof required to do away with the false messiah Jesus for he was none other than a gentile Jew of the seed of Satan, one rejected by God. It was now easy to show the many infallible proofs that Jesus is a gentile Jew who walked up to John impersonating Ani while he was away in the wilderness where he had been only one day at this point. The next day the disciples of John named Andrew and Simon Peter would follow Jesus and go to the place where he dwelled. The third day Jesus would enter into a conspiracy with the disciples and his mother at the wedding taking place in Cana of Galilee and he would change water into wine.

Ani was only in the wilderness for three days when all of this took place. Jesus would go on to set forth his evil manifesto about the father of him, who loved the world and because of sin he would send his only begotten son to save the world of sin and that all might believe on him.

Jesus will go on to say that the Son of man was in heaven at this time. He would use the evil expression of the profane Greek for the title of Ani; Ani was never the Son of Man. He was the Son of Adam and his genealogy was the proof that he was the Son of Adam the Son of God; Jesus was setting himself up as the Son of God that takes away the sins of the world. Ani had said that he would remember the sins of the house of Israel no more and that he would pardon those scattered of their transgressions.

Jesus was and is a liar just as his father is a liar. There is no known genealogy of Jesus and there is no record that John ever baptized him as he went about doing miracles that the gentile Jews could believe on him and become the sons of God.

Ani would say that those scattered were born the sons of God from the beginning. He never said this but it is implied, he never required any believing, no confession of sins. Ani has never converted one soul that was of the seed of Satan to that of the seed of Adam. Ani has never known a church of the evil and wicked gentiles.

The big moment came when the text said; ďthe next day Jesus came walking to JohnĒ, then the whole introduction of the first part of chapter one begins to fall apart that John was not talking about the real son of God named Ani but of the false Jesus, the son of Satan from the beginning. He had been in the beginning and he was the one who was facing God and he was the one being god. He had ruled in the beginning and he was coming to rule again.

At the end of the life of Jesus, we find that he was crucified and was buried the day before the passover of the gentile Jews and he will not rise again until 108 hours has past and he was made to stand up again on Sunday morning at sunrise. He said that he was going away but that he would come again.

This had been that one moment when the truth revealed that all of the writings of John and Paul were of the seed of Satan and were to deceive all the gentiles of this world. There are only three books in the New Testament and they are written in Hebraic Greek, being a pro drop language for only the seed of Adam. The rest of the New Testament is no more than religious trash writings of the evil and wicked gentile Jews of the seed of Satan.

I had found the proof that was to make all the pieces then move into place and account for what has gone on in this world for 2000 years with the evil and wicked gentile church of the damned and rejected gentiles from the foundation of the earth.

The smoking gun is the following statement:

THE NEXT DAY JESUS CAME WALKING UNTO JOHN while Ani was still in the wilderness praying and fasting to is father in heaven with 39 more days remaining.

This has only been an overview but there are many more details to show that Jesus is the false messiah as a hoax on the whole world.


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