The Wife of Jesus is the ethnee

The people being the righteous children of God from the beginning.

"The righteous people being the ones invited out
and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her"
Matthew 16:18

The ones having been scattered following the divorce,

that he could present her to himself glorious, being the ones invited out.


Those Perishing

As there are only two classes of people in this world, those not perishing and those perishing, we want to go looking for the origin of those perishing and why they are the only ones perishing in the first place.

To find the source of those perishing we have to go a long way back and I mean a long way back to find out what the cause is for the ones perishing to be the ones perishing.

In the beginning, there was God and there was no other than the one God in the beginning. We will assume that he was the only God for we know of no other God who might have been present at the same time or before,

God then created a group of messengers to serve him in all that he wanted done in his world in heaven. How long this functioning group worked together is unknown. The time came that one rose to attempt to take over the rulership and be like God. The music director was found to have iniquity and was cast out of heaven to the earth below. Before that day when the Devil was cast out of heaven, God had already made a choice as to who he wanted to rule the earth that he was yet to create. God chose for himself those of the line of Adam, who he had not yet made from the dust of the earth. Even before Satan was cast from heaven, those that he would make after he would fall in the eons of time before the earth was to be made. The ones he would make after he was cast from heaven were already rejected and cursed by God to be the ones perishing, So we have those perishing that would be made by Satan and we will have those not perishing to come in the eons of time after Satan would make those in the image of himself, being the dead ones hated and rejected by the most high God of the universe.

Those created by Satan were formed and made before the earth became a waste and desolation. How long the earth was a waste and desolation in terms of the present time is unknown and we do not know if the world was in the same place in its rotation around the sun. It could have been any place that God wanted it to be until the day was to come when Adam was about to be made from the dust of the earth.

God had Noah build an ark to save the family of him, not only him, but also those of the unrighteous family line, the beast people. When the ark was loaded that fateful day when the rain began to fall, as it had never rained before that day. There were 18 beast people on the ark, 9 males and 9 females. Also on the ark was the family of Noah, him, his woman, their three sons and their women. The total number of people on the ark was 26 people. There is never anything said about the beast people and what happened to them after the flood abated and they are then lost to history. It is only a short time after the flood that we have the time in which Ham raped his father Noah. Noah awoke and cursed his grandson, Canaan from the marriage of Ham and the beast woman of him. They would go on to produce three more sons. All four of the sons of Ham were rejected by God to become those who are known as the guim or the other group of people from the line of Shem and the woman of him. The remaining son of Noah, Japheth, had also taken a beast woman to wife and they would produce many sons and they were rejected by God as part of the guim. The guim and the omim people are what we can gentiles today. The word gentile is a Roman word meaning “not of this family or tribe”. It is a good word to describe all of those who are rejected and perishing from the foundation of the earth. Gentiles will become all of those people, who are not of the line of Adam and later will become to be known as the Hebrew people,

What we have in this world, at this point in time, are the sons of Adam who are born of God. We also have the sons of Satan who are born of Satan or the Devil. The seed of Satan are all those that are perishing from the foundation of the world, and all those not perishing are the sons of God of the seed of Adam.

We take another thousand-year step and we come to Abram and Sari who is called out of Ur of the Chaldees to leave the land and go to the place that God will show him and give to him. Sari and Abram produced no children for many years until Sari gave her handmaiden Hagar to Abram to wife and Hagar produced the first born to Abram. Now Abram loved his first born, Ishmael. God rejected Ishmael because of his mother being a Canaanite. Even as this was occurring, the first Canaanite still lived in the land when Abram arrived out of Ur of the Chaldees,

God appeared to Abram, spoke with him and gave many promises to him. One of those promises was that he was to have a son by Sari. It was at this time that Abram was now called Abraham and Sari was called Sarah, Sarah produced the son called Isaac, the righteous one of the living ones in the land. It was now, that there are only two righteous males living in the land and all other gentiles are rejected, being the ones perishing since the foundation of the earth.

One of the promises that God gave Abraham was that he would be the father of a throng of guim gentiles; Abraham already had one gentile son and one righteous son. After Sarah died and Abraham took a Canaanite woman as his wife and she would produce six more gentiles for Abraham. When Abraham was dying he gave Isaac all of the birth right promises and to the gentile sons were given gifts and sent away from his only son as recognized by God.

At this time we have only one son of the seed of Adam and a large number of the seed of Satan. We have only seven sons, who are related to Abraham but a large number outside of the family of Abraham, all rejected and perishing.

The story of the Biblical text does not follow any of the gentile lines for they are the ones who have a history of being the ones perishing from the foundation of the world. The story of the Old Testament is about the special people who are the ones chosen out from among all of those rejected by God.4:22 PM 6/16/2015

We come to the day in which a redeemer for part of the children of Israel is born as the redeemer of those of the house of Israel. He will grow to become the redeemer of Israel and when he is about to be introduced to the family of him, he has a strange introduction. His cousin John will first identify those of the seed of Satan then he will say to them, “You children of the Serpent, who has warned you of the wrath to come?”

The children of the serpent seem to be fully aware that they were the ones perishing, with knowledge from the Old Testament that they will be taken out and burned as the stubble. But in their eyes they were the ones in power and ruled over the whole land of Israel. But who are these that rule over the whole country of Israel?.

The ones ruling are the gentile Jews of the country, around the city of Jerusalem. As gentile Jews they trace their lineage back to one of the wives of Abraham that was rejected and sent away from the son, Isaac. We know this from the several times that they are revealed as being of the seed of Satan, that Old Devil from the beginning. But not only of the revealing by Ieesous but when we listen to the words of them, they reveal that they are son children of the Canaanite wives. They are called hypocrite Jews or pretenders as the children of Abraham that were called the only sons of Abraham. They desire above all, to be of the righteous family.

Ieesous came to redeem the seed of Adam, those chosen out before the world was formed, to be the very special race of people being the children of God. Ieesous is going to tell the gentile Jews that they are the children of the Devil and they do the will of him in lust of them. Not only does he tell the gentile Jews that they are the ones perishing but that they will be the ones burned in the fire that never goes out. It would be their eternal life and eternal reward for being born of the seed of Satan. To the children of Adam he would tell them that they are to enter into heaven to a place prepared for them from the foundation of the earth.

It will become obvious that the gentile Jews who are the ones pretending to be the righteous children of Abraham do not fully understand what this really means to them and what will really happen in the end when they are gathered, bundled and then taken out to be burned in the oven where the fire never goes out.

Ieesous came to complete the task he had made for himself in the redeeming of the wife he had divorced. He had to die to gain the right to remarry the wife and then he would become the price paid to buy her back from the one who possessed her. He would have to die and be in the grave exactly 72 hours, three nights and three days, and would be aroused by the Father of him and made to stand up from among the dead ones on a Saturday evening, at about sun down. This is the sum total of the good news to the people of the house of Israel, for they are not the ones perishing but rather the ones going to the place prepared only for them since the foundation of the world,

If we read the biblical text the very next thing that occurs is the rise of the false message to the gentile Jews, which are some of those perishing. The basic message of John to the gentile Jews is that they can become the sons of God. The heart and soul of John’s writings are that God gave his only begotten son because he loved the whole world. If those perishing will believe in or on this false messiah known as Jesus, they could become the sons of God and get another eternal life. Paul never reveals the truth to those perishing that all of this believing in the Goddess Belief will get them nothing for all of their efforts. Believing in the false Messiah who is an impostor of Ieesous, by the name of Jesus. The Gentile Jews remain the ones perishing among all other kinds of people that are perishing in this world. As Ieesous said in the parables about the wild rye and the goats, they will be taken out and burned. He offered no alternate plan for them to be saved from perishing as it was assigned to them before the worlds were formed because of who their father is.

Not only did this evil and wicked John lie about many things to the gentile Jews that they could become the sons of God, but the message of this Pharisee would be picked up by another Pharisee. Paul would begin his public life as a conspirator to murder then he would have a bright light vision where he says he talked to the Jesus of Nazareth in the Hebrew tongue. It is the only record of Ieesous talking in the Hebrew tongue to a gentile Jew. The message of his Jesus of Nazareth was again the false messiah to the gentile Jews who were part of those perishing among all the seed of Satan. Paul was a liar from the beginning as he was one of the Canaanite family of Abraham. He said he was waiting for the adoption of the sons of Abraham and of God, which is never going to happen for he will remain one of those perishing from the foundation of the world.

For those gentiles who are not of the Canaanite wives of Abraham, Paul (with his false messiah) created a new creation in which the dead ones rejected and perishing, become Christians in the Church of the rejected Gentiles. Just because you believed in the false Messiah, Jesus, which Paul made an impostor of Ieesous with a stolen identity? Paul created with his false messiah and impostor, Jesus, in that he had everything or anything to make those perishing to believe that they had the power to be the sons of God that would be going to heaven with the seed of Adam. All of those that Paul converted were only the converts of Paul, at the end of the day they remain the ones perishing under the curse of God from the foundation of the world. Paul remained an evil and wicked gentile Jews until the day he died and he will go to the fire that all the other gentiles will be going to when they die. Paul did not come along with a new revelation on how to become the sons of God for those perishing. Paul was not accepted in his day nor should he be accepted today for he has nothing to offer those perishing from the foundation of the world. He remains a rejected gentile Jew of the Canaanite wife of Abraham, and as such he will be among those perishing that he tried so hard to convert with his false messiah and evil message on how to believe in the goddess Belief.

If they were to get to heaven, there would be no place prepared for them and they will be wandering heaven homeless and unwanted by God and the seed of Adam as they spend eternity searching for the place where they will reside. Being one of the dead ones, they will not be able to face the light of God’s righteousness for eternity or be able to survive. They will search for a way to hell to be with all the others that were rejected and perishing from the foundation of the earth.

God never prepared an alternate plan for those that are perishing even if you read of the two plans lain out with the false messiah and false hope of heaven waiting for you to arrive.


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