The Wife of Jesus is the ethnee

The people being the righteous children of God from the beginning.

"The righteous people being the ones invited out
and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her"
Matthew 16:18

The ones having been scattered following the divorce,

that he could present her to himself glorious, being the ones invited out.


Two Kinds of People

In this world today, there are two kinds of many things, which we come into contact with each day. We do not even give most of them the time of day. Example in today’s world, we find that things are measured in INCHES or the METRIC system. Little is every said; why and where each of them come from and how they are confirmed and re-established. The metric system began by the French because they hated the English and therefore created their own system. It is a system based on units of ten, hundreds, and thousands and so on. But, how was it first decided what a meter was to be? The French and the world will tell you that it is bar of metal, with two lines inscribed on it, and it became the standard. Really, it is far more than that, for it is the distance of the earth from the equator to the north pole or it can be said that the distance is one circumference around the earth passing through the north and south pole divided by four. 10,000,000 for the results equaling one meter, then divide the answer to that. To check the repeatability of the calculation we find that it can only be repeated once every 26,200 years after the earth completes one rotation through the universe to return to the same spot. No one has every been able to duplicate the measurement for no one has been around that long to see if just the first conformation will agree with the first determination. So, much for the corrupt French measuring system of metrics. Your next question now, well be, then where did the English and American inch come from? We have to go to the Great Pyramid of Egypt for our starting point. When the explorers opened up the pyramid and began to measure it they found that the measurements using the English inch would reveal the history of the Hebrews from the beginning to the end of time. The pyramid tells to the day that the time of Jesus was to be born and to be executed, in 33 AD. When the hall of truth and light rose from 40 inch where man was bent over and not able to stand to where he could stand up occurred at the standing up of Jesus after three nights and three days in the grave which would be the beginning of the coming out of darkness to the light. This and much more is revealed and that is not the purpose here; but go to the book, “The Great Pyramid decoded”. Returning to the inch, we find that it is the measurement that God uses in his numbering system. The measurement comes from the distance of the pole to pole through the center of the earth. That distance divided by 500,000,000, will result in the inch measurement, which, can be repeated at any time in space no matter where the earth is in the universe during its travel through space. It was only confirmed after we had space travel that allows us to take photographs from space to make the confirming measurements.

There are two of many things but when it comes to God, he only has two kinds of people, which he has had from the beginning of the present recreation to the present. Our first encounter is with Cain and Able, after the expulsion from the garden, where Cain killed Able and in rebellion, he was sent to the land of Nod. Our next important encounter is when God had Noah prepare an ark, for the salvation of the eight righteous people of the earth. When he lifted them out of the wrath of God to begin over again. We have no record of what the unrighteous people of the world were thinking, when the rain began to fall in a deluge and earth broke open and the fountains of the deep gushed forth flooding the earth. It must have been a great surprise, that it was occurring; but it came not as a surprise to the people of God for Noah had been a preacher for many years, while he built the ark. God’s people were lifted out of his wrath on the earth. During the year that Noah and his family lived on the ark, Noah went out and planted grape vines, and in due season he made wine and got drunk. During that time of drunkenness, his son Ham raped him, and awakening, he knew, what had been done to him and he cursed not his son of the righteous line; but his grandson Canaan, who came from a marriage before the flood. This now is my opinion, that his wife was some kind of antediluvian women, which was left over from a previous time, which God had to deal with and he let the nature of things take their course, that he might of that relationship correct the problem. Noah having now cursed his grandson and telling him that he would forever be a servant of servant. Ham and his wife with their son set out for the land of Cush where his in-laws lived because he was no longer in the people of God. Time and time again, we find that God said through his people, that they were not to marry a descendant of Canaan, called the Canaanites. Abraham told his servant not take a wife for Isaac of the Canaanites or go to the land again with his son, When Esau lost the birthright, he went down to Ishmael and married wives, because he saw that it displeased his father. The next generation comes along, and Jacob warns his sons not to marry a Canaanite, which is just exactly what Judah went out did. He married Shuah the Canaanite. When the children were born, they were so mean that God went down and killed them. So the Canaanites were rejected and hated by God and there was no redeeming for them, for they were no longer in the family.

Time and time again, through out the text, we find that God hates those that he did not chose, and the only thing reserved for them is death and destruction. There is only redemption for the people of God, which he chose on Mount Sinai. He said you are my people and I will be your God. He had just proved once again just before they got to Arabia that he takes out his people before the wrath of God, is poured on the descendants of Canaan. Those people, he hated. But he always provides for some to be rescued as was the descendants of Joseph when he married daughter of the Priest On. The righteous line is able to cover when it serves God’s purpose.

Looking at the long line of people that were rejected. Which came from a marriage, of a righteous one to the other kind? Ishmael was rejected, Keturah six sons were rejected, and Esau was rejected before he was born. When God lifted out Lot; because he was righteous, when the wrath of God was poured out on Sodom and Gomorrah. His daughters get him drunk and they get pregnant and Lots grandsons were rejected; and at the end of time, they are destroyed having no redeeming value.

God gave instruction on Mount Sinai, the people were to marry in their tribes, or they would be rejected as those before them. It was not a matter of right and wrong or good and evil. It was only based on your birth line.

We encounter this again when the House of Judah returned from Babylon and they met the Jews waiting for them in the land. Nehemiah calls them out about their marriage, to the foreign women. And some of the children could not even speak the Hebrew language.Nehemiah makes them get rid of those wives and their children. God hates the gentiles and there is no redemption for them, only death and destruction.

Fast foreword to the New Testament, where Jesus is giving parables, to the Jews, which do not understand and he says that should they believe and he would have to heal them. In the parable of the sower, the sower sows wheat and the enemy sows wild rye and in the end the wild rye is collected and taken out and burned. The wheat was wheat from the beginning. The wild rye was wild rye from the beginning. It is never converted to wheat, therefore based on being wild rye, it is taken out and burned. In the parable of the netting of fish. The good fish are saved; but the rest are thrown out for the birds to devour. The good fish were always good fish and the bad were bad fish from their beginning. So, Jesus was telling us that only the House of Israel was going to be redeemed, and all others are rejected. It was not based upon their performance or their confessions; they were born into that condition. Over and over, Jesus tells us the same thing, that he came only to rescue the House of Israel, to restore them to their rightful place as rulers over the people of the world.

When Jesus said in the KJV translation; “ye must be born again,” the translators had no clue, what he was talking of, because of the religion of the world at that time. What Jesus really said; was that, “you must be born from above,” meaning that only God could birth you into the genetic line of the House of Israel, who where going to be kings and priest with him, and he would ruled and reigned over the gentiles of this world.

There are only two kinds of people in the world today; those descendants of Abraham, known as the House of Judah and the House of Israel. There is no converting of the gentiles into Hebrews, the rulers of the earth. If you are in doubt; go to the book of Isaiah and Ezekiel and read all the accounts of the people that God is going to destroy, besides all those that he has already destroyed and forgotten except on the pages of the bible.

The church world has reduced the message of the House of Israel’s redemption, to something on a personal level, the same as the Jews of Jesus day. The message is, that if you do something, if nothing more than confess, you can become one like us, the Jews, who took over the land of Jerusalem for their very own. It is a false message, that wild rye can become good wheat or bad fish can be come good fish. The message of Jesus; was to the lost sheep of the House of Israel not to the wild goats of the gentiles nations of this world.

In the tribulation when God pours out his wrath once again upon the world; he is going to lift his people out, as he, has always has done, before he slays them all. He comes with his lifted out ones to rebuild the earth, and the gentile nations will come to Mount Zion and ask how; to worship the God of the Hebrews or they will be again punished for their failing to bring gifts and worship the Lord. The gentiles that survive the tribulation are never redeemed because they were never chosen or been known in the first place, so in their lost condition they will stay for ever.

In the New Testament, there is no mention of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, for it is a made up term, with a meaning that came with the English translation. For the translators failed, to understand, the message of the Old Testament. It was the House of Israel, which was to be redeemed. To return to their place with God, to rule through out the ages to come. The word that is translated church, should always be one of two expressions, the invited out ones or the ones invited out of the ethnics, where they resided at that time.

The Hebrews, having been sent on their way to the promise land, that God had promise King David by Nathan. These people were moving west or had been there and returned to the local people. God was inviting his people out, for the calling that they had been designed for from the beginning. God has great things awaiting those that he has called out and invited to be Kings and Priest with his son forever.

The books of the New Testament should be renamed so that it conveys the message; it is to the ones invited out of the ethnics. The book of Romans should be titled, “To the ones invited out in Rome” and Galatians should be titled, “To the ones invited in Galatia” and so on completing all the remaining books. In doing this, then the text of each book makes more sense, and especially the book of Revelation, where by in the first three chapters are to the invited out ones of the seven cites of Asia, and beginning in chapter four it says, “come up thither” allowing them to escape the coming wrath of God, not man’s wrath. For there are also two kinds of wrath, the choice is not yours to escape, if you are not born into the people of God.

Stop; Look and Listen what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to his People. You are my People and I will be your God.

For more details on the stuggle of the ethnee against the ethnoon and the conflict of having the heathen rejected gentile church of the Lord Jesus Christ which is diabolically opposed to the House of Israel. Go to my alternate web page at Ekkleesian being the ones invited out of the heathen gentiles where they were scattered by the father following the divorce.


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