The Wife of Jesus is the ethnee

The people being the righteous children of God from the beginning.

"The righteous people being the ones invited out
and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her"
Matthew 16:18

The ones having been scattered following the divorce,

that he could present her to himself glorious, being the ones invited out.


Two kinds of People

Two different Translations

From the beginning, there were two kinds of People. Most people have been taught that Adam and Eve were the very first of the humans to inhabit the earth. However, upon examination of the biblical text, the source of the information concerning the beginning of the current reign of man, we find that there were two kinds of people. The biblical text is not the history of the reign of man upon the earth but the reign of the people of God beginning with Adam then his wife, Eve. During this present re-creation, there were two kinds of people present during the six days of the re-creation. During this week of reconstruction in which God re-arranged all the things that were already here and functioning. The earth was very old by the time that God made Adam out of the dust of the earth. It had undergone many cataclysms. When God spoke to Adam he gave him instruction to re-populate the earth, but he also gave dominion to Adam to rule the earth and to subdue it. One of the things that he was to subdue was the other kind of people that were already on the earth and had been there for thousands of years. We get insight to who they were when Cain, the first born son of Adam went down to the land of Nod after he had killed his brother Abel and had lied to God. There he took a wife and she produced a son whereupon he built a city. One does not build a city for only three people. He never lost the command to subdue the earth and he subdued the people that were associated with his wife. The biblical account gives us a long genealogy of the descendants of Cain until the flood destroyed them.

In the book of Jeremiah, the prophet had a backward looking vision in which he looked back in time before the time of Adam. In the vision he saw dwelling places but he saw no Adams, Jeremiah 4:25.

The biblical account is about the righteous people of God that were to rule the earth from the time of Adam and on to the future. In the book of Matthew when the genealogy of Jesus is given, it refers to Adam as the son of God. This is indicates that God was the father of this kind of people that descend from Adam, but lest you think that all people are righteous would lead you into error.

When we examine the three sons of Noah that were on the ark with their three wives then the subject becomes some what clouded. We can learn by reading that the descendants of Ham, the son that raped his father while he was sleeping off a drunk, were all rejected by God and then they returned to their home land in the land of Cush. This is Egypt and Ethiopia. The first rejection comes when Noah awakes from the drunk knowing what had happened to him and he pronounced a curse upon his grandson who was only 1 or 2 years old at the time. The curse was that he would become a servant of servant to his brethren. Later, we find that the other descendants of Noah were not to marry this rejected line of people who descended from Canaan, the grandson. God had to deal with the problem created with the marriage of Ham to one of the descendants of the other people that had been ruling this earth for millions of years.

God had rejected this people because they had been created by the Devil following his being cast out of heaven followed by one third of the angels. Later in the text, Jesus will say that he saw Satan cast out of heaven. We know that Satan and the angels were not cast out following the beginning of the six days of re-creation. Another clue to the fact that the other people were already here was that God created a garden east of Eden where he placed Adam after he had been made from the dust of the earth. If he were the only living human here on earth there would have been no reason for God to create a garden for Adam where he then created Eve from the rib of Adam. She was to be a helpmate to the righteous son of God. Here in the garden, the Devil seduced Eve and she ate of the forbidden tree of life. Where upon all mankind was changed into a fallen state but at the same time they still retain certain features from their previous condition. They were exiled from the garden and could cohabited with the other people here on the earth.

The genealogy of Cain is given but after the flood, the line appears to cease but we know as I have already shown that the DNA of the descendants of Satan were rejected from the foundation of the earth. There is little said about this other race of people directly but we can see from several accounts that they were rejected and the children of God were to kill them.

When God brought his people out of the land of Egypt, he gave both the Egyptians and the Ethiopians for them. Another wards he paid for his people with the Egyptians and the Ethiopians. They were forever cut off from the things of God for now they belong to Satan.

The biblical text in the Old Testament is the account of the dealings with the people of the Devil and the children of God.

The center of focus is really when Abram married Sari and she produced no sons for Abraham until the miracle at ninety years of age when she produced a son by a miracle of the Spirit. She produced Isaac, the only son of Abraham although he produced many other sons by the wives of the flesh. The struggle began immediately with the first born of Abraham persecuting the son of righteousness, setting the pattern for all future generations that followed. Here is the direct conflict between the two different kinds of people. Years later when they came out of Egypt, God was to say that there is a difference between the Egyptians and the Hebrews.

During the time that the Hebrews were down in Egyptians among the Canaanites, they learned idol worship. They were to continue worshipping idols for the next three hundred and sixty years before God punished them and cast them out among the gentiles, the other people. Idol worship has its roots in the worship of Lucifer, which we know by many other names. Idol worship always has a false god to represent the source of their knowledge.

During the time, that Jesus was on this earth when he redeemed his people. He had been married to them in the Old Testament and he came to die that he could be once more remarried to his people the ethnee. The ethnee were shown to be the children of the Father by Jesus in Matthew 6:32. The reason Jesus came was to buy back the children of God that had been scattered among the gentiles. During all of this time, Jesus was continuously being confronted with several different groups of gentiles by many different names but they all had one thing in common, the Devil was their father, the wicked one. These children of the Devil do the will of their father. The gentiles also have a darken mind which does not have understanding of the things of God and his way. The gentiles were rejected before the worlds were made and manifested the attitude of their father. They were in rebellion against God first and then the children of God. All during the Old Testament, they had been rejected and not allowed to worship God in the temple, which the Hebrews had made for him.

When we study the life of Paul, the one delegated to the ethnee that he was in constant conflict with the Jews and the ethnoon. In the book of Romans, Paul writes to the brethren who are out of the Jews and out of the ethnoon. Paul never saw an ethnoon gentile converted to being a Hebrew of the house of Israel for whom Jesus said he came.

When the New Testament closes with the writing of John on the isle of Patmos it also closed the message of the ethnee being the people of God who had been scattered among the hated gentiles of this world.

Some 350 years later, the Latins of the Catholic Church took it upon them selves to put together the present biblical text in North Africa at the Church council. The church at that time was fully corrupted with the mystery religions out of Babylon. The Latin being gentiles had no understanding of the things of neither God nor the ways of God so they therefore created the church with the corrupted text with the many things out of Babylon.

The message of the ethnee being the only people that Jesus came to save out of the gentiles became forever lost. The Catholic Church claim ownership of the biblical text and the right to translate the text into other languages, which on the very face of it is wrong, for the biblical text, was only written to the ethnee and no one else. This perversion was so complete with the destruction of any other text that did not agree with their theology that destroyed both the writer and the text. There are many cases of it throughout the history of the corrupt church from its beginning. Being that the church was gentiles there was no way that they would create a correct text but a text that would provide eternal life for them which they had never had nor will they ever get it. The infighting and the out right evil methods used by the corrupt church have never changed except to conceal it from the public view.

Therefore, the evil gentiles with no understanding created their own theology to provide them a method of achieving eternal life. The translation was wrong from the beginning and it was created for the gentiles to deceive them until they die and then they receive the reward of that had been promised before the world began. An example is in Romans chapter 9:24 where the text reads; “Even us, whom he hath called, not of the Jews only, but of the gentiles?” When in fact it is written to the brethren, “whom he hath called out of the Jews only but out of the gentiles.” This would indicate that it was the ethnee to whom it was written and not to include the hated rejected gentiles. By the year 200, Mary was considered to be a virgin her entire life and it was her that had access to Jesus, which is nothing more than mother worship out of Babylon. This belief still to this day is the center focus of the Catholic Church along with other features out of Babylon idol worship, such as substantiation where they eat the actual body of Jesus and drink his blood along with worship of the wafer god.

After about 1500 years, the biblical text was translated into the English language with all of its errors in accordance with the desires of the gentiles. The message of the ethnee has never been told as they have been hidden among the hated rejected gentiles. The ethnee are the only children of God, with God as their father and Jesus as their redeemer out of the hated gentiles where they had been scattered by the Father following the divorce in Jeremiah 3.

The church claims that the promises of God to the children of God known, as the Hebrews, has never been fulfilled and all the promises have been transferred to the evil gentile church. The rejected gentile church wants to spiritualize the promises so that they can qualify to be saved but out of what? That the New Testament is written to the gentile church whereby they can now receive eternal life by a declaration of their sins and proclaiming that Jesus is Lord.

Jesus said that the twelve learners were to judge the twelve tribes and the question is who is going to judge the gentiles. None other that God himself to fulfill what he had promised in the beginning by the pouring out his wrath upon them. John the Baptist said to the gentiles, “who has warned you of the wrath to come?”

The message to the ethnee is still located in the Greek letter text that they are the children of God and he is their Father and that he sent his son to redeem them out of the hand of the gentiles, who are of the wicked one with no understanding of the things of God or his ways.

As far as I know there has never been a correct translation to the ethnee, being the lost sheep of the house of Israel. God paid for them and redeemed them out of the hated enemies and when the time comes, he is going to reveal himself to the children of the Devil by showing his wrath that has been promise since the worlds began.

There are two kinds of people and there are two translation of the biblical text, one for the deceived gentiles and the other for the ethnee. Jesus makes it clear that the gentiles are of the wicked one and are to be destroyed along with their father, the Devil. In addition, that he is going to come and take his people out of this world. The dead in Christ will rise first then we who are alive will follow to be forever with him in the presence of his Father. To the ethnee: do not be deceived by the noise coming out of the gentile church that you must be converted from a life of sin but rather look to the one who has already redeemed you and washed you in his blood for you are a twice purchased people and a royal priesthood and a chosen generation with your own translation of the Greek letter text which has yet to be made for just you.


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