The Wife of Jesus is the ethnee

The people being the righteous children of God from the beginning.

"The righteous people being the ones invited out
and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her"
Matthew 16:18

The ones having been scattered following the divorce,

that he could present her to himself glorious, being the ones invited out.



Dead or Alive

The people of this world are either dead or alive while living out their lives on planet earth. Some who have planned out their whole lives in advance by going to the right school and having the right friends along the way to be able to live the good life of being a Christian. You married a lady from the Church and begin to raise a family the same as you parents had done. You have a fine family history of being from a long line of Christians. But their is a problem that you are not aware of, which has been in the family for many generations, and that is you come from a long line of gentiles. One of those families who are not of the Hebrew family of God. You are very proud of being a gentile and not one of those Hebrews that have been persecuted down through history.

The Church that you have attended since the day that you were born has trained you well in believing everything that they teach concerning the biblical text that is written English. You even know the history of the translating of the bible and the struggles that went on to publish the text in English on the continent during the early days. You have honored the biblical text for being the word of God, which will show the way to gain eternal life, and when you die, you will go to heaven to be with the rest of the family that has died and gone on before you. You confessed your sins when you were a child and have walked the straight and narrow all of your life. This path has served you well when you as you went through the trials of life. For example, when your grandfather died of cancer of the prostrate, which was a painful way to leave this life. You prayed that God would heal him and take away his pain. Maybe it was the time when an aunt of yours died suddenly leaving behind a family of little children to be raised by their father alone. There was the one relative who never had anything and was barely able to make it from one paycheck to the next and you prayed for them and assisted whenever you went to see them in the next town.

Your faith had been good to you for all of the things that you have gone through in this life. Many Sundays you had heard the pastor of the church explain to the congregation that the way to have eternal life was by faith and faith alone. That the just shall live by faith, that you had been saved by faith from a life of sin. That you had never lived, for you had been told that all people had sin in their lives and the only way to approach God was to repent of your sins and declare that Jesus is Lord of your life. You had done all those things when you were just a teenage before you went off to school.

Even one of your sisters had gone to the church college and learned the biblical languages of Greek and Hebrew before she went off to a foreign land to work as a missionary, working to save the local people and teach them to become Christians in the local churches of their communities. She had spent ten years of her life translating the English text of her childhood into the local language of the people.

The church had been good for you, it had provided a wife and many friends now scattered across the country. Many of your friends would stop in and see you and the family each time they passed through the city that you live in.

You have never thought that you had a spiritual problem because you had read all of the books that had been advertised on the Internet and the Christian television channel in your town. You had not agreed with all of them but for the most part, they taught the same things that you had learned in the local church that you attended. In fact, many of the big name authors had come to the church offering their books for a freewill offering after the service.

You had even been part of one of the singing groups in your church for a while and went around singing to those who would pay your expenses. You had even asked the boss for an extra day off so that you could be part of the special trip that the group was able to arrange.

While being a good Christian, you were able to serve God in the many things that you were able to do during the various stages of your life. From the time you were a teenage, you went off to help build a church. At other times, when the children were growing up, you went to camp with the kids as a counselor. Later, as you matured, you taught Sunday school for the young married couples just coming into the church. God would have a long list of things that you had done for him.

Now that you are older, life has been good to you, the wife is still alive and the kids came home occasionally, bringing the grandkids for special holidays like Easter and Christmas.

Unfortunately, you had never been warned of the wrath to come on the gentiles because you were a Christian and had been saved a long time now. Why would you have to worry about the wrath of God coming on the gentiles, whoever they are? In your circle of friends, most of them had been converted to Christianity and they too were living as Christians in the church communities around the city.

After having said all of that about you, the one thing that you had never really given any thought to is, why were you born to your parents? Other than the few moments of pleasure they had when your mother became pregnant with you, you had followed the church doctrines that had come down through the generations of your church. The teaching of the church fathers was all written down for you to read and yet not once had you been warned that you could not be converted from the proud gentile that you are to that of being a Hebrew.

When you read the biblical text, you applied all of the laws of the church, for what the things in scripture had to mean as they had meant for the last 500 years. You had been told that the promises in the Old Testament to the house of Israel, who had become lost, were now transferred to the church. That you, as a Christian, were to receive everything that God had for you. No one had even suggested that anyone was exempted from being saved “for all had sinned and come short of the glory of God” and repentance was necessary to be restored back to the covenants like those that Adam had. You, yourself, had accepted the message that all must come to the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and become a Christian in preparation of going to heaven some day. Once, you even served, as part of the prison ministry, teaching the message that Jesus wants all of them who were behind bars. You helped your sister with monthly offerings so she would not have to return to the United States to raise more money to stay in the mission field in the country that “God had called her to”.

Oh, you had been involved in debates over the lunch table at work where you would defend the church and the biblical text that “all should confess their sins, repent and become a Christian”. You had debated eternal security with those from other churches and also the debated what a Christian should eat or not eat and still be a Christian.

You sang the song that the love of God was greater still, that God loved all the children of the world. You believed when they died they went to heaven and would be there waiting for you to arrive.

Yet, you had never done as Jesus had command, that you were to go to the lost sheep of the House of Israel for even the thought of those words goes against taking the message to the whole world. Why would you want to go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel when you considered them to be lost and intermarried and not to be found.

I am here now writing to you to tell you that all of the above is fraud and deception in the local church of the gentiles. It was conceived and propagated by the raving wolves that you had been warned about, but it is not as it appears for the wolves are the evil gentiles of the biblical text who go around in sheep’s clothing destroying all that they come in contact with.

You have never been warned that a gentile can never be converted to the Hebrews that you consider being lost. You have never heard a sermon that Jesus came only for the lost sheep of the House of Israel. That he died to be remarried to his divorced wife. He was not killed on Calvary but was nailed to the stake on Golgotha where He died willingly for the children of the wife that He had divorced. He was worth enough to be the price to buy back the Hebrews that had been scattered among the evil gentiles. Gentiles that had been rejected from their beginning. You being proud of being a gentile, now puts you in that camp that God has hated you from the beginning and all that awaits you is the outpouring of God’s wrath upon you. All the while during your whole life you thought that being a christian was good enough to make you qualified to enter into the city of God and walk the streets of gold, rejoicing with all of the other Christians who were there waiting for you to arrive. Neither they who died as gentiles are there and will never get there for they had been rejected before the foundation of the earth. Your whole life you had lived nothing more than a mirage. A mirage that was always just out of reach. Now that you have reached the edge of the sands of life, the mirage just disappeared at the edge of the dry lake that you had been crossing with all of your baggage from the church. You have been deceived and abused by the church, to bring you into line to believing the doctrines of your fathers who had assisted in the translation of the English text that contain the word “Church” more than 117 times in all of its various forms. No one had told you of the fraud that was being perpetrated on you. Even the church will argue over the meaning of the word. You had thought this whole time that you were on an inside track for heaven for all of the things that you had done to be a Christian and attend the church faithfully all these years.

You and your family have been dead from the beginning and there was no way provided for the dead gentiles to be raised to a new life with Jesus. If you look in the text and take notice of the details that, only the children of God were going to be in the park along side the golden streets. God had revealed many times over that the gentiles are nothing but wild animals or wild seed to be destroyed. He gave many parables concerning the children of the wicked one but you had been taught that He was speaking of believers and non-believers but never did you have the faintest idea that He was talking about the wicked children born of the devil and all that awaits them is death and destruction. You had always considered yourself to be righteous, living among the unrighteous people of this world and the only reason they were unrighteousness was because they had not confessed their sins and declared Jesus as Lord of their life.

Now as you read this that I have written to you, you find out that you are just like the wild beast of the field, just living your life out with no chance to ever be converted. You are dead, waiting to die.

The only people that Jesus came for were the ethnee of the interlinear text that your fathers hid as heathen gentiles so that they could falsely claim the promises for themselves. Whether they made the mistake knowing the truth or they did not understand the things of God as Jesus had said about the gentiles, that they do not have understanding of the things of God. You, as a gentile, have never been told that the angels will come as harvesters to collect the children of the wicked one and will bind them and take them out to the furnace to be burned. Jesus sees gentiles as wild rye worthy only to be collected and taken out for burning. He cares not whether they were a believer or not, only the fact that they are a gentile and not a Hebrew. If I have not said it before God has only loved the house of Israel of all the families of the earth.

There are people living on earth who do not have to be saved out from among the heathen rejected gentiles of this world. It is the children of the younger sister that is still the wife of Jesus. She was righteous and was the family that gave birth to the Lord Jesus, the one anointed of the father, and it is the house of Judah for they have never been divorced and cast off and abandoned. She is still one of the wives of Jesus. She has no need of salvation.

I know this news has been neither good or welcomed but it is the truth as revealed in God’s word when you read it with understanding. You do not need the help of the church fathers to get the understanding that they have never had since the beginning. I could take you to the writings of the fathers and elders and show you the many errors of their ways in translating the biblical text. In translating they hid the ethnee among the ethnoon and built up the church as the centerpiece of their false religion with all the trappings and trimmings of the evil Babylonian worship of idols and feast days of their idols which the church has carried foreword to this day.

I can offer you no help, for there is none to be found. You have been dead and waiting to die your whole life. You are just a bag of bones waiting to fall down to the earth, awaiting the final destruction that is to come. Just as any other wild animal dies in the wilderness, no one cares whether you live or die and least of all God. God has hated the gentiles from the beginning and He is not going to change His ways just for you, a proud gentile.



Dead or Alive


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